Killer Whale Mosaics

Killer Whale Mosaics

Mosaics can be as primitive or as intricate as you wish. The do-it-yourself mosaics involve anywhere from minimal materials to a pricey long list of supplies. 

Mosaic art dates back to the third millennium B.C. Made from glass, ceramic, china, paper, and cement, mosaics are everywhere, from murals to gardens, and yes, even swimming pools. 

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we specialize in adding a modern touch to an ancient form of art to turn your plain blue pool into a floating museum.

Never assume that watercolors are only for the paintbrush. Of course, because of their low maintenance, pools are the perfect canvas for brilliant mosaics. 

Update Your Design With Whale Mosaics

There’s a reason people travel to the beach, be it a tan, a margarita by the waves, or to catch some rays. Whatever the reason, beachgoers know well the feel of the sand between their toes and the sun on their faces. Some people swear by their yearly trip to the sea.

If the ocean is one of your favorite places, perhaps you are fascinated by the size of killer whales. Black and white, the whale enjoys natural camouflage, blending in with both the dark of the deep water and the lightness of the sun from above. Because it is illegal to buy a whale and keep it in captivity, the only way you can own one is if you were worth millions and had an aquarium large enough. 

However, there is a way you can enjoy a whale in your backyard pool, and that is to install one from Blue Water Pool Mosaics. 

Our mosaics are as beautiful as the real deal. Authentic in color and available in several sizes, we have the Orca and Baby in high-quality glazed ceramic tile. When installed over our Royal Blue 3×3-inch Harmony Series, you’ll feel your stress leaving your body with the calming blue backdrop. 

But we also have others, such as the Humpback Whale and Baby, the Tribal Humpback Whale, and the Orca 1. Altogether, Blue Water Pool Mosaics has eleven designs to choose from: small enough to decorate your bathroom and large enough to decorate your very own marina.

Here are a few ideas for using our whale mosaics in and around your home:

Bath Time

Are you having trouble getting the little ones into the tub? No use going all to pieces over bath time. Imagine your little squirt splish-splashing with playful whale bathtub toys while playing in the bubbles. What used to be a battle now becomes a fun time, and less stress on you, Mom and Dad.

And what about you – why should the kids have all the fun? Gone are the showers of yesterday when the dull tile looked about as inviting as a moldy basement. If you’re thinking of a shower makeover, you have a treat coming if you love whales. 

Picture your color scheme in a soft aqua with a whale mosaic on the back wall and big thirsty towels to match. And while you’re at it, add a bath mat to complete the look. Since the whale mosaics are black and white, you could use a Tribal Whale for a sophisticated look or stick with the traditional Orca for more playful decor. The options are wide open.

whale mosaics

Tea Time

When we think of tea time, most of us get a mental picture of china with lace tablecloths, crumpets, finger sandwiches, and hot tea.   

What if we turned the tables on tea? How about a soda table with a whale mosaic on top, a distressed-look wooden tray, and ceramic mugs? Now take your whale-loving self to the patio, and carve out some destressing of your own.

Garden Time

Don’t worry; whales don’t eat butterflies. What they do eat is into your weeds when you plunk down a garden stone with a Fun Orca. With 12 x 9 inch measurements, a stepping stone is a perfect way to lead your guests to your private oasis. Who knows? You might even add some ambiance with a fire pit ready to unwind at the end of a long day. 

Pool Time with Whale Mosaics

If you’ve ever entertained swimming with whales, this is your chance because we have a Humpback Whale with a commanding presence of 96 x 44 inches! The stunning blue humpback mosaic is proof that the backyard can and should be your private ocean. 

Get ready to swim or watch from a distance as the rippling waters reflect the rays of the sun. Impressive and bold, bigger is indeed better – so jump right in. The only worry you have is running out of suntan lotion. 

Orcas are found in every ocean in the world and even in freshwater areas. Now the sea comes to you in your backyard pool. 

With the brilliance of our artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, you can piece together any look you want. Call us today; let us help you brainstorm a whale of an idea for your perfect decor. Is it safe to swim with the whales? You bet it is when you swim with our mosaics! 

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