3 Different Ways to Include Turtle Mosaics in Your Pool Area

You spend a lot of family time in your pool area during the summer, and it can become more fun when you decorate your pool with your favorite mosaic tiles. Pool mosaic turtle designs have become quite popular with swim enthusiasts and particularly children. Kids love to play around the mosaic tiles, and sea life mosaics add a lot of color to your swimming pool.

A Family of Turtles on the Pool Floor

When you are thinking about accessorizing your swimming pool, you can use decorative pool mosaic turtle tile accents. You can start by choosing a unique pattern for the pool floor such as a family of turtles swimming off toward the deep end. Mermaids are also quite popular for pool floor mosaic designs, as are dolphins. You can inlay turtles on the bottom or mix and match a few different sea life mosaics. Any pattern is possible as long as you can envision it.

A Coral Reef on the Pool Wall

Turtle pool mosaics also make for a great tile mural for the pool wall. Install an array of mosaics such as turtles, fish, coral, and dolphins to create a full coral reef. Swimmers will love the design and feel like they’re really swimming in the ocean!

Pool Mosaic Turtles Marking Pool Steps

Pool mosaic turtles can also be a good choice for the steps of your pool. You can install a set of small turtle mosaics on the pool deck leading up to the pool. Kids especially love this type of design and enjoy following the line of turtles as they head into the pool. You can also add similar tiles to the edges of the steps. Not only are these a cute touch, but they also make the edges of the steps clear to swimmers. This keeps everyone safe and prevents swimmers from slipping off steps or bumping into sharp edges.

Get creative with your pool mosaic turtle designs and colors to enhance the look of your pool. There’s no better way to add a personal decorative touch to your swimming pool than by adding a fascinating mosaic. Blue Water Pool Mosaics is a family owned company serving the community since 1981. We are proud to offer the largest possible selection of ceramic and glass mosaic pool tiles. All of our pool mosaics come pre-assembled and are easy to install. For all your pool mosaic design needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

January 17, 2022 | Blue Water Pool Mosaics

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