Keeping It Cool with a School of Fish Mosaics

Keeping It Cool with a School of Fish Mosaics

The number of fish species in the ocean is staggering. Would you believe 20,000? 

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has over 80 specially-crafted mosaics of just some of those 20,000 fish species. Summer is coming, which means there are countless ways to update your pool with the numerous fish in our collection. 

We’ve included every color in the rainbow, from the brilliant blues and reds to yellows and greens, so there’s something for everyone.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics makes it our mission to help you enjoy fishing without the pole. There’s no shortage of choices, but today, we’ll focus on the Bait Ball, the Flying Fish, and the Rock Beauty.

Bait Ball 

When fish travel in schools, they are called a Bait Ball. They stick close together to ward off predators. While not the most colorful fish in the Blue Water Pool Mosaics collection, it is perhaps the most realistic; watching them coordinate is somewhat like watching birds in synchronization. 

It’s fascinating that these fish swim in schools considering there’s no leader. In the Bait Ball, they all swim together, sometimes so tightly they form a ball.

When we watch synchronized swimming as a sport, the swimmers spend hours perfecting their movements. Someone plans and instructs, and the rest follow closely to not break the perfect formation. But when there’s a Bait Ball, there’s no one planning the movements, and no one tells them how to do it, so how do they know what they are supposed to do? 

Your pool in the backyard would be ideal for adding the Bait Ball Mosaic. It could be a fun way to encourage family unity.

Flying Fish

The flying fish is in a class by itself. We know fish jump, but how often do we see a fish fly? Not very often! ‘Flying’ refers to how far the fish can glide once they have jumped out of the water into the air. Their wings are beautiful, giving the illusion they are in flight. 

Blue Water Pool Mosaics captures this amazing visual effect in our mosaics. Maybe you’ll be lying on a raft in your pool, and a fish will fly right over you. We should all get to see a flying fish!

fish mosaics

Fish Mosaics: Rock Beauty

If there’s one fish that needs to be a mosaic, it’s the Rock Beauty. The Rock Beauty is an angelfish and we often see them in aquariums, which makes sense because they tend to live within a small radius. Our talented craftspeople feature this colorful, exciting fish with sections that beg mosaic artistry. 

The Rock Beauty is easily recognizable with their bright yellow and black markings that make them pleasing to watch. Even though they aren’t human food, that doesn’t stop them from being food themselves. Rock Beauty provides food for snappers; perhaps this is why they tend to live in a small radius, not venturing far from home.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has Rock Beauty mosaics in several sizes to line your pool steps or wall, and we even have a school of Rock Beauty! You’ll find all kinds of uses for this lovely angelfish, from your shower stall to your bathroom walls and even your vanity. 

Use your imagination! These Rock Beauty mosaic designs let your creativity run wild. Think of your bathhouse coordinating with your pool. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add black, yellow, and white towels and a soap dispenser for accents. 

The fun thing about Rock Beauty mosaics is that you’re not stuck with one color; so many options make this mosaic look fantastic. Or is it the mosaic that will make your other options look fantastic? 

What if we told you that school’s not out for the summer because it’s in your pool? Don’t tell the kids! Fish typically swim in schools, making our mosaics unique and fun for your decor.

Our mosaics can reflect your sunny days and brighten up your rainy days. It’s like swimming in a giant aquarium! Ready to brainstorm your summer swim? Call Blue Water Pool Mosaics today.

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