The Most Unique Mosaics for Pools

What do Blue Water Pool Mosaics and the word “unique” have in common?

By its very definition, “unik” or “unique” means one of a kind, extraordinary, novel, and not being a clone of anything else. What an exciting compliment it is when someone says we are unique, like we are in a class by ourselves, setting us apart from the rest of the pack. It means they admire us.

Not everyone wants to be part of the mainstream fabric. We’re not puppets. Sometimes we just want to be who we are without trying to fit in, even if that means being different.

Who would have thought that pool mosaics could play such a big part in creative expression? Designed to add character and interest, they are just as artistic as they are colorful.

With Blue Water Pool Mosaics comes creative license in a variety of unique possibilities.

Drop-in Vinyl Mats

A mere ⅛ inch thick and depending on preferences, these gems do not require installation. They sink to the bottom of the pool and are removable. So if you want to change the design, you can.

What if you have no pool? That’s okay. You can also use them in the shower, the tub, and throughout the house.

The shower: let’s reimagine the shower. Are you still using those unsightly tub mats–the ones with suction cups that don’t work because they can’t get a grip? Even with a grab bar, the mat can get bunched up under your feet, causing you and your loved ones untold injury, resulting in broken bones and debilitating pain for years to come. Far too many homeowners have lost loved ones to these types of accidents.

If you have elderly family members or even senior visitors, then this is one thing you should consider. Slippery showers and bath mats are something that can be remedied. People can’t always be repaired.

And it’s not just physical injury. The traditional shower mat is a breeding ground for fungus. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. Damp surfaces lead to mold, mildew, and fungus. So think about what you are stepping into.

The Tub: Then there are the psychological benefits. Imagine how it would be to have your kids want to take a bath. A place where they can swim with the mermaids while getting clean, and all with no fighting. Some children just don’t like to take baths. Our guess is because the soap gets in their eyes, or the water is too cold, or too hot.

We’ve got an affordable solution. You provide the tearless shampoo and make sure the water temperature is right, perhaps throw in a few tub toys, and let us do the rest. We’ll provide the clownfish. And just like being at the beach, if you just so happen to sing nursery rhymes, then so be it. Let’s make bathtime fun for a change.

Throughout the House

This is where the fun begins. Let’s tour the house, shall we?

The kitchen: Long known as the gathering place, the kitchen knows all our secrets. It’s where we sit around the table with coffee and try out the new culinary knives.

Consider the backsplash and those nights when your dinner bubbles over and the liquid hits the wall. Every kitchen suffers from spaghetti sauce purgatory, especially if your wall is white or a light color that shows every blemish. At least with a mosaic tile, your backsplash is easy to wipe down and the integrity of the colors is not compromised.

The Patio: Chat up the neighbors with the soft glow of a mosaic to light up your barbecue.

The Steps: Roll out the welcome mat to greet your backdoor guests.


The Porch: Add it to the floor. Sway in a porch swing with a seahorse nearby.

The Garage: It only looked like a garage. That was before you claimed it as your man cave, in which case it’s now where you hang out, eat chips and salsa, sleep, work on hobbies, and root for your favorite team. If this describes you, then take one for the team. Blue Water Pool Mosaics can turn it into a sports den with trendy tile flooring with your team logo.

The She Shed: Ladies, if we have to define this for you, then you need one and you need it now. A separate building, not attached to the house and not to be confused with a place the kids can trash, this is your little slice of heaven on earth. Maybe it’s your writing nook, or your craft shop, or that place where you can watch chick flicks. It’s yours. Dress it up. And yes, we do mean with a mosaic tile. Something that sparks joy.

Even the garden is not off-limits. Add it to your birdbath. You are limited only by your imagination. It’s your turn to think outside the pool.

Glow in the Dark

It’s a great phenomenon, our sun. Capable of frying an egg on the driveway, this unimaginable fireball is responsible for determining our weather patterns, the tan you’re getting, those tomatoes in your salad. It powers everything on earth and is a great reminder that we are but a grain of sand on this beach called life. Who knew the sun could power your mosaic tiles? We did, that’s who – and we call them glow-in-the-dark pool mosaics.

Because of the sun’s rays, you can have the benefits of lighting in the pool long after the sun has gone to bed. Our unique glow-in-the-dark options make the nightlife more enjoyable.

Just when you thought the sun was done, there’s light, and it’s at the end of the pool. Daylight may have ended, but the party has just begun. There it is, swimming like a starfish, a stingray, a friendly dolphin. So jump in. When the sun goes down, keep your sunny side up.

Give us a call at Blue Water Pool Mosaics, and let’s brainstorm your options for giving your pool and your home that special something that will set you apart from everyone else.

It’s your living space, and it’s up to you, as unique as you want it to be. Maybe even as YOUnique as you.

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