Silhouette Pool Mosaics: Art of the Ages

Silhouette Pool Mosaics: Art of the Ages

Not to keep you in the dark, but have you seen our Blue Silhouette pool mosaics? 


Known as a poor man’s portrait, the art of silhouettes was personal back in the mid-18th century; the finance minister of France, Etienne de Silhouette, was known to spend time creating shapes because he was frugal – thus the name. 

The closest thing a couple could get to flirting in public? They could sit for hours while one party traced the outline of the other – and they could drag the process out as long as they chose, and no one could say anything about it. After all, art takes time, so couples milked it.

Impressive for their clean lines, silhouettes in any form can be as unadorned or as intricate as you want them to be. 

Silhouettes are solid shapes of one color, usually black, which match the subject’s outline and represent a person, animal, object, or scene.

Silhouettes and Pool Mosaics

With the invention of the camera, silhouettes became something of a dying art. Good thing the artisans at Blue Water Pool Mosaics disagree. The vision of one of our mosaics floating at the bottom of your pool is one way to greet your guests with ultimate style. If you haven’t seen our mosaics yet, there’s no time like now.

And why not? Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean summer is over. It’s still warm enough to splash, invite the neighbors to a poolside barbecue, have your office over for a pool party, play with the kids, or get in the water and refresh your whole body. You might as well have fun while you can.

Typically, when we think of silhouettes, a solid black image on a white or light background comes to mind – at least, it did until creativity came along and banished the norm. 

Now you can find silhouettes in any color against any background and in any medium, including mosaics. Imagine what the first silhouette artists would have thought had anyone suggested putting their artwork in a pool. Can’t you hear the comments? “Prepostorous!” “Highly irregular!” 

But that’s what happened. Blue Water Pool Mosaic artisans came along and perfected the method of using a pool as a giant canvas. 

When you visit our website, you are in for a treat. For those who like fun, whimsical, and lifelike ocean images, there are so many options. And for others who prefer the simplicity of the silhouette, we have everything from mandalas to turtles, with just a hint of “less is more” that screams unique elegance. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, silhouettes were popular because they were easy to make and convenient to send in the mail. But what if a loved one or relative has a birthday and you want to up your game? Why not send a silhouette pool mosaic? Of course, it might help if they have a pool. 

But let’s suppose they do, and they collect turtles. Why not send them one of our Hibiscus Turtles, for 24″ x 24″ of fun? Or if something slightly smaller is in order, there’s the Tribal Turtle at 18″ x 22″. Can’t you imagine the look on their face when the package arrives? Forget the traditional flowers; dress up their pool!

What if it’s your birthday and turtles aren’t your thing? Maybe what you need is a mermaid. Now about mermaid sightings. Are you a skeptic? It’s okay if you don’t believe some woman with a flapping tail has landed on the rocks beside a waterfall. You are not alone. Perhaps adding a mermaid mosaic at 72″ x 52″ to your pool will make you a believer. Then again maybe not, but it would be hard to ignore!

Silhouettes and Scherenschnittes

silhouette pool mosaics

If you appreciate silhouettes but prefer more detail, then perhaps Scherenschnitte is for you. Since ours isn’t produced with paper and scissors, we don’t call it Scherenschnitte, which is highly intricate Swiss cut work that calls for long, narrow, tiny scissor blades. 

Even so, our mosaic line has our Scherenschnitte form, even if we don’t call it that. Check out our Blue Fish Medallion or our Dolphin and Neptune Medallion.

Silhouette Pool Mosaics from Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Have you considered dressing up your pool? If so, this could be the perfect time to do it. Fall is around the corner. 

Still not sure what to choose? No problem! We’ll help you find the perfect gift for yourself or for a gift to send to a loved one. Call us today.

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