7 Pinterest-Worthy Pool Tile Ideas

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

A lot of people have a pool, but you want your pool to stand out. Pool mosaic tiles will help your pool do exactly that. You can turn your backyard into your oasis with these seven Pinterest-worthy pool designs.

The Outlined Turtle

Outlined designs are perfect for those who want a simple but elegant touch for their pool. Take this outlined turtle, for example. It provides a gentle, decorative element, drawing just enough attention without being jarring.

The Glow in the Dark Angel Fish

Do you enjoy night swimming? Like having guests over for nighttime pool parties? Or maybe you just want to extend your summer swim time fun for just a few extra minutes. In any case, this glow in the dark angel fish will add a bit of extra light to your nighttime swim.

The Flower Medallion

The flower medallion is elegant, peaceful, and the perfect addition to any pool. If you want to add a gentle spa-like experience to your swim, then you’ll want to gaze at this medallion while you relax in the pool.

The Boundless Energy Mandala

A lot of pool mosaic designs come in blues and greens, but what if you want more of a contrast for your pool? In that case, this bright and warm mandala has exactly what you’re looking for. This design provides a pop of color to catch the eye.

The Hibiscus Flowers

A lot of people choose an ocean theme for their pools, but some would rather have a pond or lake theme instead. If that’s what you’re looking for, then take a look at this trio of hibiscus flowers. They’ll add some brightness to your pool that will make it stand out, apart from the rest.

The Beach Ball

The beach ball option is perfect for those who want to add some extra fun to their pool parties. What good is a pool if you can’t be laid-back and lighthearted while you use it? Invite your friends over for some fun and games in the pool. With this beach ball tile mosaic, you’ll have the most fun pool in the neighborhood.

The Snorkeling Charlie Brown

This Charlie Brown mosaic is both nostalgic and kid-friendly. Whether you have kids yourself or just want to relive a bit of your own childhood, Charlie Brown is ready to join the pool party.

Need More Ideas?

Looking for more pool mosaic ideas? We’ve got plenty of choices for you. Take a look at all of your options on our website. We’d love to help you create the perfect design for your pool.


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