Flowers & Hibiscus


Flower & Hibiscus Pool Mosaics

Nothing brings a soft and delicate beauty quite like flowers. Even better, floral life is so diverse. You might choose the soft romance of roses. You could choose the bright springtime innocence of hibiscus. You may even choose the fun of a more animated-looking flower. Whatever you choose, your flowers will add color and originality to your pool design. Create a beautiful scene for your summer.

Bring your pool to life with these incredible flower and hibiscus pool mosaics from Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Add a more personal touch to your pool with out flower and hibiscus themed pool mosaics. These beautiful flower and hibiscus pool mosaics are handcrafted in USA, made of durable ceramic tile, and come pre-assembled and ready for installation. Includes Lifetime warranty.

  • Easy Install
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Pre assembled