Something Fishy’s Going on with Fish Mosaics

Something Fishy’s Going on with Fish Mosaics

What gets 700 million visitors a year and is valued at $13.17 billion yearly? Fish! Tanks, aquariums, and zoos are all open for business with fish, swimming, gliding, swishing, and fishtailing through the water. 

What if they could be in your swimming pool? With minimal work involved, you can enjoy the most colorful water show in the world; all it takes is a fish tank, some add-ons like coral, and maybe even a treasure chest, and you’ve got a mesmerizing stress reliever. 

With over 33000 known fish species, there’s no reason fish tanks should sit empty.

When we think of fish at home or in an office, we think of fish tanks, the standard size that fits on a shelf or dedicated table with a filter and light, but they actually come in all sizes. Of course, the bigger it is, the less likely we’ll be able to pick it up and move it. The fun of setting up a tank is a great family activity. 

Once you set up the tank, the fun begins. Time to pick out some fish! A trip to the pet shop is in order.

Let’s Talk About Fish Mosaics

How will we stock the tank? Sailfish? Goldfish? Rainbow fish? Minnows? It doesn’t matter, but one thing we want for sure is some nano fish! Think guppies! Less than two inches long, these little fishies are so cute and entertaining. And since they are breeders, you’ll want to ensure your tank can handle the growth.

But hold it; what if you don’t have a tank? No worries – pick out some fish for your pool!

Blue Water Pool Mosaics to the rescue, and we’ve got great choices for you. Here are a few Mini Tropical Fish:

(Our mini fish designs will not get lost in the vastness of the pool because we’ve made sure they are vibrant and big enough to see.)

Metallic Mini Tropical Fish (Fusion Series) 

Sapphire, Caribbean, and rainbow are three reasons to install mini tropical fish in your pool. With sparkle, brilliant shine, and not being limited to water, you can even use these lovely conversation starters on your backsplash for your barbeque. 

You could also consider other mini fish perfect for your pool or lanai, such as our reef fish and tuna.

Reef Fish

Some 32,800 species of fish live on coral reefs, where they find refuge, food, and plenty of places to hide. However, these lifelike mini fish will rescue any drab, lackluster bathroom or guest house. Easy to install; get ready for the compliments!

If you’re looking for vibrant colors, look no further than the Blue Tang. You’ll enjoy the calmness the blue brings, even in royal blue. And here’s a little trivia: because of their sharp tail spines, they are also called surgeonfish.

fish mosaics

Fish Mosaics: Tuna

A long-time dieter’s secret, tuna is packed with protein and nutrients, making it possible to drop pounds while enjoying tasty main dishes or snacks. Just add your favorite ingredients: mayonnaise, celery hearts, red onion, pickle relish, lemon pepper seasoning, and crackers! Yum!

While you’re enjoying your tuna, you’ll also relax if your morning swim is surrounded by tuna mosaics. Good news for our Blue Water Pool Mosaics fish: they are too pretty to eat. You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere you want; a splash of color with a sea life theme.

Our artisans use high-quality glazed ceramic tile that is durable and user-friendly. Even the novice can install our creations, as they come preassembled and have a mesh backing to make installation simple.

When you’re ready to select the right mosaic for you, please visit our collection and look around. We’ve got fantastic choices for you to customize your pool and living space. 

Need help? We’re always happy to brainstorm! You’ll find everything you need here! Give us a call today. Ready? Set? Go fish!

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