Flag Pool Mosaics Create Your Kind of Country Pool

Flag Pool Mosaics Create Your Kind of Country Pool

Boom! The Fourth of July! But you can still proudly hang your flag, even if the Fourth has come and gone. And if you just so happen to add a flag mosaic to your pool, then even better. Let the fun begin.

Remember the first time you spent too long in the sun? Maybe it was the 4th of July. You may have spent the day working on your tan while your folks warned you to use sunscreen or slathered on the aloe to put out the fire. Sunburn, that is, the kind that makes your skin look like a lobster.

This summer is a scorcher. Three digits in some areas, wilting plants in hanging baskets, flowers acting like they’re searching for water in the desert, and pavement that sizzles your feet like bacon.

There are ways to beat the heat.

Beat the Heat Trick #1

Freeze your shirt. Yes, you read that right. You’ll need two t-shirts for this trick. Roll up your shirt and stick it in the freezer. When it gets so hot you can’t stand it, remove the shirt from the freezer, put it on, and put your second shirt in the freezer. Continue to swap the shirts whenever you think you might melt down.

Beat the Heat Trick #2

Crank up the sprinkler, run through it, and land on your rear end on the water slide like you did when you were a kid. Caution: if your hips have morphed into the brittle bones of a senior citizen, this might not be your best option. You want to spend the day celebrating the country, not in the emergency room.

Beat the Heat Trick #3

If the fortunes have smiled on you and you live near the ocean, you’re all set. If not, you might want to make friends with your neighbor who has a pool, because that’s where the magic happens.

It’s hard to stay hot in crisp, clear water. So what if you get a little too heated while floating on your raft? All you have to do is roll over and plop! Into the water you go. Heatwave, be gone.

The 4th of July: it’s as American as peanuts and hot dogs at a baseball game. 

American Flag Pool Mosaics

Fourth of July pool parties are the American way. Cooling off at the pool is tradition; you expect it.

One thing you don’t expect is a flag waving in the pool, but that’s what you’ve got when Blue Water Pool Mosaics unleashes their patriotic creativity.

Imagine the statement you’ll make with an American Flag pool mosaic (available from 24 by 18 inches to a magnificent 96 by 70 inches). This one’s got the “wow” factor.

When you invite your family and friends to your cookout, your pool will be more than a refreshing body of water; it will be a backdrop. How could anyone not feel patriotic while eating watermelon next to the grand old flag? 

What’s your kind of country? The banner in your pool says it all. Watch how the ripples in the water make it wave in a gentle breeze. Of all the mosaics offered by Blue Water Pool Mosaics (and there are many), this is the one your guests will remember.

State of Texas

If you’re from Texas, you probably love football, BBQ, yellow roses, and rodeos. 

Don’t you love the shape of the Texas flag? It makes a person think of cowboy boots and two-stepping around the dance floor. Whether you’re gathered around the pool or in it, the atmosphere will be festive, and the opportunities to honor the Lone Star State are endless.

Our Texas pool mosaics will enhance any pool area, and they’re handcrafted in the USA by experienced artisans using durable, high-quality ceramic tiles. Our swimming pool mosaics arrive pre-assembled on mesh backings‌ ‌for‌ ‌easy‌ ‌installation.

flag pool mosaics

Drop-In Canadian Flag Pool Mat

Everyone needs a best friend. Ask the United States and Canada; they’ve been friends and allies for over 150 years. 

Perhaps you’ve wanted to visit Montreal, Niagra Falls, or Quebec. As the world’s second-largest nation, Canada has much to offer its visitors. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Canada but circumstances prevent you from going. Can’t get to Canada? No worries – bring Canada to you with our Drop-In Canadian Flag Pool Mat. 

Drop a Canadian Flag Pool Mat into the pool, let it sink to the bottom, and voila! You’re in Vancouver! As one of the locations for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the village gained international attention. And rightly so, because the mountain scenery is breathtaking.

Flag Pool Mosaics at Blue Water Pool Mosaics

There’s more than one way to celebrate your kind of country, and what better way than a party at the pool? 

Decorate your bar, barstools, patio, and garden stones. Serve Toronto cocktails, Nova Scotia Lobster Rolls, and Hawaiian Pizza. String some colorful lights around your lanai and watch your own Northern lights! Festive is the way to go and it’s right in your backyard. 

Whichever your chosen theme, do it right with Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Anyone can celebrate the Fourth of July, but remember, you’re the one with the pool. Summer is the best time to glorify your country, or even your state, your way! Call us at Blue Water Pool Mosaics and let us help you make a splash with our flag pool mosaics.

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