Spice Up Your Kitchen with Pool Mosaics

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

When you think pool mosaics you think pools – right? But pool mosaics are actually also great for residential applications. Kitchens, in particular, are the perfect place to add mosaic tiles. Here’s why.

Pool Mosaics Allow for Creative Designs

Pool mosaic tiles allow for original, fun, and creative designs. Think of a theme for your kitchen. You may desire a splash of color or maybe some fish swimming over the kitchen sink. Use a pre-made mosaic or design your own. If you’re stumped for ideas, check out some of the awesome inspirations online.

Designs can be bold and artsy or subtle squares. Tiles can also be textured to add a three-dimensional look. Tiles come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and textures, so you can create a beautiful, one of a kind kitchen.

Cleaning Is Easy as Pie

Pool mosaic tiles are perfect for kitchens because they are waterproof (obviously) and incredibly easy to clean. They are also sturdy and can be used for countertops and backsplashes. To keep your tiles sparkling, you can simply wipe them down with some vinegar mixed with water.

Residential Applications Are a Fun DIY Project

While some people choose to hire professionals to install their pool mosaic tiles, if you’re a fan of DIY adventures, you can tackle this project yourself. You’ll need latex-based modified thinset and grout, which can be found at most home stores. Follow the instructions for mixing, and then simply follow these steps to install your mosaic:

  1. Remove the light and outlet covers
  2. Cover counters, cupboards, or anything else you might want to protect.
  3. Sand your walls with a high grit sand paper to give the thinset something to hold on to.
  4. Lay out your tiles on the counter and remeasure to make sure you have the right number of tiles for the space.
  5. Using a small trowel, apply your thinset to the wall.
  6. Use a v-notched trowel to spread the thinset out and create grooves that will make it easier for the tile to stick too.
  7. Apply the tiles.
  8. Let your thinset dry for the instructed amount of time.
  9. Apply grout in between the tiles and allow to dry.
  10. Stand back and admire your beautiful work.

Ready to Get Creative?

Pool mosaic tiles make a beautiful and unique addition to any kitchen. Visit Blue Water Pool Mosaics if you’re ready to spice up your kitchen. We’re family-owned since 1981, and we specialize in helping you choose what’s right for your pool or residential application.


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