Landscaping Around Your Pool with Pool Mosaics

Pool mosaics are a beautiful addition to any pool. They add color, style, and flare to create a fun space while you are staying cool. But, what if mosaics could be used outside of the pool? While pool mosaics work wonderfully inside of the pool, they are just as beautiful on the outside. Landscaping around your pool with mosaics is an innovative way to bring a splash of color to your outside space. Here are some ways to liven up your landscaping with pool mosaics.

Lead The Way

Landscaping around your pool with mosaics can help lead the way, literally. Adding landscaping pool mosaics that lead people directly to your pool can be not only practical but pleasing to the eyes. People will love to come out and see a beautifully designed path leading them all the way into the water. Having little sea turtles, dolphins, footprints, crabs, or anything else you can think of leading you into the pool can create a whole new pool experience.

Landscaping with pool mosaics can also lead the way in pool design. While many people add art through mosaics to the inside of the pool, most don’t think to add them to the outside. By adding pool mosaics to your landscaping, you can lead the way in pool design.

Show Off Your Pool

If you have a pool, then it is likely the centerpiece of your outdoor space. It is where people eventually end up when the party goes outside and the weather is warm. Having a beautiful array of pool mosaics landscaping the area around your pool can really show off your pool space. Adding tiny little details or a full-blown mosaic art piece to the area surrounding your pool can make it stand out. And heck, why stop there? Add some pool mosaics down the steps or some fun designs to the bottom to further show off your pool.

Add Some Style

Pool mosaics can turn a boring, plain pool into a tropical paradise, a dolphin wonderland, or anything else you can imagine. Or keep it classy with a glass tile pattern in various colors. There are so many design options to choose from to create the perfect space to beat the heat.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics has countless handcrafted pool mosaic options for your landscaping needs. We have been proudly creating beautiful mosaics since 1981 and have the customer service to support it. Check out our website for some design inspiration, or give us a call today with any of your pool mosaic questions.

May 12, 2022 | Blue Water Pool Mosaics

May 05, 2022 | Blue Water Pool Mosaics