Fun in the Sun with Fun Pool Mosaics

Fun in the Sun with Fun Pool Mosaics

You have to admit that mosaic artists deserve kudos. While the rest of the world produces art that hangs on walls, pool mosaic artisans see your pool as a giant canvas to create fun pool mosaics.

Whether it’s ceramic, glass, or porcelain, the finished piece brings your pool to life. Blue Water Pool Mosaics has many designs to fit your personality. Whether you’re an elegant person, a lover of all things ocean, or someone who likes mandalas, then you are in the right place. You should explore! Who knows what you will find? 

The pool may seem like it should follow everyone else and maintain a certain decorum, but that might be because you haven’t seen our fun pool mosaics. Maybe you’re a little quirky. Or perhaps you just like things with an easygoing flair. If so, our Fun Mosaic Series is for you. Here’s a sampling:

Fun Crab

No, you’re not at Christmas Island National Park for the annual crab migration in Australia. But you could be on your own backyard island with your very own migration, depending on how many mosaics you add to your pool. 

Maybe you’ve been to Christmas Island and want a visual reminder of your great trip. Our artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics have just the thing for you. Our Fun Crab has you covered. The Fun Crab mosaics range from 8×4 inches up to a whopping 60×32. 

Hide your mosaic crabs in the corner of your pool and let them watch you with their big, wide-open eyes. They’ll want to scamper when you get near, but they’ll have to stay where you put them. You can even stand on them without fear of being pinched!

Fun Whale  

Have you seen the video on TikTok where the whale jumped out of the water and landed on the front of a fishing boat off Plymouth, Massachusetts? What a close call! The front of the boat plunged into the water—scary times for those on board and those nearby. 

While the incident was a once-in-a-lifetime event, whale-watching is a lucrative sport. Last year alone it was worth two billion dollars. 

Can you imagine chasing whales? These whale-watchers charter a boat and find out where whales are gathering. Then they rush from side to side with their cameras, hoping for a picture that will sell. Some don’t bother with the still-life photos; they go straight to the video setting and catch the whale in action.

For those who prefer whale-watching with some fun thrown in, we offer handcrafted ceramic tile mosaics made in the USA by skilled artisans. All our mosaics arrive pre-assembled for easy installation and range from 12×7 inches up to 60×35. That’s a whale of a mosaic!

fun pool mosaics

Fun Fish Pair

What’s more fun than swimming alone? Swimming with your bestie, of course. And it’s even better when you don’t have to worry about being caught. No wonder this Fun Fish Pair looks like they are living it up. 

What better way to defend yourself against predators such as birds and other fish? While many fish swim in pools, some coexist in pairs because there’s safety in numbers. Our Fun Fish don’t worry about predators in your backyard, though. They swim in pairs for the Fun of it; our mosaic artisans see to that. 

Adding a pool mosaic to your backyard marina is a great way to take a staycay every time you step outside: a mental vacation to the Bahamas, Florida, or even Hawaii. Mosaics are the next best thing to add some fun, so why not add some Fun Mosaics? Save the money on a vacation with a mosaic addition you will enjoy for years of backyard entertainment. 

Give Blue Water Pool Mosaics a call today; your Fun in the sun is a phone call away.

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