Stuck in Monotonous? Try Octopus Mosaics!

Stuck in Monotonous? Try Octopus Mosaics!

Ho hum, humdrum, dull, boring: these words mean “monotonous,” but they do not describe octopus mosaics.

There’s nothing monotonous about an eight-legged creature of the sea; perhaps that’s why they are so fascinating. 

While it’s hard to fathom, an octopus has nine brains; the central brain and a brain in each leg, allowing them to function separately. The independent brains could account for the legs moving in different directions, almost like a puppet dancing in the water.

Using tools is a sign of mental acuity, and octopuses are some of the most intelligent life forms on the planet. 

What Makes the Octopus So Cool?

Are you thinking about keeping an octopus as a pet? You can, but you should check if it is legal in your state. But before you go out to catch one or buy one, be warned: octopuses are escape artists. 

Octopuses are nocturnal prowlers who sneak out of their tanks, traveling to a nearby water source at night to gobble up its inhabitants, which means if you own more than one aquarium, don’t be surprised to find your fish on the octopus’s menu. Reports have it that octopuses sometimes wind up on fishing boats searching for food.

Generally, octopuses travel along the ocean floor, but when hunting, they float near the top of the water, ready to drop down on top of their prey.

While octopuses do not typically attack humans, it is best to create distance between you because they will spray ink if they take exception to you. All are venomous and experts at reaching out and grabbing their prey, holding it with its suction cups, and reeling it in. 

Can you imagine encountering a giant octopus, unable to break free from the gripping suctions? It’s why monster movies are legendary. No wonder ancient mythology had octopuses as sea monsters. 

With 300 species, the entertainment is plentiful! From plush stuffed animals and knitted toys to starring in the movies, there’s no shortage of love for these wiggly-legged beings. Fossil evidence shows that the existence of the octopus dates back some 509 million years. 

Like the octopus, mosaics have a long history, and there’s nothing monotonous about them. Both the octopus and mosaics have much in common:

They Are Colorful

Octopuses are like salamanders; they can change their color to camouflage and match their surroundings, and since they are loners, they like to be incognito. They can be red, brown, blue, pink, and even gray. The paler the color, the more agreeable, but when the octopus turns black, watch out – it’s not happy.

The Octopus at Blue Water Pool Mosaics is brilliant blue. We have a Fun Octopus with a cartoonish face, big white eyes, and a yellow nose. The Small Octopus is a blue tonal. The Octopus mosaic comes in a gorgeous pink, aqua, green, and blue, as individual as you are. 

We also have a Glass Octopus that reflects the sunlight and gives your pool a unique design. 

octopus mosaics

They Are Creative

According to research, the octopus is creative and resourceful in its thinking. 

The creativity of our artists at Blue Water Pool Mosaics is one of our priorities. Check out our Red Octopus! Crafted in porcelain, the colors of this mosaic are brilliant and ready to be installed right away. Add this red octopus anywhere you need a splash of color. 

Octopus Mosaics Are Versatile

Octopus can bend, straighten, shorten, and lengthen their legs. If you’ll excuse us, we can’t do that, which means the octopus is more versatile and flexible than humans.             

The ease of installing our mosaics cannot be overstated. You can use them to add that special something or to surprise a loved one with an uncommon gift. What this means is you can shower with the octopus, cook with an octopus backsplash, and welcome visitors to your oasis with a stepping stone. 

There is every reason to add an octopus mosaic to your home or pool. Adding an octopus makes a statement about you. First, an octopus is clever. Adding an octopus mosaic indicates that you value high intelligence. Second, adding an octopus is an instant conversation starter. What better way to perk up your pool, steps, or patio? 

Have you ever wanted to own an octopus? Well, now you can. You can own an octopus mosaic in your very own pool, and you will never have to worry about it escaping! Give us a call today at Blue Water Pool Mosaics.

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