6 Ways to Use Murals & Reef Pool Mosaics

6 Ways to Use Murals & Reef Pool Mosaics

Coral reefs are a beautiful natural wonder that inspires distinctive mural & reef pool mosaics. Coral reefs come in all shapes and sizes and live in tropical seas and on the ocean floor. Reefs are also home to a diverse collection of marine life. Aside from the coral polyps that build the reefs, fish depend on them for shelter, food and protection. Many marine organisms reproduce and raise their young within the niches of a reef. Shallow-water reefs support thousands of species of fish, plants, sea turtles and marine mammals. Deep-water reefs are not as well known, but they do provide a diverse ecosystem at the bottom of the ocean.

Deep-sea corals depend on plankton and organic matter for their energy needs. Unlike their shallow-water counterparts, these corals have to survive on nutrients available in the darkest places of the ocean floor. Shallow water corals exist in a symbiotic relationship with photosynthetic algae. Coral provides a protected environment, so the algae can produce carbohydrates the coral needs to survive.

In addition to their diverse ecosystem, coral reefs protect coastlines from erosion and offer recreational opportunities for the world’s population. Communities located near the reefs benefit economically from water activities such as fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Ensuring the survival of coral reefs is essential to the survival of the earth’s ecosystems.

Reef Pool Mosaics

Imagine experiencing the intricate beauty of a coral reef every time you step into your backyard. By including mosaics in an outdoor environment, you bring color and vitality into your space. With unlimited design capabilities, you can create a one-of-a-kind reef mosaic.

Swimming Pool

What better place to design a coral reef than on a swimming pool floor. Start with the Acropora family of coral. These corals are made of dense, low-lying branches in more neutral colors. Add Elkhorn coral for a touch of the Caribbean. Include images of giant sea kelp for vertical height and a splash of green. Contrast the green kelp with yellow cup black coral, which despite its name, is lime green. Mixing in multi-colored sea life such as jellyfish or sea anemones can give movement to a reef mosaic.

Swimming Pool Surround

Brighten the space around your pool with a reef mosaic. Given the different coral varieties, it’s easy to find just the right image for every inch of your surround. Scatter other marine life such as sea turtles or tiger fish among the coral for a more realistic picture of a coral ecosystem. What appears in the mosaic can be as realistic or whimsical as you want.


Integrate a reef theme into a patio. Weave elements such as sea plants with larger marine life such as dolphins or whales. Brighten the deck with sea urchins and sponges. Seahorses, turtles and frogs bring joy to a patio. Consider making the patio an educational tool for children by adding elements that encourage them to learn more about coral reefs.


Murals are works of art created directly onto a wall, floor or other surfaces. Murals were originally used to depict historical events such as famous battles or military campaigns. Today, murals depict everything from cultural events to street art. Murals can even depict ocean reefs.


Why not place a coral reef in the kitchen? Most backsplashes are monochrome tiles that lack visual interest. Surround the workspace with marine life darting in and out of a reef. Show sea kelp waving its feathery stalks as delightful sea creatures move among the coral. Add a touch of whimsy with fantastical creatures.


Water and bathrooms go together, so why not include a coral reef to the bathroom floor or walls? Turn a wall into a marine paradise or create a coral ecosystem on the floor. Visitors will be delighted to see the complexity of the ocean on the bathroom walls.

Turn a shower wall into a microcosm of marine life. Start with a multi-faceted reef and add jellyfish and seahorses as the mural moves up the wall. At the top, add larger mammals such as dolphins, sharks or whales. Maybe include fantastical creates such as mermaids to bring a touch of fun into the space.


Welcome guests to a beach-front property with an underwater mural on the entry floor. A subdued picture of the ocean floor not only sets a tone but can also help camouflage those bits of sand. With a coral-reef mural in the entry, you and your guests will be reminded of what lives just a few feet from the front door.

Mural & Reef Pool Mosaics

Placing a mural on an accent wall can transform a space. It can create a private spot within a larger room. With the right placement, a mural can open a room. Whether the location is outdoors on a patio wall or inside on the shower floor, coral reef mosaics make a statement. They can be subtle with only a hint of color or brilliant with a parade of corals and their ecosystems. What’s important is that the mural & reef pool mosaics reflect your personal style.

  • Use a coral reef mural to reflect your environmental concerns.
  • Hide a pirate’s chest among the sea life to show your love of the buccaneer.
  • Create a reef mural as an educational tool on coral ecosystems.

Incorporating coral reef pool mosaics into your home is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty and fragility of one of nature’s wonders.

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