Into The Fire with Dragon Mosaics

Into The Fire with Dragon Mosaics

“Beyond this point, there are dragons.” So watch out! When you step out your door, do you consider the dangers? What if a bus hits you? Is your next step into a ring of fire? Who knows what dragon (mosaics) lie in wait, ready to pounce? 

We all know about dragons and the images they conjure up. Fire-breathing monsters, heroes with swords slaying the beasts, and mythical creatures displayed in gold in Chinese restaurants are all around you.

Any way you look at it, dragons have their place in history, and it doesn’t appear they are going away any time soon. Sometimes dragons are viewed as protectors, while at other times, danger lurks with them. What better place to put a dragon than in your backyard pool? Just ask the artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics.

Long enthralled by folklore, artisans of all mediums enjoy a playful hand when dragons demand attention. Because they lend themselves to imperfections, dragons can be jagged, bold, and colorful. Dragons are a palette’s dream and a mosaic’s fantasy.

Three dragons that have long been the subject of creators are perfect for your pool.

The Chinese Dragon

Snakelike with feet! Come closer if you dare, or dive in, because these Chines mosaic dragons won’t hurt you. Quite the contrary; the majestic Chinese dragon is a powerful symbol, representing fortune and good luck with strength and magnificence unrivaled, a true testament to the power of prosperity.

Don’t adjust your lens; you’re not seeing things. There’s a Chinese dragon in the pool, tempting you to wiggle your toes in the water of well-being.

Revered as the ‘God Dragon’ who rules over all the seas in China and is believed to be the most powerful, the Dragon King holds a special status and is renowned throughout the country.

Perfect for a neighborhood get-together, your Chinese dragon is the perfect host for serving sweet and sour chicken kabobs with fried rice and chopsticks. And if you’re inclined, install some underwater pool lights to make your dragon mosaic come to life.

The Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon, Ryu or Tatsu, has been well-documented in Japanese mythology since at least 680 A.D. In Japanese legend, dragons are magnificent, powerful creatures capable of immense strength and possessing magical powers that can affect the weather – an influence that is sometimes respected but often feared.

Japanese dragons hold their place as respected beings, and each dragon has its mythology.

Adding a Japanese dragon mosaic to your pool seems only fitting, since The Dragon King is one of the most prominent figures in lore and mythology. Revered for his strength and power, this legendary being is believed to have dominion over the oceans, weather patterns, and sea creatures.

Tales of The Dragon King as a godhead endure throughout the ages as a symbol of might and supremacy.

The Red Dragon

The red dragon is a powerful symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It is commonly used on important occasions like weddings to invoke luck and bring good vibes to those participating. In Japan, red dragons are believed to provide a barrier of protection and keep evil spirits away while people sleep at night. 

Our artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics perfected this gorgeous dragon’s edge and visual appeal, so with easy installation, there’s every reason to bring your red dragon to life in your backyard oasis.

There are as many reasons to add a dragon mosaic to your pool as there are legends. Dragons, sea monsters, and other legendary creatures may have been featured on maps as cautionary images that indicated navigational hazards. By placing these markers on their work, map makers warned of potential dangers before encountering unwitting adventurers. 

Perhaps adding a dragon to your pool will banish evil spirits and keep you safe from sea monsters…or at least the backyard pool monsters. It may even keep away the fire-breathing sunburn!

Dragon Mosaics from Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Blue Water Pool Mosaics’ designs thrill even the most well-read enthusiast. So go ahead; hang out your shingle. Let all who enter uninvited be warned: “Beyond this point, there are dragons.” It might be Chinese, Japanese, or a Red Dragon. It might be a serpent beyond your wildest imagination, ready to slay whatever evil spirit looms.

Whatever beast you think needs taming, you needn’t worry; your dragon won’t hurt you. 

Even if you don’t know folklore, imagine the conversation starter when you host your pool party surrounded by sushi or wonton cups filled with Asian slaw and your dragon glistening in the rippling waters. 

Red Dragon
Red Dragon

We can’t guarantee you will know all the stories that go with your dragon, but we assure you that you’ll have the most exciting pool in your neighborhood. Need help deciding which dragon mosaic to choose? We can help with that. Give us a call today.

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