Happy Tails to You

Happy Tails to You

What’s so fascinating about lobsters? And what’s so fun about Blue Water Pool Mosaics? Everything!

Lobster Characteristics

Muscular tails and three pairs of claws are some of the characteristics of the lobster, which makes its home deep in the ocean. While humans shudder at cold water, lobsters thrive on the frigid Atlantic ocean floor.

Did you know that lobsters are not red until cooked? It’s true; if you were to stumble on one of these creatures in the sea, you would see them dressed in green or blue.

Even though they’re much sought after, fishers only keep lobsters of a specific size (at least 3 ¼ and not over 5 inches) and throw the little ones and the big ones back into the water.


Things have changed. In colonial times, lobster was fed to pigs and was considered chicken for the poor person. Today, lobster is a delicacy and a benefit to the economy.

Something else that’s changed: the way we shop is now a click away. Start here to find a lobster design that’s perfect for you.


The female lobster determines when she wants to fertilize her eggs and is known to carry the sperm for weeks, sometimes never choosing to fertilize them at all, rendering the male obsolete.

Could it be that lobsters hold the secret to longevity? If you think about it, there are lobsters on the ocean floor that are older than most people in nursing homes. It looks like they swim in the fountain of youth as they outlive most of us, surviving as long as 100 years if not caught.

Of all the foods that rank in our food lexicon, lobster sits on the throne. Considered a treat beyond the everyday fair, lobster is expensive and now considered food for special occasions.

Unless you live in Maine or off the coast of the Atlantic, you are likely to spend a pretty penny on a birthday dinner, an anniversary, or any other fine dining experience that includes lobster with drawn butter, which makes sense.

If you think about it, it’s comical to see grown men and women in their finest apparel with bibs tied around their necks to protect their clothing. At any other time, they wouldn’t be caught dead in public with a bib, but all etiquette fades into obscurity when faced with a sweet, juicy lobster claw.

A hazardous occupation because of the possibility of drowning, lobster catching is a big business. However, a lobster fisherman’s highest salary is meager, bringing in only around $46,000. Still, fishers put themselves at risk due to high demand.

Maine leads the nation in lobster sales, with approximately 132 million pounds per year. Second to Maine is Massachusetts. Whatever way you look at it, lobster is big business for New England.

Of course, there are other ways to enjoy lobster: lobster salad, with lemon, and even as a BLT. Most of us think of lobster as seafood at its finest. Unless you leave out the main ingredient, there are not too many ways to ruin a lobster meal, with its succulent and savory deliciousness.

But what if you disagree with the capture of these magnificent creatures? You have every right not to indulge. It’s perfectly okay if you’d rather enjoy lobsters in their natural state, with their beauty and intricacies on the bottom of your pool or your deck. Of course, one benefit is you can swim among the lobsters and walk along with them in the safety of your pool, and the claws won’t pinch your toes

So what do lobsters and mosaics have in common? Everything! They are intricate, fun to look at, have small parts that fit together to form colorful artwork, and complement the timeless alluring splendor of the sea. How could you not be captivated?

Stop dreaming about getting to Maine. Stop drooling from afar. We are all living our new normal, and sometimes that means curtailing travel plans. You can’t always control it, but there is something you can do. If you can’t get to Maine, bring Maine to you!

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has a lobster for you! Our lobster mosaics come in a variety of sizes and prices to satisfy every taste, and you’ll find it a perfect solution to those postponed vacation plans. Our designs range from elegant to whimsical, so you can put them on your backsplash, table, windows, counter, in the shower, and even in your she-shed or man cave – wherever you want to add the touch of a beachside shack.

We can’t all be presidents and first ladies with Kennebunkport as our destination, but we can enjoy lobster just the same, in our homes, our pools, and however else we choose. With the freedom of mosaics, we can surround ourselves with the fun of sealife. The next time you host a party on the lanai, wouldn’t it be fun to surround yourself with lobster?

Contact us today at Blue Water Pool Mosaics and see how a lobster mosaic can add to your private backyard marina.

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