Get Trendy With Mural and Reef Pool Mosaics

As summer moves ahead, you’re probably using your pool more than ever–but how’s it looking? There’s no better time to change the way that your pool looks than today. An easy way to revamp your in-ground pool is to add a custom pool mosaic. If you and your family love spending time in your pool now, imagine how much more fun you’ll have swimming in a pool with a cool mosaic pattern. When you’re ready to design, come to the right experts!

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we take pride in offering a variety of mosaic tiles to help you redesign your pool. Bring us an idea of your own or feel free to select an existing design and we’ll work to bring you the beautiful pool you desire! Finding the right experts to design your project is essential to your happiness! In today’s post, we’ll look at the growing popularity of mural and reef pool mosaics.

Mural Mosaics

Mural mosaics are the more flexible of these two options. A pool mural mosaic can take the shape of nearly anything you and your family can imagine. You might consider something abstract, a cityscape, or anything else in between. The only limit is your imagination!

Reef Mosaics

A reef mosaic usually contains elements of ocean life: coral reefs, shells, fish, sharks, and other elements of underwater life. Imagine diving below the surface and seeing all the beauty of life under the sea! You’ll want to stay in the pool all summer long!

Don’t Forget the Extras

Once you’ve decided on the main mosaic piece for your pool, consider adding on some extra features for your pool steps and the other walls. Remember that it’s your pool and you deserve to enjoy it as much this summer as you will for summers to come!

High Quality Mosaics For Every Taste

No matter which type of mosaic you choose, Blue Water Pool Mosaics will use the same high-quality materials to design and construct your mosaic. We use the highest quality tiles in a variety of materials, including glass and glazed. You can even select a photo printed mosaic if that suits your style and budget.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has been a family-owned part of the community since 1981. We pride ourselves in having the widest selection of pool mosaic tiles in a variety of styles. A member of our team is ready to help you create your custom design–the best part: all mosaics arrive to you assembled. Even better: they are easy to install in your pool. Contact Blue Water Pool Mosaics today!

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