5 Ways to Wow with Pool Tiles and Mosaics

Whoever said all pools need to look the same clearly did not appreciate art or the beauty it brings. Indeed, it seems these days every time you go to a pool, they all have the same color scheme and that one tone of blue material. However, pools don’t have to be boring and one-dimensional. In fact, pools can become beautiful works of art that will impress even the most stubborn among us. Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we want to help you turn your ordinary pool into an extraordinary one. In this article, we will give you five ways you can use tiles and mosaics to make your friends and family say wow when they see your pool.

Breathtaking Tiles

Adding tiles to your pool allows the combination of a bit of color and texture. We offer dozens of variations of tile that will satisfy any taste. Our glass tiles bring vibrant color, while our porcelain tiles offer shape and texture. We recommend that you use tiles for the steps and/or border of your pool. Also, tiles are perfect for people who are not ready to take the step of getting a mosaic for their pool.

Mosaics Are Perfect for Animal Lovers

The perfect mosaic for any pool has to involve sea creatures and other animals that live in the water. Indeed, adding a turtle or a fish to your pool will add a tropical flair that will delight your friends and family. Make every day feel like summer with a water animal-themed mosaic.

Be the Life of the Party

If various fish and other sea life are too mild for you, then we have the mosaics for you. If you go to the Blue Water Pool Mosaics website and check out the section “Party Time,” you will be shown the very best in mosaics. Have you ever wanted to fool your friends and family? Why don’t you get a few $100 bill mosaics and spread them around your pool? Watch in glee as your friends and family gaze in confusion at the pool.

Represent Your Team with Pride

Football season is ramping up, and it’s time to host watch parties with your friends. For years you boasted to everyone that you are your team’s biggest superfan. Those coasters you bought online are not going to cut it this year. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could put your team logo or mascot in your pool? With custom mosaics, you can create a mosaic that really shows that you are the ultimate fan.

Mosaics Can Save You Money

Have you ever wanted to have company over at night but didn’t want to light up your pool because you are not a millionaire? What if we told you that you could have a mosaic that will light your pool without using any electricity? Here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer several options of both mosaics and tiles that can glow in the dark. Check out our website today and pick out the best mosaic or tile for your life.

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