Swimming with Titans: Orcas and Whales in Pool Mosaics

Swimming with Titans: Orcas and Whales in Pool Mosaics

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean with Blue Water Pool Mosaics’ orca and whale mosaics. Transform your pool into a breathtaking seascape where the grace of these majestic creatures comes to life in stunning detail. Our collection, featuring a variety of sizes and styles, captures the essence of the ocean’s titans, making every swim an encounter with the wonders of marine life. 

Ready to elevate your pool experience? Explore our range of orca and whale pool mosaics at Blue Water Pool Mosaics. Each handcrafted piece promises to enhance your pool’s aesthetic with a touch of oceanic elegance. Whether you’re seeking a playful splash or a serene underwater journey, we invite you to view our selection and connect with us. Let’s transform your pool into an aquatic paradise where the ocean’s giants swim right in your backyard. 

Majestic Orcas: Bringing Realism to Your Pool with Orca Mosaics

The orca, often called the ocean’s guardian, is revered for its intelligence and striking beauty. At Blue Water Pool Mosaics, we capture this awe-inspiring creature’s essence in our realistic orca mosaic range. These lifelike representations bring the majesty of the sea into your swimming pool. 


photo of orca pool mosaic

Orca 1 (Open Mouth)

Capturing the dynamic spirit of the orca:

  • Sizes range from 36″ x 26″ to larger dimensions
  • Hand-glazed ceramic, ensuring lasting color and quality
  • Prices vary based on size, starting at $327.00
  • Frost-proof and perfect for any climate

Orca 2

Offering a serene depiction of this majestic creature:

  • Available in sizes from 36″ x 25″ to 72″ x 49″, with and without shadow
  • Crafted from high-quality ceramic, hand-glazed for a unique touch
  • Prices adjust with size, providing options for different budgets


Photo of oca and baby pool mosaic

Orca & Baby

Celebrating the tender bond between mother and calf:

  • Size options begin at 36″ x 34″, with larger sizes for a grand display
  • Durable ceramic composition, frost-proof for longevity
  • Starting price is $465.00, with variations in size choices

Orca A, B, and C from Custom Mosaics, Inc.

Explore different expressions of orca beauty:

  • Multiple sizes and shadow effects are available for a 3D look
  • Porcelain material with screen printing for detailed imagery
  • Prices vary, offering flexibility for your pool mosaic investment

Fun Orca

Inject a dose of fun and playfulness:

  • Range of sizes from 12″ x 9″ to 60″ x 46″, perfect for any pool
  • Vibrant, cartoon-style design ideal for family-friendly pools
  • Ceramic durability at a starting price of $98.00, adjusting with size

With Blue Water Pool Mosaics’ orca collection, you can choose from realistic portrayals to fun, animated designs. Each mosaic is a tribute to the ocean’s most fascinating predator, promising to turn your pool into an aquatic masterpiece. Browse our selection today and find the orca mosaic that resonates with your love of the sea. 

Gentle Giants of the Sea: Whale Mosaics for Poolside Grandeur

The whale, a symbol of serenity and strength, captivates the hearts of those who adore the sea. Blue Water Pool Mosaics brings the grandeur of these magnificent creatures into your backyard with our exquisite whale mosaic collection. Each piece reflects the grace and tranquility of whales, turning your pool into a serene oceanic escape. From the majestic humpback to the more playful and fun whale designs, our collection offers a range of styles to suit your personal seascape. 


Photo of humpback whale pool mosaic

Humpback Whale

Experience the majesty of the humpback whale:

  • Sizes vary from 36″ x 17″ to an impressive 96″ x 44″
  • Prices adjust according to size, starting at $327.00
  • Hand-glazed ceramic, ensuring durability and vivid colors
  • Frost-proof, perfect for any pool environment

Humpback Whale & Baby

Celebrate the beauty of whale kinship:

  • Available in sizes from 36″ x 19″ to 96″ x 50″
  • Prices vary, providing options for all budgets
  • High-quality ceramic, hand-glazed for a unique finish
  • Frost-proof to withstand all weather conditions


photo of fun whale pool mosaic

Fun Whale

Add a playful touch with this whimsical design:

  • Sizes range from 12″ x 7″ to 60″ x 35″
  • Starting price is $98.00, with variations depending on size
  • Durable ceramic, perfect for a lively pool atmosphere

Tribal Humpback Whale

A modern twist on ancient art:

  • Sizes include 36″ x 16″ and a larger 75″ x 30″
  • Priced at $318.15, it offers a unique pool feature
  • Porcelain built with screen-printed style for detailed imagery

Our whale mosaics are more than mere pool decorations. They stand as a tribute to the ocean’s most awe-inspiring inhabitants. Designed to ensure your pool has a piece of the ocean’s soul, these mosaics create a tranquil and majestic ambiance. Explore Blue Water Pool Mosaics’ collection of whale mosaics today and choose a design that will transform your pool into a serene oceanic haven. 

Ocean Wonders at Your Doorstep: Upgrading Your Pool with Orca and Whale Mosaics

Transform your backyard pool into an enchanting oceanic paradise with Blue Water Pool Mosaics’ orca and whale mosaics. Our collection, rich in detail and artistry, lets you capture the essence of the deep blue right in your home. 

  • Bring the Ocean to Life: Choose from our array of orca and whale designs to infuse your pool with the majesty of the sea’s giants.
  • Customizable Options: From size to color, our mosaics can be tailored to fit your unique vision, ensuring a personalized touch for your pool.
  • Quality and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, each mosaic is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting beauty and minimal maintenance.
  • Versatile Designs: Whether you prefer the realistic portrayal of orcas and humpbacks or the playful charm of our fun whale designs, there’s a mosaic for every taste and pool style.

Creating your oceanic paradise brings a sense of peace and wonder to your everyday life. With our mosaics, the beauty of the ocean is just a step away. Dive into our collection of orca and whale mosaics today and let your pool reflect the splendor of the sea. 


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