By All Means, Do Drop In

By All Means, Do Drop In

As we near the summer season, you may be looking for creative and quick ways to update your pool. One way to drop in a little style (ah, see what we did there?) is to buy a pool mosaic drop-in mat. Pool mosaic drop-in mats are easy to install, affordable, and offer a ton of variety to match every personality. 

Keep reading to learn more about pool mosaic drop-in mats and what options are available to you. 

What Are Pool Mosaic Drop-in Mats? 

Think of a drop-in mat as a tattoo for the bottom of your pool. These vinyl mats are literally dropped into the water. Once in the water, they sink to the bottom of the pool. This makes the installation process easy. There’s so little work involved!

Reasons to Get a Pool Mosaic Mat

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has a wide selection of pool mosaic drop in mats.
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There are several reasons to consider owning a pool mosaic drop-in mat. The first reason is that they add personality to your pool. In addition, they’re easy to remove and take with you. This means if you move to a new property and get a new pool, you can drop them back in. This makes them an investment. 

Another reason to invest in quality pool mosaic drop-in mats is that they can also make your pool look cleaner. It’s very common for pools to develop rust at the bottom. This detracts from how it looks. Fortunately, you can cover any rust up with a vinyl drop-in mat. 

And since these come in large sizes and can be easily moved, you can hide rust stains with ease. It’s not just rust stains that these mats can cover up; it’s all types of pool stains. These mats are an affordable and less time-consuming option than draining the pool and repainting the affected areas. 

How to Remove a Pool Drop-in Mat

Removing your drop-in mat is just as easy as installing it. All you have to do is pull it up. No mess. No fuss. Just an easy design that you can literally drop in and remove when you want something new. 

But…what should you get? Let’s take a look at the drop-in mats available so you can find the right one for you. 

Drop-in Angelfish Pool Mat

Out of all the pool mosaic drop-in mats available, this Angelfish is probably one of the cutest! Featuring striking shades of yellow, orange, and blue, this drop-in vinyl mat is pretty large. It comes in two sizes: 59” x 35” and 100” x 59”, and adds a ton of personality to your pool. 

There’s something about having a fish mosaic in your pool that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. If you like this, then you’ll probably also like the drop-in turtle mat. These pool mosaics can easily turn your pool into a sanctuary. 

Drop-in Monogram Pool Mat

Do you want to add some personalization to your pool? Getting a monogrammed vinyl drop-in mat is an easy way to do it. 

These mats come in two sizes: 29” x 29” and 59” x 59 inches. Furthermore, they are available in every letter of the alphabet. This particular mat is made out of vinyl that is usually 1/8 “ thick. Like others on this list, the monogrammed pool mat is resistant to UV rays. It’s also resistant to pool chemicals. 

This style of drop-in mat adds a touch of elegance to your pool. It’s also great for hotels that want to add a little branding to their pools. 

Drop-in U.S.A. Flag Pool Mat

Are you feeling a little patriotic? Are you having guests over to celebrate the 4th of July weekend? If so, then you will love the drop-in U.S.A. flag pool mat. 

This mat is huge – 60” x 36”, in fact! It wows and makes a statement at every get-together. But that’s not all you can have installed. You can also find vinyl mats featuring Canada’s or Puerto Rico’s flags. You can also get one featuring the state flag of Texas! Wherever you’re from, these drop-in mats can show off your pride. 

Whether you have it out all year long or just at holidays, this mat will help your pool stand out from the crowd. 

Drop-in Island Sunset Pool Mat

This drop-in pool mat is perfect for bringing the tropics to your backyard. Made with the prettiest shades of blue, teal, orange, and magenta, this sunset pool mat features palm trees, too! Like other mosaic mats on this list, it comes in multiple sizes: 29” x 29” and 59” x 59”, so you can customize it and make it your own. 

Find Your New Pool Mosaic Drop-in Mats at Blue Water Pool Mosaics!

Pool mosaic drop-in mats are a fun and easy way to add personality to your pool. Blue Water Pool Mosaics has so many options available to you. We offer tons of designs, different shapes, and all at affordable price points. 

We invite you to browse our inventory of pool mosaic drop-in mats and see which one is right for you. Our website makes finding the right mat easy. If you are looking for other pool mosaics, we offer a huge selection. Want some inspiration for your pool? Check out our inspiration gallery for ideas. Do you have a specific idea in mind? Our team offers custom mosaics as well. Blue Water Pool Mosaics is here to bring your vision to life!

If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) 681-4758 or email us at [email protected]. To see what our past clients are saying about our pool mosaics and drop-in mats, check out our reviews. Your new pool is just a call (or click) away. 

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