Show Some Class with Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

The combination of glass mosaics and bodies of water has been around since the time of ancient Greek and Rome. They were used to turn ordinary pools and spas into glorious works of art. Glass mosaics are still used in pools and spas to create an aquatic oasis that all your friends will want to soak in. They have been revolutionized in modern times to provide an extensive array of options when it comes to turning your backyard into something more. Here is why you should add some class to your pool oasis with mosaic pool tiles.

Timeless Beauty

One of the biggest draws of a glass mosaic is its aesthetic value. It immediately transforms your pool or spa into an incredible piece of art. Mosaic pool tiles can be used in place of traditional waterline applications to create a simple, yet stunning look. Many people also enjoy the look of using glass as the primary finish of the interior. The options of what you can achieve with glass tiles are seemingly limitless. The timeless beauty that comes from water hitting glass creates a fantastic result time and time again.


When mosaic pool tiles are installed properly, they can create some of the most durable swimming pools or spas around. Mosaic pool tiles are resistant to chemical corrosion unlike other interior swimming pool and spa materials such as plaster or fiberglass, which begin to wear out quickly. This can leave you with a displeasing looking pool or spa. However, with glass mosaics, your pool will keep its sparkling appearance as well as its durability season after season.


Not only are glass tiles beautiful, but they are functional. When you add mosaic pool tiles to the interior of your pool or along the bottom, you are providing additional sealant. This can help secure the interior lining of your pool or spa to prevent leaks or cracks. Glass is also easy to clean. It does not create buildup as quickly as some other pool materials and can be wiped down to bring back that shine. Mosaic pool tiles add class to your pool while making it easier to maintain.

You no longer have to be the richest of the rich to enjoy the beauty of the glass mosaic pool tiles. In modern times, anyone can show some class with glass mosaics in your outdoor living space. At BlueWater Pool Mosaics, we offer a wide array of mosaic pool tile. From small glass sea life pieces to entire themes, we have glass mosaic pool tiles to fit anyone’s style. To see more of Blue Water Pool Mosaics selection, visit our website today!


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