Fun Pool Mosaics: Gimme a Little Smooch, Will Ya?

Fun Pool Mosaics: Gimme a Little Smooch, Will Ya?

Remember your last visit to a luxury spa? 

Remember how they pampered you? With the plush bathrobe and slippers, the sauna and steam room facial, followed by the juice bar with your favorite strawberry-banana protein smoothie, you granted yourself a much-earned break from the stress and rejuvenated your entire being.

Adding pool mosaics to your pool is much like that. It’s an upgrade, and why not? You deserve it. 

Maybe you’ve told yourself that you’ll go and spend a day once every six months or quarter at the spa. But why do that when you’ve already got a pool in your backyard? When you can have your own luxury spa?

Do you live alone? Or are you surrounded by others who have a hand in your stressors? A spouse? A couple of kids? That’s going to change the game as far as design goes.

Consider your choices. What if you add a Compass/Medallion 2? You’ll be all set if you want elegance. But what if you included something for the kids? Maybe even the kid in you?

Check Out Fun Pool Mosaics

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has you covered! Here are a few designs that can give your pool an upgrade.

There are other reasons to add fun mosaics to your pool. Let’s say you’ve had a knee replacement, and you are in agony for the first couple of weeks. Recovery hurts! 

Doing physical therapy a couple of times per week is just about mandatory if you’re going to heal. What about in between appointments? The therapist sends you home with instructions for the exercises to do at home. But the pain! It’s a deterrent. 

But what if you had a way to keep that knee moving with low impact? 

By eliminating the body’s weight, the water’s buoyancy allows for easier walking because when you step down, it eliminates crashing down on your joints.

Let’s face it: if exercise doesn’t hurt, you’ll want to do it more often and for longer. And by adding pool mosaics, you’re encouraging movement.

So. What kind of pool mosaics?

Not all mosaics have to scream upscale elegance. They are designed to call you into the water to play. 

Kissing Fish

Big lips. What could be more fun than that? These flirty fishies stick their lips out, just waiting for a smooch! This is where you can use your imagination. 

Fun Lobster

What’s that sound? Clickety Clack? Maybe you enjoy dancing to the beat of the music, and what better way than to have your very own lobster play the maracas? Our lobster looks like he’s luring you into a mambo, so get ready to kick up your heels and do the cha-cha. 

fun pool mosaics

Boy Swimming and Girl Swimming

Who says snorkeling is only for grownups on a romantic honeymoon adventure off the Cayman Islands? And who says mosaics have to be stuffy? You only need a mask, a swimsuit, some fins, and an air tank, and you’re all set. Maybe snorkeling with a friend is just what you need to motivate your replacement efforts. No excuses; the water’s fine. It’s time to reap the benefits of pool mosaics while concentrating on what you do best: having fun in the sun. 

Fun Pool Mosaics at Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Nothing is more healing than water. It’s refreshing; anyone who swims knows the language of floating weightless without boundaries. 

Blue Water Pool Mosaics artisans are attention-to-detail craftspeople who take their ability to create healing environments for those who suffer physical limitations and ailments. It’s our job to use the finest-quality products in our creations so you can focus on your well-being.

No matter what your mission is – healing after surgery, exercising without impact, or renewing the spirit – mosaics are a treat you give yourself.

Whether this is your first time installing one of our colorful, fantastic mosaics or if you’ve been a customer for years, you’ll find fun in every splash.

Give us a call today. We’ll help you make a selection to bring out the fun in you.

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