How Mermaids Became A Popular Pool Design

Mermaids seem like they’ve always been popular mythical creatures if you think about them long enough. Nearly every seaside population has a name for them, from the Romans who called them sirens to our modern-day name “mermaid.”

These mystical creatures appear as half-woman, half-fish beings in many of the old stories. Some cultures think they’re benevolent sea-dwellers while others are convinced that their purpose is malevolent.

The Lore

Old stories go back for centuries of sirens, or women-fish, who would lure sailors to the rocks with their gorgeous looks and beautiful songs. The Greeks were sure that these nimble beauties were destructive sea creatures.

In these tales, mermaids are beautiful with long, flowing hair in a range of colors from pink, green, blue, to shining gold and more. Their faces sparkled in the sun according to these old stories. Their beauty was enchanting and mesmerizing.

Hans Christian Andersen

In 1837, a fairy tale was published that would change the public’s views on mermaids forever. Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author, dreamed of an underwater world where a mermaid princess gave up her aquatic life to chase love with a human. She was young and beautiful with a singing voice unmatched anywhere in the sea. With everything she had, she still desired life on land.

This story was originally published as a children’s fairy tale but caught the attention of the entire world, including Walt Disney productions more than 100 years after the story was first published.

Popular Movies

In 1989, Walt Disney Studios released “The Little Mermaid” starring the voice of Jodi Benson as a teenage mermaid princess who was set on chasing a romance with a land-dwelling prince. The film was a wild success and millions of people came to love “Ariel,” the mermaid princess.


Even giant corporations feel the call of the mermaid, lured into business by sirens. Starbucks is probably one of the biggest companies that take logo inspirations from mermaids.

Their logo is a Norse version of a double-tailed siren, popular in Norse mythology.

With That Said, You Should Have Your Own Mermaid

Without a doubt, mermaids have been popular, beloved creatures throughout centuries and their popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Live out your childhood dreams of knowing a mermaid. You can have one, or several! When we at Blue Water Pool Mosaics help you design your pool, we’d love to give you the mermaid tile mosaic of your dreams. Whether it’s a brown, blue, gold, pink or green-haired mermaid that calls to you, we want to help make her a reality.

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