Aloha from Your Backyard: Hibiscus Pool Mosaics

Aloha from Your Backyard: Hibiscus Pool Mosaics

Nothing says “aloha” in your backyard like adding some hibiscus mosaics that can make you feel like you’re on a tropical island. Think about it! When you can’t go to Hawaii, you might as well bring Hawaii to you. Your pool doesn’t have to be just a boring place to swim, right? Instead, let it reflect some personality and your style preferences.

When you add unique and stunning pool mosaics, you give your pool a whole new aesthetic. With the addition of hibiscus flowers and other elements, you can create your own oasis.

Enjoy Tropical Elegance with Hibiscus Mosaics

Have you ever been to Hawaii or another tropical island? Islands often have stunning flowers everywhere. The hibiscus is one of the most common types you will find. You definitely cannot go wrong with these beauties. The best part is they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can add other elements to enhance your flowers as well. Something like tropical fish, sunshine, or a sweet hummingbird would look amazing.

You get to choose how to create a tropical poolscape that you love. After all, this is all about meeting your needs. It’s not just about elegance. It’s about bringing a little bit of the tropics right to your backyard. With vibrant colors and stunning detail, you can create a masterpiece. Every time you head to the pool, it feels like you’re on that tropical island.

Mosaics Are Durable and Easy to Maintain!

Mosaic artwork comes in different styles and materials. However, they are all made to be durable and long-lasting.  This isn’t just a sticker that you’re sealing to your pool and hoping it will last. It’s a strong and sturdy tile addition that’s built to last!

Your hibiscus mosaics are strong and durable. They are not frail and fragile. They can handle all of the pool play and wild splashing that comes with most poolsides. If you’ve seen a mosaic up close, you understand the masterpiece. Mosaics are handcrafted from materials like ceramic, porcelain, and glass. The result is that what appears to be fragile and stunning is actually very strong.

From pool chemicals to sunshine and anything else they may be exposed to, your hibiscus flowers will last! They are resistant to many things and easy to maintain.

Hibiscus Mosaics are Versatile

Single Hibiscus Flower Pool Mosaic

One of the best things about using mosaic tiles is just how versatile they are. Consider this: what about just one simple, large flower? Perhaps you want a bouquet of hibiscus flowers. You could even use several single flowers and place them around the pool. Some people might go all out with adding animals or other tropical elements as well. There are no limits to what you can do with this look.

The hibiscus tiles alone have so many options. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • Triple Hibiscus Flower: A pair of three large flowers that also includes small petals and greenery. When used as a large tile, it’s utterly elegant and oh, so colorful. Make this the centerpiece of your design.
  • Single Hibiscus Flowers: There are plenty of single choices that you can use with different styles and colors. Create groups of flowers, spread them out, or just choose one large flower you love.
  • Hibiscus Flower Step Markers: Want to add a little something extra? Step markers are small hibiscus designs that add flair to your pool steps. Pair these with the rest of your design for a complete look.
  • Add Your Own Flair: Finally, add turtles, fish, hummingbirds or any other oasis elements you love. You don’t have to go with just hibiscus to get a great look.

Whether you prefer something elegant and subtle or you want to keep it bold, there are plenty of options for you!

Create Focal Points with Care

One of the best things about using mosaics like these is the ability to make them your own. Do you want to use the hibiscus flowers as a focal point, or are they your accent? Maybe you have a total paradise seascape in mind, and hibiscus flowers are just a small part of that. These flowers make stunning focal points, but they make amazing accent pieces as well. Before you place them, take the time to strategize your look and decide what you love. Use this as an opportunity to create a design that will be eye-catching and captivating for everyone who sees it.

Whether you’re hosting pool parties or just enjoying the pool for yourself, it will be pleasing for sure.

Customize and Enjoy

No matter what you choose to do, your oasis design is going to be unique. Unless you and a neighbor plan an identical design, no one else will have your look. When you use pool mosaics, you get the beauty of unique scapes fully catered to you. From specific colors to varying designs and arrangements, this is your look.

Create a unique pool design that matches your vision, and enjoy the knowledge that no one else has the same exact look you do.

Choose Hibiscus Mosaics with Us!

Let Blue Water Pool Mosaics help you establish the best look for your pool. Bring an element of elegance and tropical oasis right to your backyard. Did you know that you can also use our tiles and structures for walls, floors, and more? You have the ability to create a look you love and make it your masterpiece.

Check out our mosaic tile inspiration and start planning your poolside look today! We can’t wait to see what you create.

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