Considering Custom Pool Mosaics? Here’s How To Get Started

The approach of warmer weather is a great time to consider swimming pool projects. Custom pool mosaics are an ideal project to enhance your swimming pool. If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve put together some tips to get started.

How to Choose Custom Pool Mosaics

The best place to start is by choosing the theme for your custom pool mosaics. The options are only limited by your imagination. Determine what kind of setting you want to create, and go from there.

For example, if you want to reflect the peaceful nature of turtles, there are many custom pool mosaics to choose from on our website. Or perhaps you want to choose dolphins playing as your mosaic theme.

Pool mosaics create a world of wonder to let you forget the stresses of daily life. You can create a world with magical mermaid mosaics or reflect the natural world with water lilies. If you want to reflect a peaceful garden setting, there are bird and butterfly mosaics. Your pool can even look like a koi pond with custom pool mosaics.

Some people prefer to feel like they are in a tropical paradise at their swimming pool. If that is your design goal, select palm trees or hibiscus flower mosaics.

Contemporary or sophisticated looks are also options. We offer a variety of custom pool mosaics for that effect, including monograms.

Or, if your pool area is a place for enjoying time with children, pool mosaics of Peanuts characters are fun choices. For more adult settings, there are several party-themed pool tile mosaics to create a festive atmosphere.

And there is a mosaic pool tile to match every color scheme. Check out our design gallery of residential mosaic pool tiles for some inspiration!

What are the Different Types of Mosaic Pool Tiles?

Mosaic pool tiles are made of either ceramic, porcelain, or glass. We offer both hand-glazed and screen-printed mosaics. Both are stunning but display a different appeal. Artists apply hand-glazed color to tiles with a brush or sprayer. With screen-printed tiles, the glaze is applied via a screen printing process. The result is a lifelike or photo-realistic image. The choice is a matter of personal preference.

Regardless of how the glaze is applied, the mosaic tiles are kiln-fired up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Since this process bakes and seals the tile, mosaics offer a lifetime of use.

Installation of Mosaic Pool Tiles

After you make your selections, it’s time to consider installation. While our mosaic tiles arrive pre-assembled to make installation easy, we recommend they be installed by a certified pool professional.

Installation requires a latex-based or modified thin-set as the adhesive. After tiles are set, pool plaster or grout is used to fill between the joints.

Mosaic pool tiles are perfect for installation on cement pool surfaces, and also work for exposed-aggregate pool finishes.

Mosaic Pool Tiles are Easy to Maintain

Our pool mosaics are extremely durable and easy to clean. In addition, you don’t have to worry about them cracking or fading when you choose Blue Water Pool Mosaics. They last for the lifetime of the pool.

For cleaning, a simple mix of vinegar and water is a nontoxic and effective solution. All you need is a spray bottle and brush. There are commercial cleaning agents that work as well, but here we recommend vinegar and water as a safe and simple solution for mosaic pool tile cleaning.

How Mosaic Pool Tiles are Shipped

We ship most stock items via UPS within 1-2 business days of your order. Custom orders require an additional handling time of 5-7 business days. We provide tracking details at the time of shipment.

On average, most customers receive their order within 1-4 business days from the date of shipment. One-Day and Two-Day express shipping are available on most items for an additional fee. Special truck delivery via an LTL freight carrier is required for all orders containing glass or porcelain tiles over 150 lbs. A representative will contact you before delivery for those orders to schedule an appointment.

All mosaics arrive pre-assembled and adhered to a mesh backing for easy installation. For added protection during shipping, we mount our mosaics to a cardboard backer and pad them with bubble wrapping to prevent breakage. Some large mosaics arrive in sections to accommodate the shipping box.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics and Price Matching

If you find a lower price elsewhere on an item we carry, we match the price and provide a 5% discount. When selecting your pool tiles, be sure to check our site for tiles that are currently marked down.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics is a family-owned company that takes pride in offering the highest-quality mosaic pool tiles. We are also glad to support the artisans who create some of our tiles. We’re thrilled you are considering our pool mosaics for your first project. We are here to help – contact us for more information.

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