Pool Mosaics That Will Turn Your Pool into the Hangout Spot This Summer

Pool Mosaics That Will Turn Your Pool into the Hangout Spot This Summer

By this point in the summer, swimming pools have usually seen a lot of action. If you’ve been swimming in a boring pool, it might be time to kick up your pool’s visual aesthetics. If you’re in the process of installing your first pool, it’s a great idea to go into the planning stages with an idea of how you want the end product to look. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some ways to improve the coolness factor of your pool through the installation of custom pool mosaics.

Mosaics Can Make a Huge Difference

Custom pool mosaics are an easy way to personalize the look of any pool. They can transform a blank pool into a fun destination to be enjoyed for years to come. Backyard pools can add value to your property while serving as a centerpiece for fun and relaxation. When you install an intriguing mosaic that mixes colors, shapes, and textures, you’re creating a memorable space for your family and friends to enjoy. It’s important to be happy with the end product because it’s your custom pool experience.

Custom Means Custom

The thing to consider when making changes to your pool is that you are in control. While you can take a look at your neighbors’ pools to your heart’s content, the buck ultimately stops with you and your family. When it comes to custom pool mosaics, the sky is the limit. Whether you prefer colorful patterns, shaped designs, or something in between, get creative. If you’re working with a custom designer, they can guide you to the most aesthetically pleasing plan to suit your pool and your budget. Consider choosing a variety of sizes and colors of tile to create the perfect pool mosaic design. In the next few sections, we’ll take a look at some different types of mosaic designs that you might want to consider for your hangout.

Consider Reef-Based Mosaics

In the world of custom pool mosaics, reef mosaics refer to the many elements of life in and around the ocean. Close your eyes and imagine your ultimate beachfront paradise. What kinds of features do you see? Seashells, seahorses, sharks, dolphins, waves, coral reefs. The list goes on, but reef-based mosaics remain a popular way to bring paradise to your home swimming pool. Selecting the right design elements can transform your pool into something extra and can add value to your home.

Think About Mural Mosaics and Color Schemes

Similarly, mural mosaics are a popular option, but they are more flexible than reef mosaics. If nautical life isn’t your family’s aesthetic, a mural might be more your speed. Your imagination is the only limit for the final design. When it comes to designing a custom mosaic of any kind, the color scheme has a significant impact on the elements you choose. Consider the location of your pool. Think about how each color you select will look different at different times of the day, or how your design might look under moonlight or pool lights. Don’t be afraid to ask our mosaic design experts for their suggestions. Don’t commit until you’re sure that it’s the best choice to fit your vision.

Designs That Look Cool at Night

During the muggiest parts of the summer, it can be too hot to stay in the pool all day – so what about nighttime designs? One of the latest innovations in custom pool mosaic designs has been glow-in-the-dark tiles. These glass mosaic tiles are becoming more popular because they glow brightly under the moonlight. The cool thing about glow-in-the-dark tiles is that they do something completely different during the day: they sparkle and reflect the crystal-clear water in your pool. Dazzle your guests with the coolest nighttime pool party that they’ll remember for years to come.

Custom Materials Matter

Another design element to consider relates to the specific materials that will be used to construct your custom pool mosaic. There’s never been a better time to reimagine the look of your pool. The Blue Water Pool Mosaics team uses top of the line materials to create your design. We stock tiles in a variety of forms: ceramic, glass, porcelain, and stone, just to name a few. As we discussed above, different materials will have a variety of looks under different conditions.

Use Extra Elements to Complete Your Perfect Hangout

While the main focus of this article has been on designing a custom pool mosaic, it’s important to think about the big picture. If you’re redesigning your pool to be more attractive, don’t forget about the rest of your backyard paradise. Think about how your family and guests will get to the pool. Consider adding outdoor lighting along the grass or sidewalk that leads to the pool. Also, consider adding landscaping items like palm trees, tiki torches, or a gazebo. What about during swimming breaks? Is it time to add or renovate your deck? Imagine how relaxing it would be to look out on your beautifully redesigned piece of paradise from above. We suggest that you really look for ways to turn your backyard pool area into a retreat from the world.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics: Your Custom Pool Mosaics Dream Team

Now that you’ve seen some examples of what goes into selecting a custom design, trust your project to our team. Blue Water Pool Mosaics has been a family-owned and operated company since 1981. We provide the widest selection of tiles in a variety of styles to suit your unique taste. When you contact our team, one of our designers will work with you to create the mosaic of your dreams. The best part? All mosaics arrive fully assembled and ready for easy installation. Don’t let another summer go by with a bleak-looking pool – contact us today to learn more!


Pool Mosaics That Will Turn Your Pool into the Hangout Spot This Summer

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