Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Pucker Up, Buttercup!

So, you’ve been dreaming of transforming your pool into something beyond exceptional. But how? With butterflyfish mosaics, of course. Pucker up, Buttercup! And why not? Butterflyfish are some of the most enjoyed species by fish lovers everywhere.  

But wait; do butterflyfish belong in your pool? After all, a pool is a pool. Well, not necessarily. 

A pool is never just “a pool.” It’s a place where you go to revive and get your endorphins. Let your troubles float away while you drift off and sip your lemonade while you watch dragonflies flutter by. Wrap yourself in a thirsty towel and slip your toes into your flip-flops, close your eyes, and do some imagining.

So what’s wrong with upgrading your private spa? You work hard. You do your share, taking care of others. Don’t you deserve a little luxury? At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, you owe it to yourself to recharge your batteries, and this is how you do it: with pool mosaics – beginning with a taste of the tropics.

Saddled Butterflyfish Mosaics

The saddled butterflyfish is a lovely tropical member of a marine ray-finned fish family called Chaetodontiadae. The saddled butterflyfish is known for its markings.

Saddled butterflyfish hail from the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans – until now! Now you can find this beauty in your pool swimming pool among the other mosaics, thanks to the artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics. 

Add one of these saddled butterflyfish mosaics, and you’ll think you are in the tropics. Add more than one, and you’ll have the ocean at your feet. Go ahead and snorkel in your pool if you want, but you don’t have to; the colors are vibrant enough to view from a distance. 

Can’t get to the tropics? Add the saddled butterflyfish to your pool, lanai, backsplash, or shower, and bring the tropics to you. Throw in some candles, a fruit and cheese tray, and a fire pit, and you’ll think you’re at a bonfire on the beach! Oh, and don’t forget to invite the neighbors; they need to de-stress, too.

butterflyfish mosaics

Raccoon Butterflyfish

Known by many names, the raccoon butterflyfish also belongs to the marine ray-finned fish species. 

Is this guy a bandit? You’d think so with the mask that defines his appearance, and he wears it with pride, as he should. But where are the jewels? Never mind, this one wears his bling.

A cousin to the saddled butterflyfish, the raccoon is one stunning fish. Move over, other butterflyfish, the raccoon is in the house. Or in your pool, because the only thing worse than having a pool in your backyard without mosaics would be a pool without the Raccoon butterflyfish. 

Brilliant yellow, orange, blue, black, and red are eye-catching colors, and how fun it is to have this mosaic lurking among the coral reef mosaics in your pool, where they like to hang out. 

Don’t worry about stepping on the raccoon butterflyfish, because even though it grows to a whopping twenty centimeters in real life, you can get it up to 9″ by 6″ in the mosaic form. 

butterflyfish mosaics

Glow in the Dark Copperband Butterflyfish

As if the saddled and raccoon butterflyfish aren’t enough, there’s also the ever-impressive copperband. Blue Water Pool Mosaics artisans have put their creative spin on this stunning fish with its green, blue, and black body and long yellow snout. 

Go ahead, take a midnight dip in the pool. Relax on a raft, gaze at the stars, and drift off to a distant shore; who needs a jacuzzi when you can float among the copperbands?

Since the copperband butterflyfish requires specific conditions in your aquarium to survive, it may be better as an art piece. In mosaic form, it will last you for the life of your pool, far longer than the living fish. And here’s the good news: you can have your own glow-in-the-dark oasis. And you don’t even have to travel to the tropics to find it.

Innovative and handmade, apply our glow-in-the-dark mosaics to a variety of surfaces. Frost-proof, easy to install, and with no maintenance required, prepare to transform and enjoy your pool for years to come.

If you are thinking about adding some butterflyfish mosaics to your pool but are still determining which ones, you don’t have to think alone. Our Blue Water Pool Mosaics team is always ready to brainstorm with you and help you pick your perfect seascape. 

Summer will shine on your doorstep before you know it. Let’s stop imagining and start talking about getting your pool ready to welcome those sunny rays in style. Give us a call today.

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