Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are you located? Do you have a storefront or showroom?

Our offices are based in Fort Worth, Texas, whereas our shipping and manufacturing facilities are located Florida, Tennessee, and California. We don’t have a storefront or showroom, but we’ll be happy to show you any mosaics we currently have on hand. Pickup options may also be available. Please contact us so that we can schedule a meeting.

Can I use your mosaics in locations other than swimming pools?
Do you make custom mosaics?
Can you change the size or color of your mosaics to suit my needs?
What are your mosaics made of?
What is the purpose of a shadow and how does it enhance a mosaic?
What is the difference between screen printed and hand glazed mosaics?
How thick are your mosaics?
Are your mosaics frost proof?
Will the colors ever fade or peel?
How long will your mosaics last?
Are your mosaics non-slip or non-skid?
Are your mosaics in stock?
How long will it take to receive my order?
I'm in a hurry and need my order right away! Can you help?
Do you offer free shipping?
Can I return a mosaic if I don't like it?
How do I install a mosaic?
Can your mosaics be used with a pebble finish?
Can your mosaics be installed on a sloped surface?