Add Unique Mosaics to Your Pool

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Including a mosaic in your pool adds both fun and value. However, since there are so many types of mosaics to select from, trying to decide what to get can be difficult. From personalized monograms to coral reefs, Blue Water Pool Mosaics provides a lot of options for you to consider. Here are a few ideas to help you choose which unique mosaic is best for you.

Create Smiles

Heading to your pool with your friends or children? Make them smile with a variety of fun mosaics. You can add mermaids, beach balls, or a variety of sea creatures to bring life to your pool. Another idea could be to invite your favorite Peanuts characters to join you in the pool. Having these fun mosaics will make you and your guests want to jump right in! If you want to create something completely one of a kind, feel free to mix up an assortment of mosaics to show off your own unique interests.

Add Personal Significance

Perhaps you’re looking to include a more sleek, sophisticated mosaic. Blue Water Pool Mosaics offers several options to help you express yourself with class. Try a medallion design to add another level of elegance and entertainment to your pool. For instance, you can include a cross at the center of your pool or a mandala at the bottom or your steps. To make your pool even more personalized, you could also consider including a monogram or customized mosaic.

Go All Out with a Mural

You can also liven up your entire pool by adding a mural. Murals are typically larger mosaics with more detail. By turning your pool into a tropical reef full of sea anemone and marine life, you will always have an ocean getaway. In fact, you can take your pool mural to the next level by choosing a photo mural that includes greater detail. A unique mural will make your pool instantly stand out and leave you admiring the details for a long time.

Back to Basics

If all those ideas sound like too much for you, you can still get a unique pool mosaic that isn't big or lavish. There are plenty of small and simple mosaics that allow you to give your pool a personalized touch. To enhance your pool while keeping it simple, you could include some small starfish mosaics along the wall. Other designs could include placing seashells on your steps or a couple of strategically placed turtles.

Even after all of these ideas, the list doesn’t stop there. The possibilities for pool mosaics are endless. So if including a unique pool mosaic is exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at Blue Water Pool Mosaics today.