It’s a Fleur de Lis Mosaic Spree

It’s a Fleur de Lis Mosaic Spree

What do France, the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, King Louis IX, King Edward III of England, and King Charles IV have in common? Fleur de lis – the symbol of the ages! 

The fleur de lis may very well be the perfect embellishment for your pool, and Blue Water Pool Mosaics has just the design you’re looking for to welcome your neighbors with flair. 

So What Is a Fleur de Lis?

A lily debuted as a decorative icon during France’s monarchical era. The fleur de lis, according to M. Webster, is “a conventionalized iris in artistic design and heraldry.”

It represents the French royal family and symbolizes perfection, light, and life. In legend, at the time of Clovis’ conversion to Christianity, an angel gave him a golden lily (or iris) to symbolize his purification. Some claim Clovis adopted the symbol when the waterlilies taught him to cross a river safely and achieve victory in battle.

Where Might You See a Fleur de Lis?

Everywhere! You only need to look around. The fleur de lis is an iconic, ever-present symbol in contemporary culture. The design appears on fence posts, wall plaques, watercolor paintings, dishes, the north point of a compass, fabric patterns, and countless jewelry designs’ details. 

Even flags have the fleur de lis in their flag or seal, such as Baton Rouge, Detroit, Lafayette, Louisville, New Orleans, and St. Louis.

A fleur de lis would be more than a pretty floral decoration to someone studying semiotics (the study of signs and symbols and their interpretation); it would symbolize life, enlightenment, and excellence. Including mosaics, the symbol represents a wide range of things, such as the Virgin Mary, the Holy Trinity, and the divine right of royalty.

With so many artistic interpretations, it’s safe to say the fleur de lis is here to stay.

fleur de lis mosaic

Reasons To Decorate With Fleur De Lis Mosaics

Of course, we all have reasons for the decor we choose for our personal space. What we display says something about us. Our style tells others what we value. 

Take a look around a neighbor’s or friend’s home. What do you see? Perhaps you see the sea: there’s a beach scene painted and hung over the couch. There’s a bowl of seashells on the coffee table, and the furniture is blond, with starfish scattered on the table. What does it tell you about the person? Chances are, they love to stick their toes in the sand.

Now imagine you are in your own home. There’s a house number and welcome mat with a fleur de lis at the entrance and a bronze statue on the coffee table. It’s all about creating an atmosphere. 

Imagine hosting a poolside social for your new boss and colleagues. A mosaic fleur de lis from Blue Water Pool Mosaics adorns your pool; it’s the perfect way to welcome guests with a sense of elegance and style. The only thing you’ll need is a pool and the right accessories to immerse yourself in the living waters of a spa.

Step into your private oasis, sip a sweet tea, and relish the hospitality of a five-star hotel. Wash away the day and wrap yourself in a thick plush towel while kissing the stress goodbye. 

Any item becomes a canvas for your passion, from your shower to your birdbath and everywhere in between. You can even decorate your backsplash with fleur de lis mosaics.

Fleur de Lis Mosaics at Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Blue Water Pool Mosaics offers a variety of fleur de lis mosaics in a range of colors. We have a Compass Medallion, step markers, and even a 48″ by 41″ purple, gold, and white option. We also have a Tribal fleur de lis, sets of three, and even the classic black outlined in gold or gold outlined in black.

Give us a call at Blue Water Pool Mosaics today, and we’ll help you explore the possibilities. Whether it’s your boudoir, your garden stepping stone, or your pool, we’ve got what you need to bask in your touch of luxury, because the fleur de lis is the stuff of kings and queens. Don’t you deserve to feel like royalty?

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