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It's wonderful to have a pool. Your pool gives you a refreshing place to cool off during the summer. It's a great place to entertain friends, spend time with the family, or simply relax by yourself. Whether you use your pool for exercise, relaxation, or as a place for the kids to expend their energy, it's the most important part of your backyard. As such, it deserves the best. Why not let your pool stand out? With pool mosaics, it can. Pool mosaics give your pool a unique and decorative touch that reflects your personal style. Thanks to pool mosaics, your pool doesn't have to look like everybody else's pool.

What are Pool Mosaics?

Mosaics are pieces of art made from small stones, pieces of glass, or other materials to create a unique design. They can create pictures, abstract designs, basic outlines, and other looks. Mosaics have a long history, and when you use them in your pool, you turn your pool into a thing of beauty. Mosaics can reflect all kinds of styles, too. From fancy to fun, pool mosaics can create any look you want. They let you step away from standardized styles and make your pool your own.

History of Mosaic Art

As we said above, mosaic art has a long and rich history. When you use pool mosaics, you don't just have something pretty for your pool. You have a way to participate in a deep artistic tradition while putting your very own spin on it. As a matter of fact, mosaic art goes all the way back to ancient Greece. Cultures all across the world have used mosaic tiles in artistic and religious ways. Encyclopedia Britannica points out the fact that mosaic art "has played an important role in Western art and has appeared in other cultures…[It] appears in widely separated places and at different times in history…" Lots of people in several time periods recognized the beauty of putting different pieces together to make unified art. Why not have some of that beauty and art in your pool?

Types of Mosaic Art

What kind of mosaic art options do you have? Thankfully, mosaic art is far from limited. As a matter of fact, you can have virtually any type of mosaic art that you'd like. There's a type of mosaic art for every style, so you'll be sure to find at least one that fits your aesthetic. Of course, if you don't find anything that suits your fancy, you can always customize your mosaic.

Jane Hurst of LifeHack provides five examples of mosaic art: classical, pebble, hand-cut, industrial, and custom ceramic inserts. These types of mosaics provide a range of looks. The classical type, for example, provides a more traditional look, while the pebble type provides a more earthy and homey look. Take some time to explore your options. You might even mix and match some of your choices if you choose customization.

Types of Pool Mosaics

Pool mosaics come in a range of design and material choices. They can be simple or complex, classic or fun, realistic or cartoonish. Basically, if you have a pool mosaic design in mind, you shouldn't have a hard time finding it. Some people know the exact design they want. Others have a general feeling that they want to create, and they choose pool tiles based on that feeling. For example, someone who wants a whimsical pool might choose mermaids and shimmery tiles. In any case, there's no shortage of variety for you to choose from.

Materials and Construction

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we offer two main types of materials: ceramic and glass. These materials are durable in pool settings, and they both work well from a design standpoint. Both materials come with pros and cons, of course. We can help you choose the best material based on your needs. The materials are similar in a few ways. Both are shiny, smooth, and require careful transport to avoid breakage on the way to your pool.

However, these materials also have differences. Glass is transparent, so that when the light hits it a certain way, it can create a shimmery appearance, especially in combination with your pool water. Ceramics, on the other hand, are usually opaque. As a result, they can provide a more stable look that's less dependent on the sun. Glass is typically more expensive than ceramic because the raw material itself is more expensive, as is the manufacturing process. Ceramic, however, can be less breakable than glass, and may last longer and be more cost-effective for some families. Whether you choose a glass or ceramic mosaic, your mosaic tiles will be cut and measured carefully. It will also be fully assembled and ready to install when you receive it.

Popular Pool Mosaic Designs

Need some design inspiration? Here are the most popular options from Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Take a look at your choices below, and see if anything in particular catches your attention. Having trouble making your decision? We can help. Contact us to discuss your choices.


There's just something magical about dolphins. They add a certain level of playfulness wherever they go. If you love dolphin art, you can add some to your pool. You might choose a single dolphin, dolphin step markers, or dolphins playing together in a ring. With these mosaics, you can swim with the dolphins all summer. Who wouldn't want that experience?


With their gentle peacefulness, turtles can make your pool a more relaxing place. Our turtle mosaics come in a range of looks. We have stylized turtles, realistic turtles, and fun turtles. You can choose a single turtle or a group of turtles, and our turtles also come in several color options. Whatever look you choose, you'll turn your pool into a work of art reminiscent of the ocean.


Speaking of the ocean, you can bring some of the ocean to your pool with a fish mosaic. Fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our fish pool mosaics reflect the beautiful variety of the ocean. You'll find soft blues, bright oranges, and all kinds of colors in between. You'll see realistic-looking clownfish and fun-looking blowfish. If you can't swim among the fish in the ocean, you can make your pool the next best thing.


If you'd rather take the symbolic route, medallions are the way to go. Our medallions are classic symbols that can add a bit of sophistication to any pool. These symbols can hold cultural or religious significance with our cross medallions or mandalas. They can also be playful or abstract. Compass medallions can add a nautical feel to your pool. In any case, you'll create something that is uniquely yours.


Who wouldn't want to swim with a mermaid? Now you can do exactly that with a mermaid pool mosaic. A mermaid mosaic can bring some fun, elegance, and whimsy to your pool. The mermaid tiles at Blue Water Pool Mosaics come in a broad range of choices.

Murals and Reefs

How about adding a mural or reef to your pool? These large pool mosaics can make you feel like you're swimming in the most beautiful ocean. Bright and colorful, they'll certainly make your pool stand out among the rest of the pools in the neighborhood.

Sea Life

Blue Water Pool Mosaics also offers plenty of other sea life tiles. Choose from manta rays, whales, sharks, sea horses, and much more. With all of these options, you can turn your pool into your own ocean oasis.

Garden and Pond

What if you don't want an ocean oasis? What if you'd rather have a garden or lake oasis instead? With our garden and pond pool mosaics, you'll get your wish. From roses and hibiscus flowers to frogs on lily pads, these mosaic options will let you take your pool in whatever direction you like. Turn your backyard into a garden hideaway.

Accents and Steps

Small accents and step markers can make a big difference in the look of your pool. These small changes may be exactly what your pool needs. Our styles range from classic to contemporary. Some of our options even glow in the dark for some fun nighttime swimming adventures. Step accents can add safety to your pool as they help swimmers see where the steps begin and end.

Pool Tile

Glass or porcelain pool tiles blend simplicity and uniqueness into one beautiful package. They make great accents, steps, borders, and more. When placed behind a waterfall, they shimmer as they catch the light. The simplicity of these tiles means that you can let your imagination run wild. You can create the exact design that you want.

Other Pool Mosaics

At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we have tons of options for you to choose from. Use your pool mosaic to support your favorite sports team, have fun with penguins, or relive your childhood with the Peanuts gang. We have enough options to fit virtually every taste, and even if you don't see something you like, we can always customize your mosaic for you.

Stock Mosaics vs. Custom Pool Mosaics

When choosing your pool mosaics, you'll have to decide whether you want a stock mosaic or a custom-made option. Just like choosing between glass and ceramics, this choice comes with its own pros and cons.

Let's start with stock options. When you choose a stock mosaic, you can see exactly what your mosaic will look like. You can get a clear image in your head of the mosaic in your pool. Because your mosaic has already been designed, you'll get it faster than you'd get a custom-designed mosaic. You can also save some money by choosing the stock option. On the other hand, some people would rather have a custom mosaic because they want their pool to be completely unique. With stock mosaics, it's always possible that someone else has the same mosaic that you have.

Custom mosaics are often more expensive than stock mosaics, and they'll take longer to produce. However, if you have a specific vision that you want to bring to life, a custom pool mosaic is the way to go. You can get exactly what you want without making any compromises, and you'll have a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Where to Buy Pool Mosaics

Once you decide that you want a pool mosaic, you'll need to find a great pool mosaic source. Not all pool mosaics are created with the same quality. When you buy your mosaics from a reputable company, you can make sure that you buy an excellent quality product. You can start by doing a search for pool mosaic companies. After that, narrow down your choices based on the following criteria:

First, ask where the manufacturer is located. A US-based company is ideal. If you find a mosaic tile company in the US, you'll get better customer service and faster shipping times.

Next, look for reviews online. Reviews will give you a good idea of how satisfied clients are with their products. A company with questionable or obviously fake reviews should send up a few red flags.

You can also look at the amount of variety that different companies may have. Obviously, if a pool mosaic seller doesn't carry the product that you want, you should probably move on to the next one. However, if a company has a lot of variety, you're more likely to find exactly what you're looking for. If you want to customize your pool mosaics, look for companies that offer customization.

Finally, look for guarantees and warranties on pool mosaic products. You'll want to choose a company that stands behind its mosaics. The longer the guarantee, the better the product is likely to be. An excellent guarantee means that the seller is confident in the product's quality. By the way, Blue Water Pool Mosaics offers a lifetime guarantee on our products.

Once you've looked into all of these factors, you shouldn't have a hard time making the right choice.

Top Pool Mosaic Suppliers

When you're looking into different pool mosaic companies, take a look at those companies' suppliers. Do they list their suppliers anywhere on their websites? If not, they should. Suppliers can give you an idea of the variety and quality that a seller has to offer. Blue Water Pool Mosaics uses the top brands. If there's a particular brand you'd prefer, you can shop by brand instead of shopping by design.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics

We design many of our pool mosaics ourselves. Whether you want a custom design or a pre-designed mosaic, we're committed to providing excellent quality and beauty in our designs. We make all of our mosaics here in the United States.

Aqua Art™

Aqua Art™ is the newest of the next-generation high-performance glass pool tile on the market today. Offering state-of-the-art designs for use in pools, fountains and other water-related projects.


Aquatica's pool tile collection provides long-lasting and beautiful glass art for pools. Aquatica is well known for its deep blue tiles, although it also offers other shades and colors.

Artistry in Mosaics

Artistry in Mosaics has a lot of design options. Some of their options are simple and elegant, while others are more upbeat and playful. You can find Artistry in Mosaics designs in both residential and commercial pools.

Custom Mosaics

Custom Mosaics creates lovely, detailed mosaic tiles that can turn any pool into a thing of beauty. Many of their designs feature realistic-looking sea life. They also create fun designs like martini glasses, smiling sharks, and $100 bills.

DeGroot Studios

DeGroot Studios is committed to providing a personal touch with each one of their designs. At DeGroot, pool tile artisans cut each tile by hand and then compile those tiles into eye-catching designs. You can choose from sea life, pond life, swimwear, mermaids, and abstract designs.

Element Glo

Element Glo is your source for glow-in-the-dark pool mosaics. These designs provide a pop of color and contrast during the daytime. Once it gets dark, they'll light up your nighttime swimming adventures and appear as if they're floating.


Poolsaic features realistic designs and bright pops of color that make people take notice. Their designs include fish and other sea life as well as emblems, flags, and more. Poolsaics aren't regular mosaics, though. They're drop-in pool mats that adhere to your pool's floor. They can last for several seasons, and they're a great low-cost alternative to permanent pool mosaics.

Common Questions About Pool Mosaics

Still have questions about pool mosaics? You're not the only one. A lot of people have questions about pool mosaics and want to get plenty of information before they commit. Take a look at the questions below. These are some of the most common questions that people ask about pool mosaics.

Are pool tiles different than regular tiles?

Essentially, yes. Pool tiles do share a lot of similarities with regular tiles. However, not all tiles work well with pool water. You need tiles that are designed specifically for pools. Pool tiles are especially nonporous, meaning that they don't have cracks that can let water inside. As a result, pool tiles can stand up to chlorine, salt, weather changes, and everyday wear and tear.

How long do swimming pool tiles last?

Blue Water Pool Mosaics offers a range of ceramic tile options that are designed to last long and look great. In fact, our US-manufactured ceramic pool tile is so durable that it will last up to 75 years if you choose a good installer and maintain it properly. Our products also come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

What are swimming pool tiles made out of?

Swimming pool tiles are usually made from glass or ceramics, though some come in other materials. Glass and ceramics are long-lasting materials that can stand up to everyday pool life, so they make a great choice. Whether you choose glass or ceramic tiles will depend on a few factors.

What is waterline tile?

Waterline tile is pool tile that stretches around your pool's waterline, creating a border. The tile reflects light onto the pool water in a unique and lovely way. Waterline tile is a simple and elegant choice that can add class and sophistication to your pool.

Is there special grout for pool tile?

Yes. For pool tile, installers use an epoxy grout or other grout that was designed specifically for pools. Most regular cement grout can't stand up to chlorine and constant water exposure. Pool tile grout holds fast in spite of the challenges.

What are the best pool tile colors?

It depends on the look that you want for your pool. Obviously, most pool tile options are blue. Blue is a simple, soothing color that lends itself well to water. When you choose a mosaic, you'll want to pick colors that look good with your current color scheme. If you're not sure whether or not a color will work for your pool, take a look at a color wheel. For a nice contrast, choose a color that's directly opposite from your pool's color on the wheel. For blending, stick to colors within the same color family.

Can you lay a vinyl floor over tile?

Yes. There are vinyl floor covers that are made specifically for pools. Poolsaics makes some fantastic vinyl options. All you have to do is drop the mat into your pool. Your mat will sink to the bottom and lay flat against the pool floor. These mats look just like real mosaic tiles. You wouldn't know that they were vinyl unless you swam to the bottom of the pool to touch the mat. These mats make good choices for those who want to try out a design before they make it permanent. They also work well for those who want to change things up every once in a while.

Blue Water Pool Mosaics

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