Painted Wings and Mosaic Things: Butterfly Mosaics

Painted Wings and Mosaic Things: Butterfly Mosaics

If you love butterflies, then you’ve come to the right place because here at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we do, too! 

What’s not to love about elegance so weightlessly and effortlessly carried along by a whisper of wind? With over 20,000 butterfly species globally and at least 575 in the lower 48 states alone, these petite garden angels are nothing short of enchanting.

Butterflies are complex, making them the perfect mosaic art, intricate and timeless. 

Here are a few butterfly mosaics offered at Blue Water Pool Mosaics.

The Ulysses Butterfly 

A swallowtail butterfly, the Ulysses butterfly (Papilio Ulysses), flies in the summer. These winged beauties are known for their coastal lifestyle, where they generally live for around four weeks and prefer solidarity, even though they migrate in packs. 

Coastal areas such as Australia and Indonesia are home to the Ulysses, making it one of the most beautiful butterflies on earth. The Ulysses is Australia’s tourism emblem. 

Including a Ulysses Butterfly in your pool is a way to add pure elegance to those who enjoy the tropics. The Papilio Ulysses pool mosaic is a piece you’ll display with pride.

butterfly mosaics

The Monarch

If you search for “monarch” on the web, you’re likely to get pages with information about Queen Elizabeth, but guess what? You’ll also see coloring pages with a monarch butterfly. If you took time to paint (or color) one of these pages, it would take you a while because a monarch is one of those creatures with many beautiful shades. 

Apart from the last generation of monarch butterflies, which can live as long as 8 to 9 months, monarch butterflies generally live for two to six weeks. Since they migrate to California from 3,000 miles away, we see how fast monarch butterflies fly.

We commonly see Monarch butterflies in butterfly pictures, but they are rarely seen in person unless you go to the California coast in the winter! There are thousands of them fluttering around the trees then. 

California is the place these stunning creatures go to escape the winter chill in other states, since monarchs must remain above 55 degrees.

Is the monarch your spirit animal? Some see the monarch as a symbol of rebirth. The butterfly conveys a message about going through changes with grace and lightness. If you ever see a monarch, you might be looking at your spirit animal, ready to carry you through your next transformation.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics recognizes the monarch in our artistry in mosaics, offering 22 inches by 24 inches of pure harmony. 

Butterfly Mosaics

Who can look into a pool adorned with a butterfly mosaic and not feel surrounded by luxury, even if there’s not a spa in sight? Don’t forget to seize the moment; invite your friends to bring their bathing suits and summer hats, because you’re going for a dip in the pool.

Let yourself go weightless, floating in the water. Flap your arms if you wish; let your butterfly heal you. Spread your wings and fly across the water; no one is watching! Let the cool water rush past your face and refresh your body as you come face to face with your spirit animal. 

Later, when you emerge renewed, enjoy some laughter and refreshment as you look into the pool at your butterfly mosaic, dancing in the sunshine.

The funny thing about mosaics is whether or not it registers with you, you see them everywhere – on garden stones, house numbers, buildings, tabletops, backsplashes, floors, and even showers. So why not see them in your pool?

Blue Water Pool Mosaics butterfly mosaics are available in various sizes and colors. The choice is yours. Your cocoon awaits; make it personal.

Your butterfly is waiting to whisk you away in the healing waters of fluid therapy. Let us help you create the butterfly water garden of your dreams. Give Blue Water Pool Mosaics a call today.

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