Bird Mosaics of a Feather Swim Together

Bird Mosaics of a Feather Swim Together

Are you a bird watcher? Birding, as some call it, is a favorite pastime. Whether listening to the chirping in the morning with a cup of coffee on your deck or tossing bread crumbs to the ducks, it’s fun.

Some folks enjoy building birdhouses and then kicking back and watching the activity of their feathered friends.

Others like to use their binoculars out on hiking trails and at bird sanctuaries. 

Birds are the perfect subject for journaling, painting, and connection with wildlife. 

Some folks have birds in cages inside the house and teach them to talk. Others prefer to appreciate these fine feathered friends in the backyard in their natural habitat.

What is your favorite bird? Why?

Could you improve the backyard bird habitat in your yard by adding mosaics? You bet you can! Because birds are so colorful and playful, our Blue Water Pool Mosaics make a great addition to your pool. 


One such addition would be a hummingbird mosaic. 

Hummingbirds are one of the world’s favorite birds, and for good reason. First, they are the smallest bird, and they are highly entertaining. To say these little birdies are territorial would be an understatement. 

Fill a hummingbird feeder with sugar and water and watch how the scout finds your house. If you sit on your front porch, hummingbirds might startle you while flying right past you; they sound like giant bees! 

Hummingbirds have extraordinary memories. If you keep your nectar fresh, they will be back, and they’ll remember your location the following year. And they’ll bring their friends with them. 

As they are attracted to red, your hummingbird feeder will be red. It’s incredible how these itty bitty birds can find a bird feeder in the vast open spaces, but they are intelligent – and selfish. Watch how they run each other off in an attempt to keep all the nectar for themselves! 

If you are like millions of bird watchers who love hummingbirds, then you’ll love our pool mosaics. Add one to your pool and watch the reflection as they dance in the water with the ripples.


Nothing says “country” like a rooster. This colorful and popular bird has its place in home decor. 

Rooster decor lends a taste of a simpler time, living in the country, collecting the eggs. But beware because if you irritate a rooster, he’s liable to chase you to protect the hens. 

The rooster’s crow has a distinct sound; it makes you want to get up and move! It’s the rooster’s way of encouraging you and the sign of a new day dawning.

Feel like adding a rooster mosaic to your pool? Go right ahead; it’s a design that will bring happiness not only to your family but also to your visitors; a rooster mosaic is a perfect addition to your backsplash. It says, “Good morning! Coffee time!”


Perhaps you have always loved penguins. Or maybe you fell in love with these adorable birds when the movie “Happy Feet” was released in 2006. Either way, the world loves penguins. You’ll find them on Christmas ornaments, clothing, and even dish towels. 

The penguin is an image that needs no words because they create a happy feeling; who knows why? Maybe it’s because they walk upright like humans, and we humans are always up for things that make us feel good.

Penguins make excellent subject matter for mosaics. Their tuxedos make a fashion statement for your pool. It’s as if they are ready for their closeup.

Penguin mosaics can add a playful atmosphere to your kitchen, bathroom, patio, bar area, and even your table. And because these birds have a solid connection to their mates, they represent loyalty. 

bird mosaics

Bird Watching with Bird Mosaics

Here are a few tips for bird watching: 

  • Be still. Birds don’t like chaos. If you want to observe, then sit and watch, but do it as quietly as possible.
  • Wear darker clothes, so the bird will think you are part of the environment.
  • Patience! Don’t approach the bird. Let the bird decide when to show itself. If the bird doesn’t feel threatened, it will eventually come out.

What other bird might you add to your sanctuary? Blue Water Pool Mosaics has plenty of selections. Of course, by adding a bird mosaic to your pool, you can be as active as you wish.

Bird watching doesn’t always mean taking a trip and getting out the binoculars. Sometimes it means luxuriating in your favorite chaise lounge beside the pool and watching your hummingbirds, rooster, or penguins. 

Hey, if you are so inclined, add them all! There’s no reason birds of different feathers can’t swim together!

Looking for a fun bird mosaic for your pool? Give Blue Water Pool Mosaics a call today. Our bird mosaics will have you birding in no time.

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