Deco Tiles: Not Your Typical Ocean Floor and So Much More

Deco Tiles: Not Your Typical Ocean Floor and So Much More

There’s a reason deco tiles are one of the most fashionable options for home decor: they come in lots of colors and patterns that add elegance like no other luxury.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics are the perfect canvas for deco tiles. If you combine fashion with art, you have deco art for your pool – and this is where the fun begins.

With so many options, the choices are more versatile than ever. So how do you choose? 

Consider the location. Where will you use the tiles – centralized in the kitchen, bathroom, or all over the house? Or are you brainstorming an upgrade for your pool? 

Wherever you want to add some bling, think of it as the perfect way to go crazy with color. And why not? Work and life can be stressful, and you deserve to come home to a little extravagance.

So go ahead – decompress. Here are a few ideas for using mosaics:


Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Why not make it budget-friendly with Blue Water Pool Mosaics? 

  • Add them to the backsplash. 
  • Apply under the counter, where the barstools rest and the scuff marks from your kids’ shoes will be a cinch to clean.
  • Revise the look of your kitchen with a new deco tile floor. You’ll think you’ve entered a fancy hotel, even if you do have to prepare the crepes yourself. 


It’s your private sanctuary, your pampering place. Why not make it special with soft lights and a shower so inviting that you don’t know where the thick and thirsty bath mat ends and you begin?

Are you looking for some inspiration? Check out our selection at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, and while you’re envisioning your new space, consider some of these suggestions:

  • The bottom half of the walls are lined in blue mosaics, with the top half of the walls painted in a contrasting color and a brass marble-top sink.
  • The flooring is decked out in a deco mosaic with a distressed white sink and an oval mirror surrounded by soft lights.
  • The shower wall is covered with blue, and the shower floor is in contrast with tan and white.
  • How about some mosaics wrapped around the tub? 

Only you know what fantasy awaits when you close your eyes and see yourself bundled in a soft cloud-white towel with plush slippers to match. Go ahead, fill up the tub with your favorite bubble bath and sink into a beach read. You are in your private oasis. 

deco tiles

The Pool

This is it – the pool you’ve dreamed of your whole life. With crystal-clear water reflecting the sun and the deco tiles guiding you down the steps into the ultimate renewal, it’s not the ocean floor – it’s so much more. 

There are pool companies, and then there is Blue Water Pool Mosaics.

When we stop to think about why mosaics are so widely used in pool decor, we see more than painted ceramic tiles involved. We see what’s at the center, beginning with the construction of mosaics. Because mosaics are made up of many different pieces that come together as a whole, they make sense. 

Many of us navigate our way through the day, looking for it to all come together while feeling a little broken at times. Mosaics do what we cannot always do for ourselves: they piece together the broken parts until they are one cohesive unit.

Our deco tiles at Blue Water Pool Mosaics are crafted by expert artisans who have an eye for the healing powers of color. With calm and serenity at its center, blue is our primary mosaic color reflecting the sky, providing a natural look.

There are so many uses for mosaic tiles:

  • You can cover garden stones, birdbaths, your grill table, and so much more. We create the tiles; you create the ambiance. 
  • Going to the spa is always more fun with a friend, so try inviting your neighbor over for sun and a chat.

Choosing Deco Tiles from Blue Water Pool Mosaics

At one time, you may have only seen designs this intricate in a four-star hotel, but these days you need only look out your door to admire them in your backyard. Watching the colors of mosaics rippling in the water is like looking at a floating carpet. Sophisticated and mesmerizing, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has the perfect deco tiles for you.

They are affordable, and there are several options for making your pool as individual as you are. Isn’t it time you honored yourself and your family with a one-of-a-kind freshwater ocean in your backyard? Our mosaics will transform your pool experience from common to unique. 

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we take time to explain the benefits of all of our materials, so you can make the decision that is right for you. Once you’ve made your selection, it will be our pleasure to ship your mosaic directly to you. 

Don’t wait one more minute; contact us today and let us help your pool be the best it can be. Then, once you’ve made that call, sit back and take the time to observe the beauty and the wonder of Blue Water Pool Mosaics.

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