Where to Find the Best Pool Mosaic Inspo?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

It is so much fun to have a swimming pool in your backyard. A pool adds a lot of glamour and fun to your summer time. Additionally, a well-designed pool also adds to your home’s value. The better your pool design, the more attractive your house becomes. That’s why you should make your pool stand out with unique design features like pool mosaics. If you’re having trouble getting inspiration for your pool design, here are some ideas to get you started.

Mosaic Designs

You can decide upon the shape or pattern of a mosaic that you like by consulting with your pool contractor. Some favorite mosaic patterns are in the shape of marine creatures such as starfish, dolphins, whales, etc. Other mosaic designs take geometrical or astrological shapes. You can even create custom pool mosaics using a design of your own creation.

Just like there are many options for the shape of your pool mosaics, there are also tons of choices for the mosaic’s placement. You can design your pool such that the mural is in the center of the swimming pool, or you can run some mosaic patterns along the border of your pool. The options are endless. You can even get fancy by adding an iridescent swimming pool mosaic that catches the sunlight and reflects light in fantastic colors.

Getting It Right

Now, you’re probably getting excited thinking about all the fun ways you can you’re your pool design pop. But remember that getting it right is important for both aesthetics and safety. Be sure to buy your mosaic tiles from a reputable company with good reviews. And it’s best to consult with your pool contractor ensure the installation is done the way you want. You may also want to consider safety features such as slip-resistant mosaic tiles around the edge of your pool or border marker tiles for the pool steps. These features will ensure the safety of all swimmers and help you avoid any potential injuries.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we are proud of the vast collection of mosaic tiles that we supply for swimming pools. We have numerous designs ranging from simple tiles to luxurious tiles. We offer the largest selection of high-quality ceramic and glass mosaic pool tiles. Additionally, since all of our pool mosaics come pre-assembled, they are straightforward to install.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics is a family-owned company serving the community since 1981. It's our goal to provide customer satisfaction with every mosaic we sell. For all your pool mosaic design needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lead the Way with Mosaics for Pools

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Have you ever seen a breathtaking mosaic? Mosaics are meant to be eye-catching. Whether you add mosaic tiles to the interior or exterior of your pool, they add something special to your outdoor space. When it comes to pool designs, mosaics for pools is what’s in. From glass pieces to ceramic creations, there is a reason mosaics have become a popular choice when it comes to pool design. Here is how to lead the way to your outdoor living space design by adding mosaics for pools.

Guide Guests into the Water

An innovative and practical way to add mosaics for pools is on the steps. A cute little family of sea turtles or brightly-colored fish are perfect for guiding guests down the steps of your pool. Not only are mosaics decorative, but they also help make your pool safer. Decorating your steps with mosaic pieces makes it easier for you to see each step and avoid slips while entering the water. If your pool doesn’t have any steps, guide guests by adding mosaics outside of the pool. Ceramic sandals placed perfectly to lead the way to your pool can be a great and fun way to add mosaics for pools.

Keep It Simple

Decorating with mosaics for pools doesn’t have to mean adding a full sea life mural to your swimming space. A simple and classy way to add pool tiles is with a border around the pool. Small ceramic or glass tiles come together to create a beautiful border around your pool. You can even try mixing and matching different shades of blue or green to create a design that sparkles.

Add a Mural

While keeping it simple is beautiful and perfect for some people, sometimes you want to go all out when it comes to mosaics for pools. Adding a mural to your pool will definitely have your swimming space leading the way in design. From coral reefs to a group of fish swimming, there is a lot that you can do with mosaic murals.

There are so many different ways to add mosaics for pools. Whether you are more into the minimalist look or dream of swimming among a school of fish, mosaics are the perfect way to add some flair to your swimming space. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer everything from small glass tiles to large sea life murals. If you are ready to lead the way with mosaics for pools, Blue Water Pool Mosaics is the place to look. Contact us today or visit our site today.

4 Creative Ways to Decorate with Mosaic Pool Tiles

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Are you looking to add some flair to your swimming pool? Or are you looking to add a creative piece in your home? Mosaic pool tiles are a great way to turn your creative ideas into a reality. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to fit anyone’s exterior or interior design. Here are four creative ways to decorate with pool mosaics.

Modernize Your Swimming Space

When it comes to creating a modern look, it’s all about minimalism. Not only is it an affordable way to add pool mosaics to your pool, but it is elegant. Adding a simple border or minimal patterns along the steps creates a modern look everyone will love. Small mosaic pool tile pieces come together to make new, exciting mosaics.

Add a Splash to Your Bathroom

Mosaic tiles are not restricted to the swimming pool. One creative way to use pool tiles is in your bathroom. You can add a splash of color by bordering your bathtub with tiny mosaic pieces or add a small, design over your sink. The options of what you can do with pool mosaics are only limited by your imagination.

Guide the Way with Mosaics

Does your pool have steps? Steps are the perfect place to add your mosaics. Bordering each step with a simple pattern or adding little sea animals to each step creates a unique look. Not only do mosaics look beautiful and elegant on pool steps, but they are practical. Having a design on your steps helps them stand out from the water so that swimmers can clearly see each step. Using mosaic pool tiles to guide the way into your pool is a creative and practical way to decorate.

Create an Undersea Wonderland

Pool mosaics come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you can create an epic undersea wonderland if your imagination desires. Small wildlife pool mosaics mixed with large patterns creates something magical when the water and light hit it. While you can add small, simple mosaic pool tile designs, you can also transform your pool into an artistic masterpiece.

There are so many ways to use mosaic pool tiles. From adding a splash to your interior decorating to guiding the way into your swimming pool, mosaic pool tiles are a beautiful addition every time. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer a range of mosaic pool tiles, small and large. Our pool tiles are made of quality material that will last. If you are ready to add a creative look to your space, check out Blue Water Pool Mosaics today.

What Is the Best Tile for Your Pool?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Are you looking into adding tiles to your pool? Are you having trouble deciding what is the best tile material for your pool? Pool tiles add an immediate sense of style to your entire swimming pool area. Tiles are installed either below or above the waterline on the walls of your pool. However, there are some tile designs that are better suited to being underwater. The most common types of pool tiles include ceramic and glass mosaics. Each offers their own benefits, especially for certain types of pool and outdoor spaces. Here are a few tips on choosing the best tile for your pool. After you choose your desired style, visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics to get them today.

Ceramic Mosaics

Ceramic is a staple choice when it comes to adding a new style to your pool. Ceramic tiles are best used on vertical surfaces. There is sometimes the choice between glossy and cracked glaze ceramic tiles. Cracked glaze ceramic tends to allow the moisture in, which doesn’t make it ideal for underwater designs. Allowing moisture in can also cause stains that are nearly impossible to remove. Ceramic often comes in hand-painted styles or can be made into mosaics. Choosing glossy ceramic gives you a beautiful design without letting water seep in.

Glass Mosaics

Glass is nonporous which makes it the perfect material for underwater pool mosaics. Mosaics can be on the bottom of the pool, on the walls, or both. No matter where you put your glass mosaics, they create a beautiful design. The small nature of glass tiles allows pool designers to mix and match different colors of glass to create a custom look. Also, using smaller ones around the rim of your swimming pool can help prevent slips. The extra grout required to set the smaller tiles provides extra grip to slippery, wet tiles. Glass mosaics glimmers in the sun while providing durability to last years to come.

When it comes to choosing tiles for your pool, it’s important to know your options. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are both classic, durable choices for creating pool mosaics. Picking the right choice depends on your personal preference and pool design goals. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we provide an extensive variety of pool tiles. We have both ceramic and glass tiles to help achieve your outdoor oasis dream. To see our selection, visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics today or contact us at 800-794-5586.

Get Your Neighbors Talking with Custom Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Do you want to bring a unique look to your home? Pool mosaics are a great design choice for any home. They come in a variety of design complexities to fit anyone’s tastes. Mosaics can be used for both interior and exterior use. They are the perfect aesthetic addition to make your home stand out amongst the rest. Here are a few ways to get your neighbors talking with custom pool mosaics.

Bottom of Pool Designs

A classic place to put pool mosaic tiles is at the bottom of your pool. There is so much room at the bottom to create large, intricate designs or a single large piece. This is where you can go big with your pool mosaic tile designs. You can create a coral reef full of sea turtles, fishes, and plant life, a group of swimming dolphins, or whatever else you can think of. The options when it comes to pool mosaic tiles are only limited to what you can dream up.

Wall Schemes

Another great place to put your pool mosaic tiles is on the walls of your pool. There are countless design and pattern options to choose from when it comes to pool wall mosaics. You could go for a repeating pattern of glass mosaic tiles that create a classic look or maybe go for intricate sea life pieces. The choice is up to you on how to make your pool mosaic tiles unique.

Interior Accents

A unique way to use pool mosaic tiles is to take them outside of the pool. Finding areas inside your home to accent with mosaics can be an interior design game changer. Mosaic tiles can be installed above your kitchen sink or stovetop, in your bathroom, or anywhere else you can dream up. An intricate pool mosaic in your home is a perfect talking point to impress your neighbors.

There are so many ways to make both your home and pool unique with pool mosaic tiles. Between having a beautiful piece in your kitchen to a large design scheme on the bottom of your pool, mosaic pool tiles will definitely get your neighbors talking. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we want to make your space unique with our pool mosaic tiles. We offer a huge choice of mosaic designs as well as custom mosaics. To learn more about Blue Water Pool Mosaics, contact us today at (800)794-5586.

From Fishes to Sea Turtles: 3 Reasons You Need Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Are you looking to amp up your pool space? Do you want to create a unique space that won’t fade over time? Pool tile mosaics are the ideal investment to improve your pool. They come in a small or large size to fit anyone’s pool or spa. From fishes to sea turtles, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to tile mosaics. Here are three reasons you need pool tile mosaics.

Adds Value to Your Pool

If you are looking to improve your swimming pool, looking into pool tile mosaics is the perfect place to start. Pool tile mosaics come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and themes that instantly add value to your pool. Having beautifully installed trim or brilliant sea turtles leading you into the water creates a whole new atmosphere for your pool space.

Creates a Unique Look

Pool tile mosaics are a great way to make your swimming pool one of a kind. Mosaics are meant to be aesthetically pleasing. That’s why they have been an interior and exterior design element since ancient times. The choices for mosaics are seemingly endless. You can go big with a full coral underwater wonderland, or you can go for the small details with a tiny little fish or sea turtle swimming along the bottom of your pool. You can even create custom mosaics that specifically fit your style and design needs. No matter what you choose, adding pool tile mosaics will help create a unique look to your space.

Made to Last

If adding value and making your pool unique doesn’t float your boat, then maybe durability does. Pool tile mosaics are made with a quality finish that lasts. The high-quality material is not easily damaged by weather, cleaning, or people which is a huge advantage over some traditional materials. Pool tile mosaics aren’t just pleasing to the eye. They're made out of durable glass material that will last season after season.

Pool tile mosaics add value to your pool while creating a unique look that is made to last. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer a wide variety of pool tile mosaics. Our small and large-scale mosaics are made of quality material that is easy to clean and made to last. If you are ready to improve your pool with tile mosaics, contact us at Blue Water Pool Mosaics today!

​Show Some Class with Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
photo by Connoman on Pixabay

The combination of glass mosaics and bodies of water has been around since the time of ancient Greek and Rome. They were used to turn ordinary pools and spas into glorious works of art. Glass mosaics are still used in pools and spas to create an aquatic oasis that all your friends will want to soak in. They have been revolutionized in modern times to provide an extensive array of options when it comes to turning your backyard into something more. Here is why you should add some class to your pool oasis with mosaic pool tiles.

Timeless Beauty

One of the biggest draws of a glass mosaic is its aesthetic value. It immediately transforms your pool or spa into an incredible piece of art. Mosaic pool tiles can be used in place of traditional waterline applications to create a simple, yet stunning look. Many people also enjoy the look of using glass as the primary finish of the interior. The options of what you can achieve with glass tiles are seemingly limitless. The timeless beauty that comes from water hitting glass creates a fantastic result time and time again.


When mosaic pool tiles are installed properly, they can create some of the most durable swimming pools or spas around. Mosaic pool tiles are resistant to chemical corrosion unlike other interior swimming pool and spa materials such as plaster or fiberglass, which begin to wear out quickly. This can leave you with a displeasing looking pool or spa. However, with glass mosaics, your pool will keep its sparkling appearance as well as its durability season after season.


Not only are glass tiles beautiful, but they are functional. When you add mosaic pool tiles to the interior of your pool or along the bottom, you are providing additional sealant. This can help secure the interior lining of your pool or spa to prevent leaks or cracks. Glass is also easy to clean. It does not create buildup as quickly as some other pool materials and can be wiped down to bring back that shine. Mosaic pool tiles add class to your pool while making it easier to maintain.

You no longer have to be the richest of the rich to enjoy the beauty of the glass mosaic pool tiles. In modern times, anyone can show some class with glass mosaics in your outdoor living space. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer a wide array of mosaic pool tile. From small glass sea life pieces to entire themes, we have glass mosaic pool tiles to fit anyone’s style. To see more of Blue Water Pool Mosaics selection, visit our website today!

​Accent Your Pool with Lighting

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by PixelAnarchy on Pixabay

Lighting is a great way to accent your pool area. It can be used to completely transform your outdoor living space and enhance your pool experience. It can make the difference between having to end the night early or keeping the fun going on for the rest of the night. You can’t go wrong when it comes to lighting up your space. Here are a few benefits of accenting your pool with lighting.

Highlight Pool Features

Highlight your hard work with some accent lighting. Beautiful mosaic pool tiles or intricate glass work can get lost in the dark water. Also, stairs into the pool often get lost within the water. You worked hard to make your pool look the way it does, so it’s important that people are able to appreciate it no matter the time of day. Lighting for your pool area can help ensure that work is seen.

Extend Your Swim

Accenting your pool with lighting can do more than just make your pool look great. Adding light extends your pool time well past the sun going down. Pool lights provide the proper amount of illumination for night time swimming or hanging out by the pool. The lights improve visibility and safety to make it clear where the water starts and ends. This is especially important when it comes to monitoring children and pets around the pool area.

Change the Mood

Lighting can completely alter the mood of your pool area. Bright vibrant lighting can be added to create a fun, party atmosphere. Or the lights can be dimmed to create a romantic evening in your pool. Simply adding lighting can change the entire mood of your outdoor living space. The options are limitless on what you can do with your pool lighting to create the perfect space for you and your family.

Adding lighting to your pool area means being able to highlight your mosaic pool tiles and steps both day and night. It means being able to safely swim into the wee hours of the night. Lighting also has the ability to completely alter the environment of your pool and show off your mosaic pool tiles. For more pool improvement ideas check out Blue Water Pool Mosaics today!

Add a Fun Slide to Your Pool

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by moerschy on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/pool-swimming-pool-swim-underwater-519453/

Do you have a swimming pool? Do you want to add a whole new level of fun to your swimming space? Then it’s time to think about adding a fun slide to your pool. A slide is a perfect addition to any above or below ground swimming pool. Your kids, grandkids, and anyone else around will want to come to your pool to cool down with a fun slide. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a slide for your pool.

Slides Are Fun!

Above all else, having a slide in your pool is just plain fun! Kids, adults, and everyone in between can enjoy having a slide in the pool. Everyone can slide and splash together to cool down on those brutally hot days. There are endless games to be played, turns to be taken, and fun to be had when there is a slide in your pool.

Slides Pay for Themselves

Not only is having a slide in your pool fun but it also pays for itself! Adding a slide to your pool means you are more likely to stay home and swim then go out anywhere. That means saving money on gas, admissions, and possibly food by staying at home to enjoy some fun in the pool. Also, adding a fun slide means that your pool will get used more overall.

Slides Can Be Art

Adding a fun slide doesn’t have to make your pool any less elegant. A slide can actually become a beautiful, functional art piece. There are plenty of options for fun and artistic looking slides. You can have it painted bright, eccentric colors or use unique shapes and designs. You can even have mosaic pool tiles leading up to your slide to guide friends to the fun. Mosaic pool tiles could also be placed at the bottom of the pool to have swimmers splash into the water with sea turtles or dolphins. Adding a pool slide doesn’t have to be bland. You can make it as fun to look at as it is to use with the help of mosaic pool tiles.

If you want to add some fun to your pool, then it is time to add a slide. Adding a slide can amp up the fun and get everyone splashing around at your place. There are so many choices when it comes to pool slides that there is sure to be one to fit your pool and style. You can even make your new pool slide a piece of art with bright colors or mosaic pool tiles. For more pool tile options, visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics today.

Salt Water vs Fresh Water Pools

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing your pool. There are choices such as what pool tiles and pool mosaics to include. However, one of the biggest choices is whether to go with salt water or fresh water. Both salt water and fresh water pools pose their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are a few things about salt water and fresh water pools to help you make the right decision.

What's the Difference?

In order to compare salt water and fresh water pools, we must first dive into what makes them different. While the obvious answer is that one includes salt and the other doesn’t, there is more to it than that. The true difference between salt and fresh water pools is in the chlorination process. Salt water pools use salt generators in order to sanitize the pool without having to add in chlorine. Fresh water pools typically use a form of chlorine, either in a tablet or granules, in order to sanitize the water. Both pools are sanitary but require different methods of upkeep.

Expense and Maintenance

Along with other differences, expense and maintenance requirement differ between salt water pools and fresh water pools. Salt water pools are typically more expensive right out the gate. This is because salt water requires a complex chlorination system for sanitation. Fresh water pools are less expensive during installation but require some additional maintenance. Chlorine has to be continuously added into freshwater pools in order to keep up sanitation levels. This can even out those initial cost differences between salt water and fresh water, over time.

Sanitation Levels

A common problem in fresh water pools is the sanitation levels. Freshwater pools easily develop algae growth and cause irritation and discoloration. This can be due to either under or over-chlorinated water. Salt water pools are constantly being chlorinated. This keeps sanitation levels balanced and prevents common pool issues such as algae and cloudy water. While a fresh water pool's sanitation levels can be maintained, it requires a little more maintenance than salt water.

There are pros and cons to both salt water and fresh water pools. If you like to be more hands-on with your pool maintenance, a fresh water pool may be the right choice. However, if you like to let your pool do all of the cleaning, then a salt water pool may be the best fit. No matter what pool you choose, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has the pool tiles and pool mosaics to match. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer pool tiles and pool mosaics for both fresh and salt water pools. We provide a wide range of both ceramic and glass tiles and mosaics to fit your pool and its water type. To learn more about pool tiles and pool mosaics, visit our website or contact us today!

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