How to Choose the Best Pool Mosaic

by Salvatore Grieco
Photo by AgEGlobalGroup via Pixabay

Choosing the best pool mosaic can make a huge difference in the look of your backyard. You've likely already given some thought to what colors you want for your mosaic. And maybe you've already decided on whether you want glass or ceramic tiles. However color and material are not the only factors you need to consider. In order to narrow down your choices for your pool mosaic, you should also think about qualities such as design, safety, and ease of cleaning.


Before making your selection, you should consider the style of pool tile that will mesh with the theme of your home and outdoor space. Is your home a modern design? If so, then choosing a country or antique design for your pool tiles will clash with the rest of your home. Even if your finished pool looks nice on its own, if the design does not match well with your home, you will always feel like something is missing or out of alignment with the rest of your outdoor space. If you are struggling to decide what would look best, you can hire a professional to help with the design process.


The next tip for choosing the best pool mosaic for your pool is personal safety. If you have children or grandchildren who will be using the pool, you must take care of their safety. Tiles that are slick can lead to slips and falls which could result in serious injuries. Therefore, you should consider purchasing slip-resistant tiles for your pool steps and the deck around your pool to increase the safety of the individuals who use the pool. In addition, with step border mosaics, you can also mark the edges of your pool steps to ensure that drop-offs are clearly visible.


Another factor to consider when selecting the right pool mosaic tiles is ease of cleaning. Maintenance on a pool is a large undertaking. By choosing a pool mosaic that is easier to clean, you can reduce the amount of grime and debris buildup on the tiles. Grime and debris aren't only unattractive. They can also make tiles slick, causing safety issues. You may want to consider glass tiles for around the waterline of your pool. Glass tiles are easy to clean, which make them the perfect option for the waterline, which is where the most grime often builds up. Easy to clean mosaic tiles will make for a more beautiful pool for your home.


Lastly, when selecting the best pool mosaic for your pool, you must consider the quality of the product. A higher quality product may be more expensive initially. However, the upkeep and replacement needs will be less expensive due to the higher quality materials that make up the tiles. A poor-quality product is more likely to have chipping and cracking, resulting in tiles needing to be replaced.

Pool mosaics are an excellent way to add beauty your pool. Whether you're building a new pool or refinishing your current one, Blue Water Pool Mosaics can help you. If you need expert advice, contact us today at 800-794-5586 or [email protected].


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