How Updating Your Hotel Pool Can Improve Your Luxury Hotel

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Does your pool reflect the luxurious feel of your hotel? Dated, chipped, dingy, or missing tilework can distract from the luxury of your hotel. However, by redoing the tilework of your pool, you can make it seem brand new again. Here are some ways in which updating you pool can enhance your hotel and wow your guests.

Pool Theme

One way to add to the beauty of your hotel is to redesign your pool tiling around a new theme. Escape the plain blue tiles that can be found in nearly every hotel, and create a whole new look that will amaze your guests. So, how do you select the right theme for your pool area? You should think about your color scheme, design, and pool shape. Then consider what types of pool mosaics you can add as focal points. Just a few of the designs you can choose from include coral reefs, sea creatures, and medallions.

Custom Pool Mosaics

Fortunately, you're not stuck with picking the same pool mosaic that another hotel already has in their pool. With custom pool mosaics, you can design or select a mosaic that is completely unique. Maybe you aren’t interested in coral reefs, shells, or sea creatures. That’s fine because there are countless options available to you. Do you have a specific piece of artwork or design that you would love to use to decorate your pool? You can have it made into a one-of-a-kind custom pool mosaic for your hotel.

Additional Features

When upgrading your pool for your luxury hotel, you may want to add more than a standard pool. There are other options to enhance the overall opulence of your pool area. Why not add a unique tiled fountain, a tiled feature wall, lights, spa areas, or even a waterfall? By adding these unique features, your customers will rave about the view from their rooms or lounge chairs.

Pool Safety

While updating the design of our pool, you can also update its safety features. Slippery pool decks can pose a safety hazard to your guests. The addition of slip-resistant tiles will help protect your guests and prevent falls. You can also add step border mosaics to mark the edges of your pool steps. This will ensure that drop-offs are clearly visible and keep your guests from slipping into water that is too deep for them.

By updating your pool, you can beautify your hotel and give guests another reason to keep coming back. If you're interested in pool mosaics and pool tiling, Blue Water PoolMosaics can help you. Contact us today at 800-794-5586 or [email protected].


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