Old Man and the Sea: Marlin Mosaics and Me

Old Man and the Sea: Marlin Mosaics and Me

If ever there was a reason to add Blue Water Pool Mosaics to your pool or living space, it’s the marlin mosaics. Majestic and mighty, is it any wonder that the old man and the marlin in the 1952 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “The Old Man and the Sea” captured the hearts of readers around the world? 

Imagine an old seasoned fisherman with an 84-day dry spell who never surrenders. On the eighty-fifth day, he hooks a giant marlin that pulls his boat out to sea. Unwilling to let go, the man hangs on for dear life. 

Those who go deep-sea fishing and bring home a marlin not only arrive with bragging rights but also often reward themselves by displaying their once-in-a-lifetime catch on the wall – the trophy of fisherman’s dreams.

With its stunning blue skin that glistens in the sunlight and its long sword-like mouth, the marlin is unmistakably tailor-made for mosaics, and there are so many places to enjoy the art.

Marlin Mosaics in The Pool

Water is the perfect canvas for a marlin mosaic. On the bottom of the pool, this design stands the test of time – it never goes out of style. Dive headfirst or jump in and feel the cool, clear water rush by your face. Open your eyes and take in the beauty of blue marlin, the catch coveted by fisherpersons everywhere. Who needs the beach when you can snorkel in your backyard? Our available sizes vary but span several options:

36″ x 29″

48″ x 39″

60″ x 48″

72″ x 58″

That’s a whopping six feet worth of marlin stretching across your cement freshwater floor. Sealife never looked so good, and neither did your pool.

We must not neglect the sailfish, the cousin of the marlin. They may look similar, but the fins have the distinctive feature of running along the spine. Although they’re hunters by nature, you needn’t worry about the sailfish in your pool; they are mosaic, after all, so the only thing they will eat is the water. 

Blue Water Pool Mosaics employs only the most skilled artisans so that you can enjoy your backyard marina. Rippling in the water is the way the colors of these magnificent mosaics strut their stuff. Relax in a chair, sip some tea, soak up the sun and work on your tan, or float on your raft while the marlin swims underneath. Either way, you’ll be in paradise, and you haven’t stepped on a plane or packed one suitcase.

The Fireplace

Of course, there are several ways to mount these lovely mosaics. If you haven’t been able to catch the real thing, having the next best thing still makes a statement. That boring picture of the flowers that you hung over your fireplace when you first moved in? Forget about it; our marlin and sailfish mosaics will become the central focus of the room, and with several sizes available, you’ll be a master decorator. 

Imagine your next gathering right in the living room, with your marlin or sailfish, while you serve a delicious seafood bar and white wine or shrimp with Bloody Marys.

The Shower

There’s something fishy going on on the wall, the floor, the shower door, the vanity, or anywhere else. And why not? It’s your bathroom – make your splash with marlin and sailfish and big, bold thirsty towels to match. 

marlin mosaics

Marlin Mosaics in The Kitchen

Just because you aren’t at the beach house doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach house to you. What’s on the menu? Scallops in butter sauce? Shrimp scampi? Low Country Boil? How about a marlin to go with your crab? Not to eat, but to liven up your backsplash. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we carry mosaics that make it ideal for fixing a big pot of jambalaya and then wipe away the evidence. Sometimes you need a little food with your sea.

Mosaics are the perfect way to make your space all about you and all the different parts that make you who you are. You are not one collective combination of color; you are many colors. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one color ends and the other begins. 

Our mosaics honor all of the colors that make life more fun; that’s why we strive to make our products fit every lifestyle. With pool mosaics, you become a creative visionary. Use them wherever you want a touch of whimsy or adventurousness. 

Not for those who follow every cliche, our mosaics offer you refreshing change from the same old same old. 

Step into the pool and take a dip with our marlin and sailfish. Enter your kitchen, shower, bedroom, or family room and gaze at ocean life. Or wade into the jacuzzi and let the bubbles soothe your aching muscles while you close your eyes and allow the magic of the marlin to pull you out to sea.

Contact us today. However you choose to use our Blue Water Pool Mosaics, you’ll be at the top of your game.

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