When It’s All About You, Monogram Pool Mosaics Will Do!

When It’s All About You, Monogram Pool Mosaics Will Do!

As bizarre as it sounds, way back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, people branded their linens and silver with initials. For instance, in hotels, sheets, pillowcases, and towels were assigned to each guest and marked to identify them. Tea sets, plates, baby cups, and place settings were marked so everyone had their own. Perhaps there were linen closets, but it was evident that individual ownership existed.

It seems impossible to understand why silver pieces with family crests sell at yard sales, auctions, and pawnshops. Once seen as a sign of wealth, monogrammed heirlooms are now collector’s items – provided people recognize their value. 

Nowadays, we see monograms on stationery, luggage, drinkware, handbags. Monograms are everywhere and more popular than ever. Napkins, jewelry, tote bags, cutting boards, dishes, sunglasses, rain boots, shoes, and even cookies! With a vinyl-cutting machine, there’s no shortage of where you can place your very own logo.

Even your pool!

Blue Water Pool Mosaics had the right idea when they designed mosaic monograms. You can even get a drop-in vinyl mat to make installation a breeze; drop the mat and let it float to the bottom of the pool, and you are ready for your next pool-side gathering. 

Of course, there are dozens of ways you can use Blue Water Pool Mosaics; all you need is a little imagination.

Here’s a bit of inspiration:

Monogram Mosaics as Personalized Gifts

Have you got one of those hard-to-please people on your gift list? If your friend has a pool, then you’re in luck. Even though you may not have planned on giving a monogram constructed in this manner as a gift, you certainly could. Imagine handing your friend a package with a note inside that says, “It’s not in here!” So your friend goes on a backyard treasure hunt, and there it is – a gift most people would never dream up, right in their pool. 

And who was the first to think of it? You! 

But what if your recipient doesn’t have a pool? Maybe they have a garden.

Monogram Mosaics in the Garden

  • Stones

If you don’t have the knack for all things crafty, don’t worry; you can add pool mosaics to a garden stone for an excellent housewarming gift. No, it won’t fit in a monogrammed bag, but that’s okay; it will fit in a flower bed, fountain, path, birdbath, tabletop, or anywhere to personalize a welcome greeting.  

  • Planters

Who doesn’t love a beautiful planter? Along with a garden stone, you might want to pick up a hanging plant to complement the colors in the rock. For a tasteful touch, add a spider plant or some flowers.

Hanging Sun Catchers 

Mosaics sparkle and glisten in the sun, brightening up not only the sun porch but the patio or the kitchen window. And what fun to have a sun catcher monogrammed with your initials! There’s no better way to lighten the atmosphere and create friendly chatter amongst your guests than with a Blue Water Pool Mosaic sun catcher.

monogram mosaics

Flooring and Sink

Are you having guests for the weekend? Everyone needs a place to dry off after a trip to your pool. 

Why not add mosaics with your initials to the floor of your beach house? And while you are at it, hang out some of those towels you keep hidden from the kids; roll them and place them in a basket on the sink with the embroidered initials on display.


Let’s say you haven’t gotten a pool yet. Not everyone has one, you know. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn your bathtub and shower into a resort-like setting fit for a classy hotel. Add monogram mosaics to the tub or shower stall and a basket of soaps and moisturizer.

Remember, mosaics make unique wedding gifts. Forget the rose petals; welcome the bride and groom to their new jacuzzi with monogram mosaics for their very own extended honeymoon at home.  

Wall Art

A monogrammed mosaic to hang on the wall is a lovely way of celebrating a new marriage.

One of the fun things about Blue Water Pool Mosaics is that they come in classic blue, a color that pairs well with any color, and since the color is simple, the designs are always elegant. 

However you choose to use our pool mosaics, everyone who receives one as a gift or by your family and friends will enjoy them.

Since pool mosaics come in all sizes, you can install them anywhere you want a little flair. There’s no doubt that monograms add sophistication and are a great way to add a personal touch to any gift you give, including pool mosaics.

The next time you think about gifting the perfect wedding gift, sister’s gift, or housewarming gift, think back to when someone gave you something that took extra thought and consideration.

Don’t be all wet when choosing the right gift; it should be fun for you and the recipient. Contact Blue Water Pool Mosaics today and get ready to make some waves!


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