Pool Safety 101: Tips & Statistics On Having A Safe Summer

Pool Safety 101: Tips & Statistics On Having A Safe Summer

The summer is here and there is no better way to celebrate summer and warm weather than some fun in the sun, right next to the pool.

Swimming pools are great for family fun, but don’t forget about pool safety! In order to usher in the summer safely, we’ve put together an infographic that covers the most important pool safety tips.

Important Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

1. Always keep an eye on your children when they’re near a pool.

The reality is that 75% of all drowning deaths in children under 15 occur at someone’s house, whether at home or at a friend’s. The younger your loved one is, the more likely they are to drown. Children between the ages of 1 – 4 are at the highest risk.

2. Make sure you communicate who is responsible for watching the children.

It’s important not to “assume” that the kids will be fine because there are more adults present. Always have someone in charge and responsible for keeping an eye on the kids. Communication is important when it comes to keeping the little ones safe.

3. Enroll your child in swimming lessons and show them basic pool safety techniques.

Teaching your child at a young age about the dangers of drowning is important. If they do not understand the risk, they are more likely to be injured or worse. Children should also be taught to play safe together when near a pool.

4. If you can’t find your child, check the pool area immediately.

Whether you are at home or at a friend or family members house, or at a location where a pool is accessible, if you lose sight of your child, check the pool area immediately. Go to where the largest danger exists and begin your search there.

5. Install a security fence around your swimming pool.

A good pool security fence is at least 5-feet tall and has self-closing and self-latching gates. Make sure that your fencing is set up in a way that makes it difficult (and ideally impossible) for your young child to enter by themselves.

6. Don’t trust pool safety to safety devices alone.

If your child can’t swim, it’s smart to fit them with a life jacket or personal flotation device. “Floaties” and other inflatable pool toys can help your child stay afloat, but don’t trust your child’s safety with these devices alone. An adult must always be present when children are swimming.

7. Get certified in CPR and keep your training current.

Sometimes, even with all the best precautions, accidents happen. If you own a pool and have children, it’s always smart to learn CPR. This way you know how to respond to a bad situation if it occurs.


Don’t let this information scare you into not having a great time this summer! By all means, relax and enjoy the water. Spend time with your family and have a blast at the pool. Just keep these pool safety tips in mind while you do.

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