How a Pool Can Add Value to Your Home

Owning a pool is a dream come true for many people. Having a pool means fun-filled days of pool parties and barbecues with family and friends. Plus a pool can add beauty to your home with clear water and stunning pool tile mosaics. The cost of installing a pool can be daunting, but in the long run, a pool will add value to your home.

Cost of Installing a Pool

The cost of installing an in-ground pool varies depending on your location and the type of soil you have. For instance, if you live in an area with a lot of sand, the construction crew will have to install stronger footers to support the pool walls. Home Advisor states that the cost of a small in-ground pool costs about $10,000. A larger pool averages $21,000.

Does a Pool Make Financial Sense?

Although the installation can get expensive, a pool is well worth it in the long run. Overall a pool adds 7% to the value of your home. Here are some examples where getting a pool makes good sense.

  • You live in the deep south or Hawaii where your pool would get a lot of use.
  • You have a large yard that would easily accommodate a pool with patio.
  • Many of your neighbors have pools, and your home actually has a lower market value without one.
  • You see yourself using the pool frequently.

Drawbacks to Pool Ownership

Pools are not all fun in the sun. New pool owners should consider the pool’s requirements before signing a construction contract. New pools require regular cleaning and maintenance. Pumps and vacuums need to be replaced, and the pool tiles need regular cleaning. Also, a fence for safety is required in many neighborhoods.

Pool Tile Mosaics Enhance the Value of Your Pool

One way to increase the value of your home and pool is to install pool tile mosaics. Having a pool that is well designed and attractive will add value to your home. Pool tile mosaics come in a great variety of colors and styles. You can get anything from realistic fish to geometric designs to fun Disney characters. With a fun design, your pool can be an oasis after a busy day or a great place to have a Friday night party.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Blue Water Pool Mosaics can help you to design a beautiful pool and patio with insight and creativity. Check out our Inspiration Gallery to get some delightful ideas. Blue Water Pool Mosaics offers the largest selection of ceramic and glass mosaic pool tiles in the United States! We are proud to be a family-owned company that was founded in 1981. Give us a call!

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