Glow in the Dark Turtle

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Create unique, colorful, and long-lasting memories in your pool!

Element Glo Glow in the Dark Pool Mosaics are swimming pool or spa mosaics that are vibrant by day and uniquely bright by night.* Each pool mosaic is hand-made and glow inspected to provide you with the maximum amount of glow ever contained within a permanently installed glow in the dark product.

Each mosaic is designed to work individually or with other mosaics and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your application. Whether you’re looking for colorful seashells to brighten the steps of your pool or beautiful fish to line the walls, Element Glo mosaics provide the versatility to let your imagination run wild.

Each mosaic is:

  • Designed by professional artists and made to order. There are no machines involved in the manufacturing of your mosaic, making them truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Water and muriatic acid proof - No need to worry about the final cleansing of your pool before your contractor fills it with water.
  • Available in various sizes - Most Element Glo designs are available in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Guaranteed to glow every night for the lifetime of the surface for which they are installed when charged by the light of your pool (white setting) or any UV light.
  • Shipped to you securely on a mesh to ensure proper installation.
  • Extremely durable when installed in your pool surface of choice and weatherproof.

* Colors may vary slightly from the images in the pictures.

Element Glo
Frost Proof:
Resin-based Composite
Glow in the Dark
3/8 inch

Most pool mosaics ship within 1 to 5 business days. We'll inform you by email as soon as your order has shipped. Please visit our shipping page for more information.