Can Pool Mosaics Help Fight Depression?

Can Pool Mosaics Help Fight Depression?

How many times a day do you hear the word “depression”? Unless you live under a rock, then you most likely hear that word several times a day from loved ones, acquaintances, and good friends. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. What’s the big deal? Everyone gets “the blues.” It’s called living.

We cannot always control the circumstances life throws at us. So, yes. There are times when we all feel blue, but the good news is that there are things we can do to lighten the load. Here are a few ideas:

One Thing at a Time

There’s no doubt about it: taking on too much at once is overwhelming. There’s no way you can enjoy anything when you feel like you are drowning.

A fan-favorite episode of the “I Love Lucy” show is when she and Ethel are in the candy factory. Lucy starts just fine, wrapping each piece of chocolate nicely and neatly.

But the conveyor belt speeds up and the candies keep coming faster and faster.

She can’t wrap them all, so what does she do? She crams them into her mouth.

Poor Lucy. Poor us. We are all a little like that, aren’t we? Taking on too much, and then stuffing down our anxiety, hoping no one will see that we can’t do it all and before we know it we think we are failing. So try doing one thing at a time.

Let the Sun Shine

It’s a known fact that sunshine increases serotonin levels, but what is serotonin? It’s a hormone that affects our moods and overall sense of wellbeing. It’s a mood booster to spend time in the sun, so get out and enjoy the sun while you swim in your pool. A dose of Mother Nature’s vitamin D works wonders for the weary soul.

There’s a reason for the phrases “come into the light,” or “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Get Some Movement

Move. Splash in the puddles. Dance till you feel better. Go to the gym. All these are ways to get more exercise, but what if you don’t have the time to invest in a gym membership? It may sound trite, but you don’t always have to run a marathon to feel the endorphins. Sometimes even the slightest movement can cheer you up. Which brings us to…


You don’t have to swim laps to be a swimmer, and you don’t have to be an Olympic Gold medalist to be a winner. We are all winners at something. The trick is to stay in the game, not swim the ocean. You don’t have to do freestyle or the backstroke. Just splashing around in the water recharges your batteries, and can turn a frown on its head.

It doesn’t matter whether you paddle, tread water, bob up and down, or kick – just jump in and stay afloat.

Whether it be toning your muscles, building your muscles, or increasing your heart rate, there are several benefits of swimming.

There are also benefits to having a pool in your backyard.

While it may sound like an extravagance, owning a pool can save on travel costs. Traveling is expensive, especially when you vacation every year.

Having a pool in your backyard is an invitation to wellness. Inhaling fresh air and splashing in the ultimate puddle is like filling your lungs with refreshment.

Pool Mosaics

This brings you to our pick – mosaics. Birds and butterflies, that is.

Birds are happy little creatures. Territorial hummingbirds are happiest when they are fighting over the sugar water, running each other off. Think of chirping as an antidote to the blues. Listen to the music of the birds.

While some believe they are spirit animals, others say butterflies are a sign of new life – once in a cocoon, emerging as a beautiful creature. If you have ever looked at a Monarch, you will see the intricate details of the wings. You can experience these magnificent angel wings on a morning walk – or you can take a dip in the pool.

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we believe that water and mosaics go together like birds and butterflies. That’s why we have designed our mosaics to reflect healing and wellness.

With a palette of stunning colors, you can treat yourself to a garden delight. Take a trip out your back door with your morning coffee and read the morning paper. Invite your friends over. Stretch out and soak in some ultraviolet rays while sipping sweet tea.

It’s up to you.

Not only do we specialize in easy-to-install mosaics for your pool, but we have a wide selection of designs that you can add to your shower, walls, and kitchen. We also offer one-of-a-kind custom designs created especially for you by our ceramic artists. To see some of our designs, visit our gallery. Then get ready to do some dreaming.

We find it exciting that our love of pools and our rejuvenation by art and our water canvases can be available to anyone who wants it.

So what is it that you want? A more toned body? More outdoor family fun? A break from the stress? A muscle relaxer?

What is it that we want? We want you to enjoy everything from mallards to hummingbirds in your very own rejuvenating sanctuary. Not just when you can get to the shore, but every day in your backyard.

Ready for a dose of happiness? Give us a call today – we’ve got the Blue Water Pool Mosaics to chase your blues away.

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