Mandala Pool Mosaics

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Mandala Pool Mosiacs

The Mandala, meaning “circle” when loosely translated, is a symbol that represents the circles of life, including community, friends, and family. So it makes sense that Mandala pool mosaic design are a popular choice among pool owners who value their relation to others and the eternal. Each Mandala design in the collection of Mandala pool mosaics represents something different, such as energy, bliss, soul, beauty, and sky. The shades of blue have a meaning of inner peace, while the reds symbolize passion and strength.

Bring your pool to life with these incredible mandala pool mosaics from Blue Water Pool Mosaics. The word "mandala" loosely translated means "circle." These intricate silk-screened designs are frost proof and guaranteed for the life of your pool. Our mandala pool mosaics are handcrafted in USA, made of durable ceramic tile, and come pre-assembled & ready for installation. Includes Lifetime warranty.