Pool Tile Art Only Limited By The Imagination

Pool Tile Art Only Limited By The Imagination

The Timelessness of Pool Tile Art

Every interior or exterior space has at least one or two places that are — well — boring. They’ve been refreshed with new color schemes and furnishings, but they are still missing that something “extra” to bring the space together. The landscape, entryway, or foyer lacks that finished look. No matter what you’ve tried, it still seems a little drab. Why not give a colorful piece of pool tile art a try? Not those crafty mosaics children make for art projects, but mosaics made from glass or porcelain tiles that resemble the classic flair of a Tiffany lamp.

Water-Resistant Tiles

Both porcelain and glass tiles are water-resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and the outdoors. With modern manufacturing technology, tiles are produced in an array of colors, sizes, and styles. There’s no limit to what you can create with a little imagination.


Porcelain has a low absorption rate. According to stringent standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), porcelain has less than a 0.5% rate, making it a perfect choice for laundry or utility rooms and patios. Because of its durability, porcelain retains its colorful appearance after years of exposure to the elements.


Glass does not absorb water, making it an excellent choice for intricate designs. With little-to-no shrinkage or expansion, glass maintains its positioning in both indoor and outdoor applications. Modern technology has added stunning effects to glass mosaics, such as hazing the finish to make it less transparent.

Pool Tile Art

Some of the most spectacular examples of tile mosaics can be found in cathedrals, mosques, and temples throughout the world.

  • St. George’s ChurchSt. George’s Church boasts 40 million glass pieces, depicting 1500 figures from Serbian monasteries.
  • The Wat Phra Kaeo compound in Thailand contains its most sacred Buddhist temple. The temple is home to the Emerald Buddha, which is protected by two larger-than-life guardians encrusted with glass and porcelain tiles.
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi opened in 2007. The courtyard features one of the largest mosaics in the world. Designed by British, Italian, and Emirati architects, the mosque is a modern take on an established art.

After looking at these magnificent examples, who can’t be inspired to add a little pool tile art to their world?


If your front door looks like every other door, consider adding a mosaic. Instead of traditional house numbers, use subtle shades of glass to call out your number. Incorporate climbing seaweed alongside the door frame to create an abstract display that separates your door from the rest of the neighborhood.


Mosaics can enhance an accent wall. Whether the wall is part of an indoor hallway or along a property line, pool tile art can focus the eye. Choose from hundreds of our medallions or other designs. (Add link) Pick colors from the medallion to repeat throughout the space. For outdoor walls, consider planting flowers or shrubs that complement the medallion.


Mandala-inspired tables can depict your life’s perspective or serve as a meditation tool. But, table-top mosaics don’t stop there. If you’re a quilting enthusiast, use a favorite pattern to cover a rectangular or square table. Colorful abstract designs make eye-catching table tops that can brighten a drab space.


Mosaic-inlaid trays are not just for serving. Use them to unify a collection of vases or glass bottles. Set them on edge on a shelf to add color to a monochrome space. Consider using a single image to provide a simple background as a contrast to an intricate display. Hang a series of different-sized trays on a wall instead of traditional art or photographs.


Are your front or back doors sandwiched between shrubs or potted plants? Make mosaic planter boxes instead. They don’t have to be trimmed, and the plants can change with the seasons. Use a monochrome color scheme to design a tasteful entry. Or, create the illusion of vines growing from the planters by adding a climbing vine to the wall.


Who says you can’t have mosaic lawn gnomes? Think of those giant guardians of the Emerald Buddha. The porcelain and glass tiles were pieced together over an underlying image to create an awe-inspiring mosaic. If lawn gnomes aren’t your style, there are garden fairies, butterflies, and hummingbirds. You can design sculpted wind chimes colored by mosaic tiles.


Entryway floors need to be water-resistant and durable. Just think of all the debris that walks through the doors. Snow, ice, or wet grass can take their toll on traditional floors. Even with weather protecting carpets, floors can become damaged over time. Placing an inlaid mosaic design in an entryway can ensure a durable and water-protected floor.

Use the entry to set the tone for your home. Put in an anchor or starfish for a nautical flair. Add coral reefs and sea creatures for scuba-diving enthusiasts. Maybe, astronomical designs that incorporate the sun, moon, and stars are more your style. Even a touch of the whimsical can be incorporated into a mosaic-inspired floor.


Every step in a wooden staircase looks the same unless the risers contain mosaic designs. Use the same or different geometric patterns to highlight each step of your staircase. Pick a sea- or landscape motif to tell a story as guests go up and down the stairs. Combine mosaic-inlaid trays or a single mandala image on the walls to complete the look.

Timeless Pool Tile Art

Whether you’re looking to liven an indoor space or create a focal point for an outdoor patio, glass and porcelain tiles are enduring materials that have demonstrated their durability over thousands of years. Pool tiles can enhance any space with timeless designs that mimic the beauty of Tiffany lamps or stained-glass windows.

Pool-tiled art isn’t just for pools. It can be part of any space. Public properties such as religious centers have used glass and porcelain tiles to elevate their structures for centuries. Individuals have added tasteful designs to their indoor spaces and drawn attention to their landscapes with carefully designed pool tile art.

Check out our inspiration gallery. Why not learn more about how handmade and glass tiles, and consider how you can use it to create your own custom art? We have a design team that specializes in helping clients develop their own designs.

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