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These Mermaid Pool Mosaics are Magical

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash

Summer is right around the corner. Kids, family, and friends are all about to rush to your home to enjoy some much-needed pool time. This year make your pool even more of a magical experience for your guests. Pool mosaics provide an excellent way to add some extraordinary to your ordinary pool. However, with dozens of pool mosaics to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one. If you are looking for a more magical experience for your friends and family, look no further than the mermaid. In this article, we will show you that mermaid pool mosaics can turn your pool into the must-go place this summer.

Cartoon-Styled Mermaid Pool Mosaics

If you have a lot of kids or you expect a lot of kids to come over, you need to provide a magical experience. If the mermaid mosaic you choose is more cartoonish in style, you can allow your kids to imagine a whole new world full of adventure and wonder. Your kids and their friends can spend hours playing pirates trying to rescue the mermaid from certain capture and harm. Indeed, entertaining your kids with a cartoon-styled mermaid pool mosaic will ensure your kids will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mermaid Pool Mosaics Bring Style

Maybe you don’t have kids at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy mermaids! Mermaids can give your pool a sense of class and elegance. Imagine: you invite colleagues over for drinks - and they can't keep their eyes off the tasteful mermaid in your pool. We recommend you use a single tone color style when it comes to your mermaid pool mosaic. Also, the simpler pool mosaics can save you money when compared to the more colorful options

Bring the Entire Ocean to your Back Yard

Why stop at just mermaids? If you genuinely want to bring the magic of summer to your home, you need to provide the ocean! One of the biggest sellers in the pool mosaic market is fish and other sea life. Sea life mosaics allow you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without driving to the beach. Also, the mermaids add a more "magic" feeling, enabling you and your family to slip away into a relaxing state of mind. It is common to find mermaid pool mosaics that feature fish. However, you can also buy separate sea life pool mosaics and add them with your mermaid pool mosaics.

Buy Your Mermaid Pool Mosaics from the Right Place

Where you purchase your pool mosaics is just as important as the pool mosaics you choose. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we take pride in offering our industry-leading pool mosaics. We have dozens of options when it comes to mermaid pool mosaics. Also, our pool mosaics are only made with the best materials, so you know your pool mosaic will be built to last. Come to our website today and learn how you can add a magical spin to your pool with mermaid pool mosaics.

These Mermaid Pool Mosaics are Magical

Should You Get Your Pool Mosaic Tiles Before Summer Arrives?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Miguel Delmar on Unsplash

It is no secret that the pool is the greatest spot to be during your summer vacation. How can you make this already excellent place even better? Pool mosaics and pool mosaic tiles add a unique feature to your family's pool. However, there are several factors to consider while purchasing your pool mosaic tiles. First, you need to consider how long your pool will be unavailable during this process. Next, you need to make sure your pool mosaic provider has the tiles you want in stock.

If you want to avoid the headaches associated with ordering and installing pool mosaics and have your pool available for the entire summer, here is what you should do. Purchase and install all your pool mosaic tiles before the summer holiday begins. Here are some reasons why ordering and installing pool mosaics before the summer holiday can benefit you.

Ordering Pool Mosaic Tiles Before Summer Ensures More in Stock

Procrastination in regards to pool mosaics can mean you won't get what you want. Pool mosaics are extremely popular, with many pool owners purchasing them every year. The closer you get to summer, the higher the chances that items may be out of stock. If you are buying your pool mosaic tiles in the spring or even the winter, you are almost guaranteed to find the mosaic you love in stock.

Purchasing Pool Mosaic Tiles Early Means Less Downtime in the Summer

Nothing is more disappointing than not being able to use your pool during summer vacation. Depending on the pool mosaics you have chosen, your pool may be out of commission for a certain amount of time. During the winter and spring months, you are less likely to care whether you can swim in your pool or not. However, the summer months bring ample opportunity to enjoy your pool. The earlier you get your pool mosaic pool tiles ordered and installed, the less likely it is that you will lose access to your pool during the summer.

Ordering from the Right Pool Mosaic Vendor

Where you order your mosaics from is just as important as the mosaics themselves. Indeed, when you order from a great pool mosaic vendor, you can avoid a lot of issues that may come up. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we care about your pool as much as you do. For this reason, we offer industry-leading pool mosaics and pool mosaic tiles. On top of our high-quality pool mosaic tiles, we also provide features to ensure you can enjoy your pool during the summer months. First, we offer a vast inventory to ensure you will always find something that you like in stock. Also, we have fast and convenient shipping options to ensure you get what you need when you need it. Come to our website today and find your next pool mosaic tiles.

Should You Get Your Pool Mosaic Tiles Before Summer Arrives?

How to Turn Your Pool into a Relaxing Experience

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

The summer months are packed with activities and adventures designed to keep you busy. However, sometimes you want to spend a day relaxing and gearing up for the next adventure. The next time you want to take a load off, why not spend some quality time by the pool? A swimming pool is an excellent way to let the hours drift on by. In addition, pool mosaics can help set the mood to ensure you are in the best possible atmosphere to relax. In this article, we will go over some pool mosaic ideas to help turn your pool into a relaxing getaway.

Sea Life

What is more relaxing than watching the natural beauty of sea life? Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to live near a lake or ocean. If you want the relaxing allure of sea life without the high costs of living near the sea, then pool mosaics were made for you. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer dozens of options when it comes to sea life. Coral, orcas, seahorses, and starfish are all possible in your pool. Also, we provide glow-in-the-dark options if you prefer to do your relaxing during the evening hours.


Dolphins have always been the great wonder of the ocean. Indeed, it is considered a treat whenever you catch a glimpse of them out on the sea. Fortunately, now you can take that magic and bring it home with you with dolphin pool mosaics. Sitting back with a drink while looking at vivid mosaics of dolphins at play will put you in the right mood for relaxation. With dozens of styles and materials, you will have no problem finding the right dolphin mosaic for your pool.


Nothing gives off that exciting feel of mystery like mermaids. For centuries, our bedtime stories and movies have been full of references to these alluring beauties. Now, you can take these mysterious creatures and put them right into your pool! Mermaid pool mosaics can add a splash of wonder to anyone's pool. Looking at these pool mosaics will bring you back to childhood and let you relax by the pool.


Reef pool mosaics are by far the best way to add vibrant colors to your pool. With different shades of blue, green, yellow, and red, your pool will become a colorful masterpiece in no time. Also, the reef pool mosaics do an excellent job of representing awe-inspiring nature. Nature often allows us to sit back and relax while we think about the simpler things in life.

Getting Your Pool Mosaics from the Right Place

No matter what pool mosaics you get for your pool, you need to get them from the right company. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we care about your pool as much as you do. We offer pool mosaics that are industry-leading in both style and material. Also, we offer customer service to ensure you get the best pool mosaics for your pool. Come to our website today and learn how you can turn your pool into a relaxing haven for you and your guests.

How to Turn Your Pool into a Relaxing Experience

Unusual Pool Mosaics that will Make Your Pool Stand Out

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Giuseppe Famiani on Unsplash

Summer is just around the corner. It is time to put away the jackets and hot chocolate and take out your swimsuits and margarita mix. The best way to start the summer season is to have a pool party at your home. In fact, pool parties rank as the best summer activity year after year. However, to really make a splash this year, you need to crank up the creativity of your pool. The best way to show your unique and creative side is to add mosaics to your pool. Pool mosaics do an excellent job of adding that "wow" factor to any pool. In this article, we will go over some mosaic ideas that will turn your pool to the talk of the town.

Glow-In-The-Dark Pool Mosaics

The only thing better than a pool party is a pool party that takes place at night. Who doesn’t love spending their evenings chilling by the pool with their favorite drink in hand? If you want to put an even bigger smile on your friends' and family's faces, you need to get glow-in-the-dark pool mosaics. A glow-in-the-dark pool mosaic provides all the unique fun of a pool mosaic while adding a captivating glow to your pool. Also, an added bonus is the money you will save on electricity. Depending on the size of your mosaic, it may be powerful enough that you can leave your pool lights turned off for the evening.

The Captivating Beauty of Mermaids

Is The Little Mermaid your favorite movie? Do you often find yourself discussing your love of mermaids for hours on end with your friends and family? If you answered yes to these questions, then a mermaid pool mosaic is the perfect addition to your pool. In fact, mermaid pool mosaics are ideal if you are looking to add a magical essence to your pool.

Hundred Dollar Bills, Y’all

Are you always looking for a way to show the people around you that you like money? Maybe it's time you get yourself a few dozen $100 bill pool mosaics to scatter around your pool. Also, laugh with glee as you watch your guests try and fail at picking up the fake bills from the bottom of your pool.

Choosing The Right Pool Mosaic Store

No matter what pool mosaic you decide to go with this summer, you need to purchase it through a trusted company. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer industry-leading pool mosaics that will fit anyone's budget. With nearly 700 five-star reviews, we have proven that we are up to the challenge of providing our customers with the best pool mosaics on the market. Also, we offer the lowest price guaranteed to all our customers. If you want some fun and unique pool mosaics come to our website today and let us earn your business.

Unusual Pool Mosaics that will Make Your Pool Stand Out

5 Fun Pool Mosaics for a Whimsical Pool

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Cassie Gallegos on Unsplash

Having a pool means your home or property is the go-to destination for summer fun. Indeed, with warmer weather just around the corner, it's time to put away your jackets and break out the swimsuits. You must be thinking, how can I make my pool extra fun for all the friends and family I will be hosting this summer? Pool mosaics are an excellent way to show people you have a fun creative side. Here at Blue Water Mosaics, we want your guests' jaws to hit the floor when they see your pool. That is why we provide hundreds of different options to customize your pool. In this article, we will go over five mosaics that will add a whimsical flair to your pool.


Dolphins are a beloved animal that reminds us of the wonders of sea life. You could spend thousands of dollars sending you and your family across the country to see them, but why go through all that effort? Dolphin pool mosaics provide that same magical feeling without the overwhelming price tag. In fact, you can get a dolphin mosaic for your pool for as little as $16 (tropical drinks not included). Also, we recommend our larger “Playing Dolphins” pool mosaic. Your friends and family will never want to leave the pool when they are playing right beside dolphins.


Can you name something more whimsical than a mermaid? For centuries, mermaids have been associated with the magical side of sea life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take some of that magic and put it in your own pool? When you purchase a mermaid mosaic through us, not only will you get industry-leading quality, but you will also provide fun memories for the people around you.


A popular vacation destination for a lot of people is going to see the coral reefs around the world. However, with all the travel and training costs by the time you are there, you are already stressed about money. What if we told you that you could go coral-reef snorkeling in your own backyard? Coral reef pool mosaics will provide hours of entertainment to anyone who swims in your pool.

Medallion Pool Mosaics

If you want to add something fun and whimsical to your pool while also adding an elegant side, medallions will do the job. Medallions add a pop of color in your pool that will grab the attention of your guests. Also, with intricate designs, your pool will gain a sense of maturity and class.


You can’t have a list of whimsical pool mosaics without mentioning fish! Indeed, fish are beloved by almost everyone. We offer a wide variety of different kinds of fish that are guaranteed to add a unique and fun experience for anyone in your pool.

Industry-Leading Pool Mosaics

No matter what pool mosaics you decide to get, you need to get them from the right place. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer industry-leading pool mosaics at prices that can fit anyone's budget. Come to our website today and turn your pool into a whimsical adventure.

5 Fun Pool Mosaics for a Whimsical Pool

Can Pool Tile Be Painted?

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

Pools are an excellent addition that can bring both fun and beauty to your home. However, over time the tiles in your pool can lose their vibrant beauty. You have two options when this happens to your tiles. First, you can purchase new tiles and replace all the old ones. Second, you can paint all the tiles yourself and add your own personal flair to them. It is important to note that if you choose to paint your tile, it is not as easy as it seems. There are several steps you need to follow to ensure that your newly painted tiles will last for the life of your pool. In this article, we will go over the steps you need to take to paint your pool tiles as well as go over your options if you are not a painter.

Why Painting Your Pool Tile Is a Good Option

Painting your pool tiles is a fun project that you can do during your free time. The reason why people enjoy painting their pool tile is it allows people to add their own personal flair to their pool. Also, painting your own pool tiles can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride when you show off your pool to family and friends.

What Paint to Use

A common misconception when it comes to painting pool tiles is that you can use any paint you have lying around the house. Unfortunately, you can only use specialized paint that is capable of withstanding years of being submerged in water as well as basic wear and tear. A conventional paint that is used with painting pool tile is Epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is known among professionals to last the longest of all the other paints used for painting pool tile. Also, Epoxy paint can hold up to UV light, chemicals, and other pool cleaners. It is important to note that Epoxy paint and other pool tile paint is expensive, so make sure you know what you want before beginning the project.

Preparation Is Key

If you are painting old tiles that are already in your pool, it is vital to prep the tiles before applying new paint. This preparation is done in several steps. First, depending on the location of the tiles you want to paint, you will have to drain your pool. Second, you should caulk any break or cracks in your tile. Third, wash the old tile in an acid wash or another strong chemical. Next, rinse all the old tile with water from a garden hose or another source. Finally, mix your paint and begin the process of painting your pool tiles.

Painting Pool Tile Is Not for Everyone

If you want new pool tiles but don’t want to go through the effort of painting your own tiles, that is completely fine. There is no shame in admitting you don’t want to spend the next week of your life scrubbing and painting your pool tiles. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we provide dozens of options for individuals that want their tile to be nicely painted. Come to our website today and explore all the possibilities for your pool.

Can Pool Tile Be Painted?

5 Ways to Wow with Pool Tiles and Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

Whoever said all pools need to look the same clearly did not appreciate art or the beauty it brings. Indeed, it seems these days every time you go to a pool, they all have the same color scheme and that one tone of blue material. However, pools don’t have to be boring and one-dimensional. In fact, pools can become beautiful works of art that will impress even the most stubborn among us. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we want to help you turn your ordinary pool into an extraordinary one. In this article, we will give you five ways you can use tiles and mosaics to make your friends and family say wow when they see your pool.

Breathtaking Tiles

Adding tiles to your pool allows the combination of a bit of color and texture. We offer dozens of variations of tile that will satisfy any taste. Our glass tiles bring vibrant color, while our porcelain tiles offer shape and texture. We recommend that you use tiles for the steps and/or border of your pool. Also, tiles are perfect for people who are not ready to take the step of getting a mosaic for their pool.

Mosaics Are Perfect for Animal Lovers

The perfect mosaic for any pool has to involve sea creatures and other animals that live in the water. Indeed, adding a turtle or a fish to your pool will add a tropical flair that will delight your friends and family. Make every day feel like summer with a water animal-themed mosaic.

Be the Life of the Party

If various fish and other sea life are too mild for you, then we have the mosaics for you. If you go to the Blue Water Pool Mosaics website and check out the section “Party Time,” you will be shown the very best in mosaics. Have you ever wanted to fool your friends and family? Why don’t you get a few $100 bill mosaics and spread them around your pool? Watch in glee as your friends and family gaze in confusion at the pool.

Represent Your Team with Pride

Football season is ramping up, and it’s time to host watch parties with your friends. For years you boasted to everyone that you are your team's biggest superfan. Those coasters you bought online are not going to cut it this year. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could put your team logo or mascot in your pool? With custom mosaics, you can create a mosaic that really shows that you are the ultimate fan.

Mosaics Can Save You Money

Have you ever wanted to have company over at night but didn’t want to light up your pool because you are not a millionaire? What if we told you that you could have a mosaic that will light your pool without using any electricity? Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer several options of both mosaics and tiles that can glow in the dark. Check out our website today and pick out the best mosaic or tile for your life.

5 Ways to Wow with Pool Tiles and Mosaics

Love Playing with Pattern? Put It in Your Pool

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Photo by Jesper Stechmann on Unsplash

Pools do not have to look dull. With the use of colorful tiles and pre-made mosaics, you can turn any ordinary pool into an artistic masterpiece. Has anybody ever told you that you were a creative person? Have you been looking for a new project to satisfy your creative itch? Why not buy some beautiful tiles from Blue Water Pool Mosaics and make something unique that your family and friends will love? However, if you are not creative, we still have you covered. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer dozens of pre-made mosaics that are ready to be installed when they arrive at your door. In this article, we will give you some creative ideas as well as go over some of our most popular mosaic options.

Glass & Porcelain Tiles

Are you tired of your pool looking like everyone else's? Indeed, it seems like every time you go over to someone's pool, it is the same light blue material. It doesn’t have to be this way; you have the power to change your boring pool into a piece of art. We offer a high-quality glass tile that combines the beauty of simplicity with the pop of color. Use glass tiles to create eye-grabbing steps. You can also use glass tiles to create a unique borderline that circles around your pool. Also, we offer porcelain pool tiles that provide the same functionality as glass but with a more complex pattern and color palette. Whatever tile you choose here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we guarantee to offer something you will love.

Show Your Team Spirit

The big game is approaching, and you want to show your friends and family that you love your team more than they do. However, those drink coasters you bought online don’t seem like they are going to cut it this year. We want to help you show everyone in your life what kind of super fan you are. That is why at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer a wide variety of pre-made mosaics showing off the logo and/or mascot of your favorite team. Throw those coasters in the trash; the super fan has arrived.

Let Mosaics Advertise for You

If you own an independent hotel or apartment complex, mosaics can allow you to show off your company. Indeed, having a pool acts as a massive draw for people who want to live or stay at your establishment. However, if your pool looks run down and trashy, people will be less likely to continue to use your establishment. Adding a custom mosaic that displays your company name or logo adds a classy touch to your pool that shows people you run a proper hotel or apartment complex. Take your business to the next level with custom mosaics.

Quality You Can Trust

No matter what tile or mosaic you decide to put in your pool, you need to choose a company that you can trust. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we provide quality tiles and mosaics at unbeatable prices. Come check out our website and see the awesome stuff you can do to your pool today.

Love Playing with Pattern? Put It in Your Pool

7 Pinterest-Worthy Pool Tile Ideas

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
Angel fish pool mosaic

A lot of people have a pool, but you want your pool to stand out. Pool mosaic tiles will help your pool do exactly that. You can turn your backyard into your oasis with these seven Pinterest-worthy pool designs.

The Outlined Turtle

Outlined designs are perfect for those who want a simple but elegant touch for their pool. Take this outlined turtle, for example. It provides a gentle, decorative element, drawing just enough attention without being jarring.

The Glow in the Dark Angel Fish

Do you enjoy night swimming? Like having guests over for nighttime pool parties? Or maybe you just want to extend your summer swim time fun for just a few extra minutes. In any case, this glow in the dark angel fish will add a bit of extra light to your nighttime swim.

The Flower Medallion

The flower medallion is elegant, peaceful, and the perfect addition to any pool. If you want to add a gentle spa-like experience to your swim, then you’ll want to gaze at this medallion while you relax in the pool.

The Boundless Energy Mandala

A lot of pool mosaic designs come in blues and greens, but what if you want more of a contrast for your pool? In that case, this bright and warm mandala has exactly what you’re looking for. This design provides a pop of color to catch the eye.

The Hibiscus Flowers

A lot of people choose an ocean theme for their pools, but some would rather have a pond or lake theme instead. If that’s what you’re looking for, then take a look at this trio of hibiscus flowers. They’ll add some brightness to your pool that will make it stand out, apart from the rest.

The Beach Ball

The beach ball option is perfect for those who want to add some extra fun to their pool parties. What good is a pool if you can’t be laid-back and lighthearted while you use it? Invite your friends over for some fun and games in the pool. With this beach ball tile mosaic, you’ll have the most fun pool in the neighborhood.

The Snorkeling Charlie Brown

This Charlie Brown mosaic is both nostalgic and kid-friendly. Whether you have kids yourself or just want to relive a bit of your own childhood, Charlie Brown is ready to join the pool party.

Need More Ideas?

Looking for more pool mosaic ideas? We’ve got plenty of choices for you. Take a look at all of your options on our website. We’d love to help you create the perfect design for your pool.

7 Pinterest-Worthy Pool Tile Ideas

How to Make Your Pool's Steps Safer and More Fun

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics
By Pedro Sostre on Unsplash

Having a pool is so much fun. Many people who own a home with a pool will tell you that their summer plans are usually hanging out in their own backyard to enjoy a swim. You have to be careful, though, and be responsible in terms of pool ownership. Make sure that you have features that prompt safe play as well as pool enjoyment. Here are a few ideas on how pool tile can make your pool’s steps safe and more fun.

Border Tile Can Help With Pool Step Safety

Adding a quick and easy border to your pool can help increase safety. By adding a cute design or pattern to steps, it makes them more visible and easier to navigate. Some tile even has anti-skid elements to help people keep traction on pool stairs.

Decorative Elements

One way to make your pool fun is to add decorative elements to your steps. This might be the border, mentioned above, to outline the actual steps. Another idea could be to place a few whimsical design elements on your pool tiles. Maybe a pair of flip-flops for a few tiles on your steps? How about a few dolphins splashing down into the water? Keeping things light and fun is easy with creative pool mosaic and tile designs.

Glow in the Dark Tile

A clever way to make your pool safer during the day and night is glow-in-the-dark pool tiles. You can add these to your steps or anywhere in your pool that might be harder to see in dark water. Have a lip on your pool that stubs toes during nighttime swims? A few glowing fish might help out.

Trust Blue Water Pool Mosaics for All Your Pool Tile Needs

We have a beautiful array of tile to complete your pool tile mosaic. Even if you’re only looking for a few decorative pieces, we have staff on hand to help. Reach out to us today to make your pool tile dreams a reality.

How to Make Your Pool's Steps Safer and More Fun

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