Hibiscus Mosaics: Perpetual Petals, Forever in Bloom

Hibiscus Mosaics: Perpetual Petals, Forever in Bloom

Are you thinking about heading to the tropics? People dream of that vacation to a tropical paradise where they can gaze out at the ocean, listen to the crashing waves, eat the freshest seafood, and enjoy a relaxed pace, even if only for a short time.

Where else can you find the waterfalls and volcanoes and explore the undersea world? Snorkeling is a favorite activity in the tropics that gives a different perspective. You can watch a whole way of life underwater.

Watch in wonder as the sun disappears on the horizon. Grab yourself some rays, and then jump in and cool off in a wetsuit. 

There’s so much to love about the tropics; outdoor restaurants, traveling around in golf carts, kicking back with a mimosa, and don’t forget the flowers! Not only do the flowers belong front and center, but they also live forever on many a canvas.

Enter Hibiscus, The Queen Of The Runway

One such flower is the hibiscus, gracing the landscape with its billowy pink dress like a model on the runway. 

No matter your favorite tropical experience, you’re sure to bow down to the majesty of the native beauty of the hibiscus. Its commanding presence makes it nearly impossible to look away, especially when Blue Water Pool Mosaics are added to your pool.

With several hundred species of hibiscus worldwide, hibiscus is easy to spot because of its generous petals and vibrant color. 

Native to warm climates, the hibiscus flourishes well from spring to fall; it likes company, so feel free to plant it with others. And the good news is growing them is easy.

Health Benefits

As if owning this magnificence wasn’t enough, the hibiscus comes with health benefits.

  • Potent in antioxidants, the hibiscus plant is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C., so free radicals beware. Antioxidants protect, and that’s enough for some people to partake.
  • If you’ve ever known someone with chronic pain, you know how difficult it is to alleviate the pain that can lead to depression and isolation. Inflammation affects millions. 
  • High blood pressure is often known as the silent killer. You may not be able to see this condition with the naked eye, but you most likely know someone who suffers from it. 
  • Good fats, bad fats – how’s a person supposed to know which is okay? Whatever you’ve heard, cholesterol has a bad reputation; supposedly, hibiscus tea can help.
  • Would it surprise you that lots of people don’t care how they lose weight as long as they lose it? Many believe hibiscus helps promote weight loss. That’s a miracle flower, folks.
  • Any way you look at it, bacteria can be scary. Anything that helps fight it is good.
  • Liver issues can creep up when you least expect them, often not presenting themselves until you’ve had a blood test.

So how does the hibiscus help with all of these conditions? By drinking hibiscus tea. The petals are steeped in boiling water for five minutes and then served hot or cold. 

While more studies are needed to determine effectiveness, healthy people can partake of 2-3 cups per day. However, as with any herbal tea or supplement, it’s best to use it in moderation until you see how well you tolerate it.

hibiscus mosaics

Decorating With Hibiscus Mosaics

Hibiscus is wildly popular in gardening. You can find hibiscus on just about anything; vases, wall art, tote bags, surfboards, fence art, jewelry, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, even thermal water bottles – just for starters. 

Because of the generous size of its petals, hibiscus lends itself well to cut-out art such as stencils, stamps, and wood. 

Anything you can think up is fair game with hibiscus art. Candles, clothing, and wreaths decorated with hibiscus are everywhere. The artists at Blue Water Pool Mosaics think so; that’s why they unleashed their imaginations when creating the pool mosaics. Thanks to their efforts, the hibiscus is a vibrant addition to your pool. 

Can’t get to the tropics? Then bring the tropics to you. Grab a mask and some fins, and glide along the bottom of your pool while you take in the wonder of colorful hibiscus mosaics. And if you’re so inclined, don’t forget to add one of our hibiscus turtles to your collection. And the best part? You don’t have to water them! Why? Because they live in your very own seascape. 

Cut some hibiscus petals, float them in a water bowl with clear stones, and don’t forget the pineapple; it screams surf, sand, and pure refreshment.

At night when you kick back after a long day, turn on the string lights, put your feet up, and let the pool lights work their magic. 

Hibiscus Mosaics from Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Are you tired of the same old pool? Maybe what you need is a little color. Or you need a bouquet of hibiscus color! Our mosaics arrive ready to float to the bottom of your pool. It’s simple to install. 

Aloha, baby! Get ready for your very own island getaway right in your backyard. If you’re ready to treat yourself and your guests to the ultimate in luxury, all you need is a hibiscus from Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Give us a call today. Your tropical paradise is only a hibiscus mosaic away.

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