Fun Ideas for Pool Mosaics

Does your inground pool need updating? Whether you’re putting in a new inground pool or upgrading your old pool, there are countless ideas to choose from to add a little fun. Many Americans are switching from plaster or pebble surfaces to pool mosaics. These hand-laid pool tiles can be either ceramic or glass. Either way, these tiles can add a layer of beauty and class or a touch of fun to your backyard.

Design Possibilities

There is an endless array of design options when choosing pool mosaics. You can select from small tiles to make an intricate design or choose large underwater tiles to make fun or ornate murals. Furthermore, the color options to select from are endless. If your budget is on the smaller side, you may want to save money by only using accent tiles. However, if your budget is larger, you can create a whole underwater world of sea creatures, coral reefs, and more.

Inlay Pool Mosaics

If you want to dedicate less money to your pool upgrade, you should consider an inlay pool mosaic. You can quickly accessorize your newly re-plastered pool with a decorative tile accent. There are fun and playful inlays that can be applied while re-plastering your pool or installing a new pool. Some of the more popular pool mosaic inlays include mermaids, dolphins, turtles, coral, and different types of fish.

Custom Inlay Pool Mosaics

On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel limited by these designs. Custom inlay pool mosaics can also be created. Do you have a favorite sports team? You could quickly add their logo to the bottom of your pool. With custom designs, you could include anything that fits your desired backyard theme.

Fun Inlay Pool Mosaics

Why not have a little fun with your backyard? Some of the more popular, fun designs include sports logos and cartoon characters. These inlays are made from ceramic tiles. The tiles for these designs will be larger and can be laid out in a fun design. You can even add fusion accents for a sparkly finish.

Pool mosaics are an easy, economical way to add a unique touch to your pool. With smaller pieces costing as little as under $50, there’s no excuse not to take your pool to the next level. If you are interested in adding pool mosaics to your current or new pool, check out Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Call us today at 855-982-9025 or contact us on our website.

May 12, 2022 | Blue Water Pool Mosaics

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