The Advantages to Commissioning Custom Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

What do you see when you look at your backyard? A square of grass, a rectangular pool, and some shrubs around the perimeter? For many homeowners, the backyard is a space to be maintained rather than enjoyed. Backyards should be places where families and friends can make memories. Pools should be more than a rectangular space. They should blend with the landscape to create an integrated outdoor living space. All it takes is a little inspiration and custom pool mosaics to turn a yard into an oasis.

Start with a Theme

Your home and lot size can direct your plans. An ultra-modern home needs clean lines and open spaces. Small lots may restrict the pool size. For a cottage, a free-form pool that winds through the yard can add depth to the area.

Maybe, old Hollywood piques your interest with its glamorous style. Or, replicate a mountain retreat with well-placed trees and neutral-toned mosaics. For the adventurous, turn your backyard into a moonscape with a spaceship at the bottom of your pool. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Design Your Landscape

Once you have a theme for your backyard, it's time to design the landscape. Making sure the landscaping blends with the home is essential for maintaining its value. A mismatch of styles can have a jarring impact on potential buyers.

You'll also want to select plants that meet your maintenance requirements. Not everyone wants to spend hours on yard maintenance. If caring for flowers isn't your thing, look for plants that need little TLC. Planting vegetation that will thrive in the space is also crucial to a well-maintained landscape.

If you lack the knowledge, work with a landscaper who understands which plants work well together. They can also help select foliage that fits with the amount of sun and water in your yard. Otherwise, you may spend hours struggling to keep plants alive that were never meant to grow in the environment.

As you consider your landscaping, don't forget pool mosaics. They can be integrated into a flower garden or reflecting pool to add visual interest. Place a flower mosaic or a dragonfly among the greenery in places where flowers cannot grow.

Select Custom Pool Mosaics

As you're putting together the landscape design, consider your pool design. Whether it's a rectangular, square, or free-form pool, custom pool mosaics help bring a backyard's design elements together. For example, adding a butterfly mosaic integrates well with an English garden theme. If you're more into the tropics, add a palm tree.

The custom pool mosaics aren't just for pools. Incorporate mosaics into walls and patio floors. Mandalas or medallions make a statement when placed on a backyard wall. They can serve as a focal point for a meditative space.

Let outdoor dining areas integrate into the rest of the backyard environment with pool mosaics. Place a mosaic in the center of the space or add touches to built-in benches or custom planters. Consider adding a screen for extra privacy that mirrors the mosaics used throughout the space.

Imagination is the only limit to the possibilities.

Advantages of Custom Pool Mosaics

Custom pool mosaics provide homeowners with the opportunity to put their personal stamp on their property. Instead of making do with standard mosaics, people can develop designs that personalize their homes. Among the advantages of customer pool mosaics are:

Increase Home Value

A well-planned outdoor space adds to the value of any home. Instead of a practical backyard, a custom-designed space makes for comfortable outdoor living now and into the future. It will make an inviting space when potential buyers view the space. They will appreciate the thought that went into creating a space that reflects the home's aesthetics.

Create Pool Aesthetic

Pools and ponds don't have to form islands in a backyard. They can be incorporated into the overall design. For a pond, adding koi and lily pads can give the space visual interest. Placing footprints throughout the backyard brings a touch of whimsy. If water flows into your pool from a waterfall, consider integrating a custom pool mosaic that ties the pool and waterfall together.

If you have a small lot, consider placing a mosaic-themed screen by the pool to add privacy to the space. Tie the screen to the pool by repeating the design along the pool surround. Strategically placed potted plants can help screen the area from the neighbors.

Accentuate Landscape Element

Pool mosaics can enhance the landscape. They can add splashes of color among the natural foliage. Use custom mosaics to create stepping stones that guide foot traffic through the backyard. Carry the motif through to the pool for a coordinated look.

Add a small pond and fill it with sea life such as crabs, clams, frogs, or geckos. Place a family of turtles at the bottom of the pond with a little night lighting for dramatic effect.

Unify Home Design

By extending your home design into the backyard, you are expanding your livable space. A comfortable outdoor living area encourages family and friends to relax. It lets you enjoy nature in the comfort of your backyard. Use the patio to transition a Mediterranean decor into a Tuscan garden, complete with a swimming pool. Or, try a circular pool as a part of a French country or English cottage home.


As you browse the internet looking for ideas, don't skip over those spectacular images of pools with colorful mosaics and dramatic lighting. You don't need to think, "I wish." Instead, imagine what you can create with the right landscape plan and custom pool mosaics. Whether it's a tropical paradise or a Disney theme park, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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