Step It Up, Using Mosaic Pool Tiles on Your Pool Steps

by Blue Water Pool Mosaics

Pool steps are more than just a safety feature. They are akin to the entryway of your home and welcome people into your pool. Put a little splash in your steps with mosaic pool tiles.

Pool Steps Help With Transitions

Pool steps are an obvious transition point to getting in and out of the water. True, your children may prefer doing a cannonball into the deep end, but the steps make entering and exiting the pool easy. Also, we have all experienced the feeling of getting into a freezing pool all at once and wanting nothing more than to hop right out again. Steps provide a gradual entrance, one that allows your body to adjust to the temperature. Pool steps can also make a great way to transition a young child into the pool.

Mosaic Pool Tiles for Safety

However, steps can cause problems when you can't see their edges. Water plays tricks on the eye, and it can be hard to judge the depth of where you are stepping. This can result in bumping shins against sharp step edges or slipping off a step into water that is too deep. Mosaic pool tiles define your steps so that they are easily seen. Steps that have tiles on them are safer because you can see them and judge the depth of the water. You can also use non-skid tiles on your steps, to prevent slipping.

Add Style With Mosaic Pool Tiles

Pool steps are like an entry hallway into your home. You want them to feel welcoming and be pretty and eye-catching.Mosaic pool tiles are the perfect way to add a little fun to your pool d├ęcor. You can highlight the step borders with cute designs like turtles, frogs, or dolphins. Or you can use flip flop mosaics to show footprints going down the steps. For a more refined look, consider using mandala designs to tile your stairs. You can even create your own custom mosaic pool tiles to guarantee that your pool is one of a kind.

Check Out Our Inspiration Portfolio

With mosaic pool tiles you can make your pool steps safer, welcoming, and attractive. Blue Water Pool Mosaics is ready to serve your pool design needs. We have been in business since 1981, and we take pride in our personal customer service. If you are looking for ideas for your pool, check out our Inspiration Portfolio today.