Should You Get Your Pool Mosaic Tiles Before Summer Arrives?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

It is no secret that the pool is the greatest spot to be during the summer vacation. How can you turn this already excellent place into something even better? Pool mosaics and pool mosaic tiles add a unique feature to your family's pool. However, there are several things to consider before purchasing your pool mosaic tiles. First, you need to consider how long your pool will be unavailable during this process. Next, you need to make sure your pool mosaic provider has the tiles you want in stock.

If you want to avoid the headaches associated with ordering and installing pool mosaics and have your pool available for the entire summer holiday, here is what you should do. Purchase and install all your pool mosaic tiles before the summer begins. Here are some reasons ordering and installing pool mosaics before summer can benefit you.

Ordering Pool Mosaic Tiles Before Summer Ensures More in Stock

Procrastination in selecting pool mosaics can result in you not getting what you want. Pool mosaics are extremely popular, with many pool owners purchasing them every year. The closer you get to summer, the higher the chances items will be out of stock. If you are buying your pool mosaic tiles in the spring or even the winter, you are almost guaranteed to find the mosaic you love in stock.

Purchasing Pool Mosaic Tiles Early Means Less Downtime in the Summer

Few things are more disappointing than not being able to use your pool during your summer vacation. Depending on the pool mosaics you have chosen, your pool may be out of commission for a certain amount of time. During the winter and spring months, you are less likely to care if you can swim in your pool or not. However, the summer months bring ample opportunity to enjoy your pool. The earlier you get your pool mosaic pool tiles ordered and installed, the less likely you are to lose access to your pool during the summer.

Ordering from the Right Pool Mosaic Vendor

Where you order your mosaics from is just as important as the mosaics themselves. When you order from a great pool mosaic vendor, you can avoid a lot of issues that may come up. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we care about your pool as much as you do. This is why we offer industry-leading pool mosaics and pool mosaic tiles.

In addition, we offer a vast inventory to ensure you will always find something that you like, and it will be in stock. Also, we have fast and convenient shipping options to ensure you get what you need when you need it. Come to our website today and find your new pool mosaic tiles.

Can Pool Tile Be Painted?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Pools are an excellent addition that can bring both fun and beauty to your home. However, over time the tiles in your pool can lose their vibrant beauty. You have two options when this happens to your tiles. First, you can purchase new tiles and replace all the old ones. Second, you can paint all the tiles yourself and add your own personal flair to them. It is important to note that if you choose to paint your tile, it is not as easy as it seems. There are several steps you need to follow to ensure that your newly painted tiles will last for the life of your pool. In this article, we will go over the steps you need to take to paint your pool tiles as well as go over your options if you are not a painter.

Why Painting Your Pool Tile Is a Good Option

Painting your pool tiles is a fun project that you can do during your free time. The reason why people enjoy painting their pool tile is it allows people to add their own personal flair to their pool. Also, painting your own pool tiles can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride when you show off your pool to family and friends.

What Paint to Use

A common misconception when it comes to painting pool tiles is that you can use any paint you have lying around the house. Unfortunately, you can only use specialized paint that is capable of withstanding years of being submerged in water as well as basic wear and tear. A conventional paint that is used with painting pool tile is Epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is known among professionals to last the longest of all the other paints used for painting pool tile. Also, Epoxy paint can hold up to UV light, chemicals, and other pool cleaners. It is important to note that Epoxy paint and other pool tile paint is expensive, so make sure you know what you want before beginning the project.

Preparation Is Key

If you are painting old tiles that are already in your pool, it is vital to prep the tiles before applying new paint. This preparation is done in several steps. First, depending on the location of the tiles you want to paint, you will have to drain your pool. Second, you should caulk any break or cracks in your tile. Third, wash the old tile in an acid wash or another strong chemical. Next, rinse all the old tile with water from a garden hose or another source. Finally, mix your paint and begin the process of painting your pool tiles.

Painting Pool Tile Is Not for Everyone

If you want new pool tiles but don’t want to go through the effort of painting your own tiles, that is completely fine. There is no shame in admitting you don’t want to spend the next week of your life scrubbing and painting your pool tiles. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we provide dozens of options for individuals that want their tile to be nicely painted. Come to our website today and explore all the possibilities for your pool.

7 Pinterest-Worthy Pool Tile Ideas

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

A lot of people have a pool, but you want your pool to stand out. Pool mosaic tiles will help your pool do exactly that. You can turn your backyard into your oasis with these seven Pinterest-worthy pool designs.

The Outlined Turtle

Outlined designs are perfect for those who want a simple but elegant touch for their pool. Take this outlined turtle, for example. It provides a gentle, decorative element, drawing just enough attention without being jarring.

The Glow in the Dark Angel Fish

Do you enjoy night swimming? Like having guests over for nighttime pool parties? Or maybe you just want to extend your summer swim time fun for just a few extra minutes. In any case, this glow in the dark angel fish will add a bit of extra light to your nighttime swim.

The Flower Medallion

The flower medallion is elegant, peaceful, and the perfect addition to any pool. If you want to add a gentle spa-like experience to your swim, then you’ll want to gaze at this medallion while you relax in the pool.

The Boundless Energy Mandala

A lot of pool mosaic designs come in blues and greens, but what if you want more of a contrast for your pool? In that case, this bright and warm mandala has exactly what you’re looking for. This design provides a pop of color to catch the eye.

The Hibiscus Flowers

A lot of people choose an ocean theme for their pools, but some would rather have a pond or lake theme instead. If that’s what you’re looking for, then take a look at this trio of hibiscus flowers. They’ll add some brightness to your pool that will make it stand out, apart from the rest.

The Beach Ball

The beach ball option is perfect for those who want to add some extra fun to their pool parties. What good is a pool if you can’t be laid-back and lighthearted while you use it? Invite your friends over for some fun and games in the pool. With this beach ball tile mosaic, you’ll have the most fun pool in the neighborhood.

The Snorkeling Charlie Brown

This Charlie Brown mosaic is both nostalgic and kid-friendly. Whether you have kids yourself or just want to relive a bit of your own childhood, Charlie Brown is ready to join the pool party.

Need More Ideas?

Looking for more pool mosaic ideas? We’ve got plenty of choices for you. Take a look at all of your options on our website. We’d love to help you create the perfect design for your pool.

How to Make Your Pool's Steps Safer and More Fun

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Having a pool is so much fun. Many people who own a home with a pool will tell you that their summer plans are usually hanging out in their own backyard to enjoy a swim. You have to be careful, though, and be responsible in terms of pool ownership. Make sure that you have features that prompt safe play as well as pool enjoyment. Here are a few ideas on how pool tile can make your pool’s steps safe and more fun.

Border Tile Can Help With Pool Step Safety

Adding a quick and easy border to your pool can help increase safety. By adding a cute design or pattern to steps, it makes them more visible and easier to navigate. Some tile even has anti-skid elements to help people keep traction on pool stairs.

Decorative Elements

One way to make your pool fun is to add decorative elements to your steps. This might be the border, mentioned above, to outline the actual steps. Another idea could be to place a few whimsical design elements on your pool tiles. Maybe a pair of flip-flops for a few tiles on your steps? How about a few dolphins splashing down into the water? Keeping things light and fun is easy with creative pool mosaic and tile designs.

Glow in the Dark Tile

A clever way to make your pool safer during the day and night is glow-in-the-dark pool tiles. You can add these to your steps or anywhere in your pool that might be harder to see in dark water. Have a lip on your pool that stubs toes during nighttime swims? A few glowing fish might help out.

Trust Blue Water Pool Mosaics for All Your Pool Tile Needs

We have a beautiful array of tile to complete your pool tile mosaic. Even if you’re only looking for a few decorative pieces, we have staff on hand to help. Reach out to us today to make your pool tile dreams a reality.

Can Pool Tile Be Re-glazed?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

When you own a pool, you’re probably always looking for ways to take care of it: the best cleaning methods, the coolest pool gadgets, and even neat pool toys.

But sometimes you worry and wonder about your pool’s foundation. If your pool is tiled that can mean wondering if the pool needs its tiles re-glazed. Fear not; we have all the info you need to know about pool tile re-glazing and why you might consider it.

Why Would You Re-glaze Tile?

If your pool’s tile is looking dull and faded, you might start to wonder about re-glazing. Re-glazing is the process of re-firing ceramic items at incredibly high temperatures. The glaze is the coating on the tiles that protects them from the elements.

When Is It Feasible to Re-glaze?

In terms of your pool tile, it’s almost never feasible to re-glaze. In many cases, it would be infinitely more cost-effective to remove old tile and replace it with new. Re-glazing pool tile would be an expensive and arduous journey.

Here's Why You Should Get Custom Tile Mosaics

If you want an update for your pool, custom tile artwork is a beautiful choice. You can design the look and vibe you want for your pool and have it installed. A custom installation would take much less time than re-glazing in almost every case of a pool renovation. You’ll save time, money, and energy if you go the route of removing old tile and replacing with new tile.

Trust Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Creating a unique pool facade is what the team at Blue Water Pool Mosaics is passionate about doing. The employees all want to help you get the pool of your dreams. Call or contact us today for a consultation. We want to make your wishes, dreams, and desires for your pool a reality.

6 Pool Safety & Maintenance Tips for the Off-Season

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

There are a lot of ways to protect your pool and yourself during the off-season of fall and winter. Summer is the perfect season to get the most out of your pool, and winter is the time for maintenance so you can continue to enjoy it year after year. Here are a few tips to help you care for your pool in the off-season as best as possible.

Cover Your Pool

Make sure your indoor or outdoor pool is covered for winter and fall! This helps keep the area safe but will also help you in the long run. Covering the pool can help you shield the water from excessive amounts of falling debris, like leaves and sticks.

Remember to check on the cover periodically to make sure that it’s secure and working properly. Early fall is a great time to get it out and check for any tears or compromises. Doing so early in the season will help give you peace of mind all winter long.

Keep an Eye on Your Levels

You’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on your water level during the winter, especially if you live in a cold climate. There should be less water in your pool, to accommodate the cover. So you’ll want to keep an eye on it in case of freezing temperatures. If the water freezes and you have extra water in your pump and other parts of your pool system, you might be in trouble. Water expands as it freezes and can wreak havoc on your system.

Don't Stop Cleaning, If Possible

If you can’t cover your pool you’ll definitely want to keep up a skimming schedule to remove any surface items from your pool. Even though it’s the off-season you can still clean your pool if needed. This might include skimming, emptying filter baskets, vacuuming the pool floor and more.

Drain Excess Water

In order to avoid problems with your motor parts and other pump pieces, drain the excess water out of your pool if possible. Especially make sure to empty the pump if the weather reports look like they’re calling for freezing temperatures. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to replacing your pool pump, as some of those investments can really add up.

Enlist the Help of Chemicals

Another helpful tidbit is to not forget that you still need to maintain the pH balance of your pool and keep it clean. You might use chlorine tablets or other chemicals to help. Certain products on the market can stave off algae and other growths as the temperatures start to heat up in the spring.

Monitor the Weather Conditions

As previously mentioned, keeping an eye on the weather is paramount to good off-season pool maintenance. Make sure you monitor for freezing temperatures but also for rain. Drain off any excess rainwater to keep your pool at a perfect off-season level.

Want to Revamp Your Tile Mosaics?

If you pull that cover off of your pool in the spring and feel like you need a refresh, we would love to help! Make your pool sparkle with a new tile mosaic. If you’re the type that likes to plan things out, fall and winter are the perfect time to start dreaming of your pool tile mosaics to install in the spring! Give us a call or reach out today for a quote. We’re looking forward to making the pool of your dreams a reality.

7 Unexpected Mosaic Murals You’ll Want in Your Pool ASAP

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

When you’re ready to make the leap and invest in a mosaic art piece for your pool, think outside the tiled box. Dream big. Be inspired by the things that motivate and invigorate you. Here are seven mosaic murals you’ll love in your pool.

All of these designs and more are available at Blue Water Pool Mosaics. If these ideas spark your interest, call us today. We’d be happy to talk through your dream designs with you and create a pool mosaic mural that you love.

Koi Fish

What better way to celebrate nature than swimming with Koi? Koi are bright and beautiful fish that are known all over the world. Getting a Koi mosaic will help you embrace beauty and tranquility each time you look out at your pool.

Glow in the Dark Murals

Yes, you can get tile mosaic murals that glow in the dark. Pick from several different styles of fish, and accent with glow-in-the-dark seashells to complete your tile masterpiece. If you want a seahorse or turtle to glow in the dark, your heart’s desire is just a call away. Reach out to Blue Water Pool Mosaics today to talk through a glow-in-the-dark tile installation.


What better way to complement an underwater mosaic than to have your own octopus? Go for the photo-real or the fun and cartoon octopus. Whatever you choose, your pool is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.


For a truly whimsical and interesting mural, opt for an alligator or two. Spring for a mosaic alligator from the swamp to pair alongside other wildlife tile mural pieces. If you’re a Florida Gators fan, there’s a gator mural just waiting for your pool!

$100 Bills

Nothing will make your neighbors more jealous than having hand-painted $100 bill tiles sprawled across your pool floor. Show off your financial status with this unique mosaic choice.

Beach Balls

Keep up the fun and festive spirit with a line of beach balls dancing across your pool. You might inspire games of water volleyball. Volleyballs have long been associated with pool and beach play. This fun accessory is a great addition to your pool tile mosaic.


Chances are that if you live in an area with dragonflies and also have a pool, you’ve encountered the silent beauties in your yard. They sometimes stop for a drink of pool water and you can get them to rest on your finger before they fly off. Capture the magic of those silent, sweet fliers with a pool mosaic. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles.

Reach out today if any of these designs inspire you. We're excited to help you make your dream become a reality. If you can dream it, we can more than likely make it happen for your pool. You deserve the pool of your dreams, today!

How Mermaids Became A Popular Pool Design

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Mermaids seem like they’ve always been popular mythical creatures if you think about them long enough. Nearly every seaside population has a name for them, from the Romans who called them sirens to our modern-day name “mermaid.”

These mystical creatures appear as half-woman, half-fish beings in many of the old stories. Some cultures think they’re benevolent sea-dwellers while others are convinced that their purpose is malevolent.

The Lore

Old stories go back for centuries of sirens, or women-fish, who would lure sailors to the rocks with their gorgeous looks and beautiful songs. The Greeks were sure that these nimble beauties were destructive sea creatures.

In these tales, mermaids are beautiful with long, flowing hair in a range of colors from pink, green, blue, to shining gold and more. Their faces sparkled in the sun according to these old stories. Their beauty was enchanting and mesmerizing.

Hans Christian Andersen

In 1837, a fairy tale was published that would change the public’s views on mermaids forever. Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author, dreamed of an underwater world where a mermaid princess gave up her aquatic life to chase love with a human. She was young and beautiful with a singing voice unmatched anywhere in the sea. With everything she had, she still desired life on land.

This story was originally published as a children’s fairy tale but caught the attention of the entire world, including Walt Disney productions more than 100 years after the story was first published.

Popular Movies

In 1989, Walt Disney Studios released “The Little Mermaid” starring the voice of Jodi Benson as a teenage mermaid princess who was set on chasing a romance with a land-dwelling prince. The film was a wild success and millions of people came to love “Ariel,” the mermaid princess.


Even giant corporations feel the call of the mermaid, lured into business by sirens. Starbucks is probably one of the biggest companies that take logo inspirations from mermaids.

Their logo is a Norse version of a double-tailed siren, popular in Norse mythology.

With That Said, You Should Have Your Own Mermaid

Without a doubt, mermaids have been popular, beloved creatures throughout centuries and their popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Live out your childhood dreams of knowing a mermaid. You can have one, or several! When we at Blue Water Pool Mosaics help you design your pool, we’d love to give you the mermaid tile mosaic of your dreams. Whether it’s a brown, blue, gold, pink or green-haired mermaid that calls to you, we want to help make her a reality.

Mosaic Designs to Make Your Neighbors Drool

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Boring pools are a dime a dozen. We’ve all seen them--drab, white, and uninviting. After the initial excitement of having a pool wears off, they sit unused, building up leaves and other debris. Things don’t have to be that way, though. Pool design options are better than ever. Pools at houses, hotels, resorts and other locations are really getting creative. People want their pools to make a big statement. One of the hottest new trends in pool design is beautiful mosaic design. Integrating mosaics into a pool immediately elevate things with a luxury look and feel. It really allows artists and designers to make a pool one of a kind. Owners love looking at their pool for years as the sun glistens on swimming pool mosaic tile . Here are some mosaic designs that will make your pool stand out from the rest!

Sea Life Mosaics for a Bit of Fun

If you’re feeling playful, think about installing a bit of sea life into your pool. Turtle or fish swimming pool mosaic tile work brings a beach feel to your backyard. Kids will love diving down to look at the detailed tile work. Animal mosaics bring your pool to life like nothing else. They can transform an otherwise drab pool into the envy of the neighborhood. Mosaic designers have pushed the envelope with sea life. Tiles can be laid out to make the bottom of your pool look like a full reef with fish swimming around coral.

Luxury Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile

People looking to make their pool more luxurious love new mosaic designs that evoke old tile work from the Middle East. The intricate tile patterns can range in sizes large or small, and are a beautiful centerpiece of a high-end pool. Most homeowners opt for deep blue and other cool colors to add to the water theme in the backyard. Compass logos also provide an exquisite nautical look and feel to any pool. They’re a great way to elevate pools from mundane to pieces of art.

Custom Mosaic Designs

Perhaps the best thing about swimming pool mosaic tile is that the sky is the limit. If you can think of it, odds are that tile artists can make it a reality. People have installed full underwater murals in their homes. Others love mermaids, octopus, or marlins. It’s even an option to install a mosaic of a photograph, so if you want to look at a mountain range or a treasured family photo, it’s possible.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics is a premium pool tile company operating out of Texas. We’re dedicated to innovating the newest and highest quality pool tile work on the market. For any questions on pool mosaics and other pool designs, contact our team today.

Learn the Different Kinds of Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

When it comes to designing your pool mosaic, the sky really is the limit. The number of design options that you have are endless. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the different types of tile that you can use to create beautiful mosaics for pools.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tiles have been the industry standard for pool tiles for decades. One interesting detail about ceramic tiles is that they are hand-painted in solid colors or in beautiful designs. Additionally, ceramic tiles are also made in textured options that can add depth to your mosaic design. Similarly, porcelain-glazed tiles can be made to give your tiles an even bolder look.

Glass/Stone Tile

Glass tiles are becoming more popular with each passing year. From an environmental perspective, glass tiles are composed mostly of recycled glass materials. They are nonporous and the most durable pool tiles, but they are considerably more expensive. Many designers like to use glass tiles to draw attention to the crystal clear water and the rest of the pool design.

Stone tiles are another design option that might suit your pool needs. While most pool designs will rely on ceramic, porcelain, and glass elements, stone tiles present a more classic look. Using stone tiles can bring your overall backyard look together by connecting the pool area with the patio, deck, and lawn designs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Everything that we’ve discussed so far is great, but in the end it’s your pool and you want a custom pool mosaic that suits your tastes and style. What you’ll find as you do your research is that many designers will mix all types of tile together to create interesting designs for their clients. Consider how color, texture, and detail can be used to create a beautiful design to suit your pool.

Ready to Learn More and Start Your Pool Mosaic?

Now that you’ve seen some of the options available for your pool mosaic, it’s time to get in contact with the experts at Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Since 1981, we’ve been a family-owned and operated business dedicated to helping thousands of customers design their perfect pool mosaics. Whether you want to use porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, or a mixture of materials in your design, we’re here to help. Contact our design team today!

How Do I Find the Right Mosaic Design?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Like any other feature at your home, the visual aesthetics of your pool are important to your happiness as a pool owner. That’s easy to say but picking the right design elements for your new pool can be time consuming and frustrating. In today’s blog post, we’ll take a look at four things to consider when designing the perfect water mosaic for your pool.


One of the most important factors in beginning to design a pool mosaic is cost. Do your research and find out how much it will cost to design, create, and install your custom mosaic. Some companies may charge to provide design assistance and others might provide free mock-ups to guide you in the process. Be mindful that cost should not be the main constraint to your custom water mosaic. Be price conscious but be pleased with your new pool look.


Another factor to consider when designing a custom water mosaic is the color scheme. It’s not simply about picking a color that works from a sample or a catalog. This is true because you have to consider how colors change depending on location, lighting, time of day, and other factors. Before you pick a color or a palette, take a look at the pool in which you’ll be installing the mosaic. Does the design meet your vision? How does it look in the middle of the day? How does it look at night? If possible, ask your design team for sample tiles that you can test before you buy!


A third thing to consider when designing a pool mosaic is the overall style of the design. Similar to what we just discussed about color, you want to be sure that the design options suit your vision. Why spend money on a design that doesn’t fit your aesthetic or that you aren’t in love with? Consider how an updated water mosaic design will fit the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Is your taste more classic, more modern, or more eclectic? Answering this question can help guide what options are the most likely to fit your needs.


The final thing to consider when designing your custom water mosaic is material. The good news is that you have a lot of choices in your mosaic tiles. The bad news is that you have to make a decision! Pool mosaic tiles come in a large variety of materials: porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone are the most popular. Keep in mind that different materials can change the look of your mosaic design dramatically.

Ready to Design Your Water Mosaic?

Now that you have some elements to keep in mind, it’s time to find the right experts to help you find a design to suit your needs and tastes. Since 1981, the team at Blue Water Pool Mosaics has been finding the right custom water mosaic design for thousands of customers. We’re family-owned and operated and we always have been. When you’re ready to talk about customizing your pool, contact our design team today!

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