How Pool Mosaics Can Create A Strong Family Bond

How Pool Mosaics Can Create A Strong Family Bond

Research “family bonding” and you’ll find several common threads: spending time together, communicating with each other, having family meetings to discuss the important stuff, and making plans. There are lots of things that create strong family bonds.

Perhaps the most significant is making time to have fun together. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. You can find fun in nearly everything you do.

Putting it this way, it’s safe to say that having fun can be a way of life. People who have fun together tend to delight in each other’s company, which means there’s less drama. Also, having fun connects you to other people.

People need connection. We all need a safe place where we are accepted for who we are, not for who we might be. When you are having fun you aren’t worried about what those around you are thinking, because you’ve already proven yourself as a member of the family. Bonding is all about letting go and being your authentic self because when you do that, you are enough.

Perhaps you’ve known a family who is always happy to see one another. They may have small children, teenagers, or adult family members who come home for Sunday supper.

You might see them tossing forbidden leftovers to the dog. And when it’s time to go, they leave each other with a hug and a smile, or the squeeze of a hand. That’s a family that is bonded.

Perhaps that is your family. Or maybe you are looking for ways to create that connection – that safe place.

Here are a few ways you can do this.

Engage in Play

Yes, playing. At any age, play is freeing. Try chucking it all, turning off the computer, unplugging the iPad, putting the phone in silent mode, and play. Throw water balloons with complete abandon. Take no prisoners with the squirt guns. Let the kid in you come out.

Indoor Play

Board games, chess, cards, or some other game you enjoy can be a great way to have a little healthy competition while having a few laughs.

Make short work of housework. Make a contest out of cleaning the kitchen. See who can clean up the family room first. Attach a prize (a candy bar, a trip to the ice cream shop) and see how fast they move.

Play a game of “I Spy.” I spy something that doesn’t belong in the den, and the color is blue. The person who left the blue object in the den must pick up the item and put it in the proper receptacle, drawer, or washer, or hand over the iPad for a half hour.

Put everyone’s name in a fishbowl. After dinner, draw to see who has to clean the dishes.

When someone comes home with groceries, they can shout, “All hands on deck.” Bring groceries into the house assembly-line style. Even the littlest member of the house can carry something. It’s all about doing your part and being “part of” something.

Play is important in relationships. It can relieve stress and make other family members someone to enjoy, and by the same token, it can help others to view you in the same light. No longer are you the nagging parent, you are the parent who makes life fun.

There are a million ways to play and create fun. How many can you think up?

Outdoor Play

You can engage in all kinds of activities. Badminton. Softball. Frisbee. Gardening. Fishing. Washing the dog, making homemade ice cream, taking a walk around the neighborhood after a big meal, and then snoozing on the sofa.

And yes, swimming.

Having a pool is a brilliant first step in creating a strong family bond. Families who swim together have fun together. It means the members of the family are decompressing and decompartmentalizing. It’s difficult to crawl into yourself when you are in the pool playing water volleyball or Marco Polo.

But first, consider a pool makeover. What does your pool need? Tropical fish and other marine life can create just the atmosphere you’re looking for. Let the colors speak to you. Once you’ve selected the mosaic you love, then it will be time to add to the ambiance.

Forget about spending all your cash at a hotel. Instead, invest in a few comfy chaise lounges with fun and funky pillows that compliment the color scheme in your tropical fish mosaic. See there? You’ve just created fun for the whole family that will last for years to come.

It’s all about having fun together, and with good reason. Fun relieves stress. We have our circuits overloaded with stress. Work, expectations, chores, illness or injury, emotional issues, loss of a loved one.

There are so many things that cause stress, and the pandemic sure didn’t help. We will most likely be dealing with the fallout for a long time to come. In a time when much of our lives have left many of us reeling, doesn’t a trip to the pool sound good right about now?

Things may not be the same as they were because we’ve all been dealt a blow. We’re all a little broken. Give us a call today. Let Blue Pool Mosaics help your family put the pieces back together again.

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